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Looking for new healthy recipes


Because we had to change to a healthy lifestyle, I've been looking for new healthy receipes to try.

Some of us are sharing what we are eating everyday, brillant!

No, eggs for me, don't agree with my stomach and this fact means that a lot of dishes are not going to do anything for me.

I just want to encourage more of you to share your recipes and tips in order to help us to change into our new lifestyles.

The food and salads need to taste good. I'm looking forward to it.

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A few lettuce leaves, some tomatoes and some olive oil with lemon bores the socks of f me - I HATE that kind of salad.

Chinese Chicken Salad - This is one I love and TBH I have had for the last 4 days ! I made it up, put it into 2 tupperware containers, took it work and had half a container a day. I left the dressing off until I was having it but everything stayed crispy fresh - I am addicted to it !

It takes a bit of prep but I personally enjoy just zoning out and chopping and slicing - its all a bit zen - or you can do it in front of the tele of course:)


Baked falafel with roasted eggplant salad

Have you ever made your own falafels? I hadn't until a few weeks ago and I was surprised - they were relatively easy and SO much better than store bought. I personally found there was a little too much eggplant BUT I left the skin on and I think next time I will take it off.


Pork, White Bean & Kale Soup

When I first saw this one I thought the ingredients sounded kinda weird but I have kale growing in the garden so decided to try it - DELICIOUS! And pork is the other white meat - its surprising low in fat.


Barley and Raw Veg Power Salad

I haven't made this yet - thats tomorrow mornings tasks BUT I did all the prep this morning so I can just throw it all together. It LOOKS amazing in the picture but it calls for mixed coloured carrots which i couldn't get so am just going to add some grated raw beetroot.


Lamb with Spinach Combo

1 large sweet potato


200 - 220 g lamb fillet

1 small handful diced mint

2 tbsp tamari

1 tsp turmeric

6 sliced mushrooms (or even more if you love mushrooms)

2 large handfuls spinach - ditto the spinach - like more

Handful pine nuts

Cut the potato into large chunks, spray with oil and put in over at highish temp for about 30-40 minutes. Once it starts to brown its done - just poke it with a fork occasionally to test.

Lightly spray the lamb fillets with oil and then roll them in the mint. Cook in a pan over a moderate to high heat. I time mine as I always over cook and I do 3 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other. This should give you a nice pick glow on the inside of the fillets. Leave to rest for 5 minutes and then cut into strips.

Put the mushrooms, turmeric and tamari into the pan and cook until mushrooms are tender. Throw in spinach and stir around until wilted, add in pine nuts.

To serve just toss the strips in with the mushroom mixture, top with some chunks of potato and your set. VERY easy one to take to work and reheat.


I have more but I am all typed out :)


Hi Dave 1961,

Thanks you for taking the time out of your day to respond to my post.

First, let me say, that I will be storing this e-mail for future reference. I want to reurn to the last recipe you type and the Barley and Raw Power Veg Salad that I was unable to PIN to my board.

I love to cook and most of the food that passes my lips is prepared by hand. I will be trying 3 of your 4 recipes soon. The Falafel and roasted eggplant salad will have to wait until I move on to the other part of my diet.

Currently, my diet consist of mainly fish and chicken and vegetables, no carbohydrates. I'm continuing this routine until I loss my 28 lbs. I'm giving myself a long time, 1lbs a week. Then I will be into the other phase.

I do know what a Falafel is. I have a Sudanese friend and she was the person who introduced me to it. I have a number of Falafel recipes PIN to my board and I'll be attempting some time in the future.

Finally, could you tell me how you add the website information to your comments. Also, I want to know how to add a picture as well. I want to take a picture of my food, once I cook it and post it.

Once again, thanks sooo much, Dave1961.


There is an App called Yummley which gives recipes from various sources. You can search that for healthy or low calories recipes. I've used it numerous times and has lots of tasty food.


Thank you, Andyt2120. My phone is fairly old, so I'm able to use your advice now but I will store your post as a reference for later.



I have to eat gluten free and have found this interesting site for salad recipes.



Thanks for the information, Penel.


My sister makes a salad with Orzo pasta, black olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and Greek salad dressing....It is awesome


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