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The imaginary wall


I have hit the imaginary wall I have it each time I get near to a stone so stuck this week between 13.2 and 13.3 so I either stay same or gain a pound each time I have to change my diet but I can't change it more than I have .it might be cause I have kids on half term so don't exercise as much I'm dreading summer etc if that's the case any pointers to get over the wall each time I come close to a stone

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Emma,

I think it's tough when you're trying to lose the final stone - the thing is that you're currently feeling stuck between 13 stone 2 pounds and 13 stone 3 pounds, but essentially you've 'maintained' the weight you've lost to date, and that is an achievement. Half-term is definitely one of those challenging times, like Summer holidays etc or any kind of holiday where you're out of the usual routine. So don't be hard on yourself - the fact you've not gained is great!

My advice would be to persevere and keep doing what you're doing - maybe step up your exercise a bit, or do some strength training to build up more muscle, as that helps the metabolism, and essentially helps your body to burn more calories. You'd tone up as well in the process, which may not necessarily show on the scales, but will show on your body in terms of how clothes fit and how you look and feel.

Good luck! Have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

in reply to Zest

Cheers for that so hopefully after half term I should be able to lose again well working it out for me to be in health weight range I need to be 10 st they say I always find when I get near to like round stone number I struggle I think it's my mind that makes me think ok u have to work for this now when really if I carried on as I am I should be able to do it x

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