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Recipe for salads


Has anyone got any grand ideas for salads recipes as I am bored of just lettuce and tomatoes and peppers and all my recipes are so high in calories?

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Hi bakersdozen, liven up salads with fruit. Apples, grapes, pears, mango or basically any fruit you fancy. The best ever salad I have eaten, was with strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

If I've not got the fruit to hand, I often add a splash or two of Tabasco or some jalapeno chilies.

Vinaigrette's are useful too. I also like pickled vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli.

What I like is bursts of powerful flavour in my salads but I don't like the additions to overwhelm the salad.

The same basic salad can be changed beyond recognition with the inclusion of any of the above.

I hope this is of use to you.

Live well, live happy, enjoy life and enjoy being you. :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Bakersdozen,

There's a few suggestions in the following previous thread (by Helen) that was about suggestions for healthy salads - and there are some links to websites there - I particularly like the one that Penel suggests, as it's specifically about salads (as per your question) - you can see the link lists lots of really delicious recipes - and Dave has also given lots of delicious suggestions and website links too, and Andy also recommended an app.

Hope you find something you'll enjoy.

Lowcal :-)


Lots out there, pasta ones too, just google low cal ones

Hi here are some of my favourites, to regulate calories just portion the ingredients accordingly (i.e. put less of the high calorie ingredients and more of the lo-cal ingredients)

lentils+buffalo mozzarella+red onion+cherry tomatoes+spinach or romaine. Dress with salt and a dash of apple cider vinegar

Grated courgette or cucumber + grated carrot + grated mozzarella. Dress with salt, lemon juice and a tiny bit of olive oil

Quinoa+tuna pieces+feta+avocado+cherry tomatoes+lettuce. Dress with lemon juice, salt & garlic salt

Romaine + avocado + walnuts + goats cheese. Dress with balsamic, salt and a dash of olive oil.

Courgette cubes + sweet corn + grated Parmesan. Dress with salt, lemon and a tiny bit of olive oil

Green-bean salad. Steam green beans for 5-7 minutes. Let them cool down and sprinkle with garlic salt and lemon.

Chopped Cauliflower + chopped parsley + chopped tomatoes. Dress with lemon juice and salt.

Cantaloupe melon + parma ham

Bon Apétit!

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

I had rocket salmon and tomatoes for lunch. That was nice.

Thank you all so much for these I am sure delicious recipes. I can't wait to try them out.

Wow - great suggestions! I took some leftover roast veg with my salad on Friday and it was really tasty. You can make the roast veg lower calorie by doing a lot at once, making the oil spread further, or by using frylight. Someone suggested fruit - halved grapes and sugar snap peas really transform a salad too :)

Some fruit with a salad as others have said is brilliant. Adds lots of flavour. Satsuma segments work for me and strawberries are good but nearly finished now.

Romaine + avocado + walnuts + goats cheese. Dress with balsamic, salt and a dash of olive oil from Jellymummy reminded me of one I love

Romaine +pear + pecan + blue cheese + grape.

You can swap the nut /fruit/cheese to vary the flavor. Use strong cheese like blue/feta/goat means you only need a little. Nuts need to be watched as they are high in calories so small portions, bulk up with variety of lettuce and other green leaf like spinach and beetroot. Nuts can also be dry roasted with spices to vary the flavor. Pecan and cinnamon or pumpkin spice were nice. The nuts add protein to the salad to keep you fuller.


Thanks for your delicious recipes. yes! Fruit does add a delicious flavour and now I know why I am so full after eating salads as nuts fills oneself up.

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