Please Join Us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (12th October 2015)

Hi everyone,

Last Monday I weighed 13 stone 5.6 pounds, and today I weigh 13 stone 6.2 pounds, so I've gained 0.6 pound this week. I had been losing weight till Friday, as I weigh daily, but sadly, over the weekend I gained some . I really need to focus on getting my weekends in check. That is my goal for this week - to achieve a 2 pound loss on the scales next week, so that I can be back on track towards getting below 13 stone. I had some salty meals on the weekend, and I am hoping a lot of the gain is down to water retention. I regret the scone and clotted cream I sneaked in mid-week as well, but I don't regret it too much, as it was delicious!

Reminder of how this thread works: If you weigh in with us in this Fab 5'ers Monday group weigh-in thread, then one or more of the Fab 5'ers will respond to you at some point during the day. The Fab Five are:






Lowcal (Me).

If you're new, and fancy joining us you are very welcome! Just pop in and introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you want to), plus any goals you are hoping to achieve on your weight loss journey.

Normally I am here all day, but I'll only be around till about 10am this morning, as I'm off on a trip away for a couple of days, to accompany a relative to a hospital follow-up appointment. So we're working with a reduced number of Fab 5'ers later in the day, so please bear with us! Someone will respond to you at some point today and/or this evening. Please join in, and we hope you'll also enjoy interacting with each other too - we encourage discussion and supportive posts within the thread.

Now for the exciting part - for those of you who enjoy our weekly stats (courtesy of our fabulous stats woman, Ruth_Canal_Runner - thank you Ruth!):

Total People posting on last Monday's thread: 52

Total overall weight lost: 63.45 pounds (28.77 kilos)

Total people who lost weight: 33 (70.8 pounds lost) (32.1 kilos)

Total people who gained weight: 5 (7.35 pounds gained) (3.33 kilos)

Total people who maintained weight: 7

Total people starting out on their weight loss journey/plan: 1

Total people who didn't disclose their weight gain/loss: 6

Fantastic results!!!

We know the thread was a little glitchy and slow last week, so we really hope you'll have a better experience this week. Persevere if you can, as we'd love to hear from you all. New people are very welcome to join us - you are all welcome!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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310 Replies

  • Sorry you gained, must be annoying, hope you tackle things.

    Lost again this week, another 1lb, 10st 8 1/4lbs, been out with friends and have allowed lunch and cake in my allowances, 10 st 6 lb, now is my goal?!

    No hurry tho, I'm aware my appetite seems less and craving more fruit and veg

  • Hi Nsky24,

    Good morning! Thanks for your encouraging words. I really hope to have a loss on the scales for next week.

    Great to hear you've had a loss, and Congratulations on losing another pound, that is really great! Great that you've noticed a difference in your appetite and that you are now fancying more fruit and vegetables. Really good! Our tastes can change as we develop new eating habits - definitely.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well it's been an emotional week , not reached for the goodies, sometimes a teaspoon of nut butter has helped!

    I think it's going to be s tough week, my bi polar is a nasty, I can handle it, less exercise, lots of sleep, all rather boring.

    We know we can address our food issues.........we just need to be string

  • Strong

  • You are strong, I can sense your determination not to let it get you down and you have a plan for handling the crap. You can do it!

  • Hi again Nsky24,

    Well done for getting through your week, as I know you mentioned it's been an emotional one. At least the nut butter has been a helpful strategy.

    Wishing us all lots of strength for the week ahead. We can do it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done on not reaching for bad snacks during times of emotion. Awesome!

    And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  • Just managed to get on the site! Well done you...good luck this week.

  • Just managed to get on the site! Well done you...good luck this week.

  • I have lost just 0.1kg. (56.4 kg) Was hoping to lose a bit more but as I celebrated my birthday over 3days with two meals out and treats that's fine!

    As i am under my goal I will happily accept that I didn't gain.

    I have always found maintenance harder than losing so this weigh in is so important. Determined not to Yoyo again!

    Thanks to fab5 for what you do. Lowcal I know you're frustrated by a gain but you will get it off again soon I am sure. Keep on keeping on!

  • Hi 2bFabnfit,

    Congratulations on losing 0.1 kg this week, despite having your Birthday celebrations over 3 days - belated Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful time. I think it's an achievement to have lost 0.1 kg in those circumstances, so really well done!

    You're into the maintenance phase now, and like you say, it is a challenge in itself, so glad you are continuing with the Monday weigh-in - hopefully it will be a good focus to help you to achieve your goals. No more yo-yo dieting for you!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hello glad you've lost again, I always find meals out, that often the portions are too big?

    I only ate half a sandwich on Friday , when I was out!

    Take care ! X

  • Yes and when I tried to order 1/4 jerk chicken from 'the lighter' menu my host upped it to the 1/2 jerk chicken! I was then surupticiously passing food to my hubbies plate!

  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you :)

  • Thanks x

  • Hi 2b, are you at the end of your 12 weeks now? I bet you're so pleased with the progress you've made. Happy birthday for last week and good luck for staying within your maintaining range :)

  • Starting week 12 now. Thanks . Hope things are good with you too x

  • Ooh-final week - hope it's a good one, getting you well within your maintaining range and in the best possible position to stay a healthy weight for the long-term. Lots of luck for week 12 :)

  • "As i am under my goal I will happily accept that I didn't gain"

    Thats fantatstic!

    And one day I hope to type those words myself :)

  • Good morning everyone. Fab 5er Candystripe here.

    Yes Lowcal, weekends can be quite tricky but just know with your determination that you will turn this around. You are just so close to the 12's, so will start cheerleading for you.....Go Lowcal, go Lowcal! Hope you have a lovely time with your family member and get your Christmas shopping well on the way.

    Well last week I was 12st 2.6lbs and today 12st 1.6lbs so have lost a pound. A little disappointed that I didn't make the under 12st mark BUT I know I didn't cheat by eating the wrong foods, plus not only did I go to the gym twice but also had two personal trainer sessions, so it just wasn't meant to be! However I still have until Wednesday to reach that goal!!!

    This week is going to be quite difficult as my Dad's birthday tomorrow so taking him out to a posh restaurant for lunch (should be ok though as they only dish up ant size portions for each course!!!) Then Wednesday I am going up to Southport to meet up with my lifetime friend for lunch and then staying the night at one of the Manchester airport hotels to meet my husband from the airport the following day after six months separation. YIPPEE! More food no doubt!

    Sunday we are both attending a naval reunion lunch, plus it's my birthday, so will have to have a strategy in plan. Might need a miracle!

    I will be taking over from Lowcal with the responses later this morning, but to those who I don't post back to, have a lovely week and keep up with the great work. :)

  • Hi Candystripe (one of our Fabulous Fab 5'ers),

    Great to hear you've lost 1 pound this week, that is really great! Also, great that you went to the gym twice and had those two personal trainer sessions as well - I know you were hoping to be below 12 stone, but you are so very nearly there, and hopefully you'll get there very very soon! Like you say, you still have a couple of days till Wednesday, so you'll hopefully lose some more by then. Good luck with coping with the Birthday meal tomorrow for your Dad's Birthday - hope you enjoy those 'ant size' portions!

    So exciting that your hubby is coming back later this week. Fantastic that he'll be back to be able to help you celebrate your own Birthday later in the week.

    You're going to be looking fabulous in all your outfits for these occasions, so enjoy yourself!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Candystripe, your husband is going to be dazzled at how great you are looking and feeling. Have a memorable week. Thanks for all you do on this thread.

  • Thank you so much Gonti.

    I hope he's dazzled and even recognises me!

    Thank you also for your kind words relating to this thread.

    Have a great week. :)

  • I am SO impressed - 2 PT sessions?

    Arent they awesome for getting you focussed and motivated.

    Well done - you should be proud of yourself :)

  • Lovely to see you back Dave.

    Didn't feel too hot after all those squats I had to do..........had to crawl upstairs lol!!! Yes, I really do feel good and thank you :)

  • Have a wonderful week!

  • Thank you and yourself. X

  • Hi Candystripe, I hope you have a big piece of card with your husbands name on it to hold up at the airport to be certain that he doesn't walk straight passed you. You have achieved so much and deserve those special meals out, enjoy yourself.

  • That's a good idea! Thanks mrsg3 X

  • Happy birthday to dad, Happy birthday to you, welcome home to hubby :)

  • Thank you moreless.

    Have a great week :)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Sorry to hear about your gain. At least you seem to have a clesr idea as to what has caused it, hopefully next week you'll be on track with your goal of losing two pounds. You can do it!

    This morning I weighed 84.2kg which means I lost 2 pounds this week. I am now 185.75 pounds. Which means I have lost more than 10 pounds since joining and I am ending week 6 today.

    Yesterday I ran week 5 run 3 which is a twenty minutes run and I feel great! I am so happy about these results. I am also officially out of the obese range for my height (168cm) which is really an achievement. I'm very pleased and I am sooooo grateful for the support this forum has provided me with. Thanks a lot and wishing everyone a pleasant Monday!!!!

  • Hi Nussaybah,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I am not surprised by the gain, in terms of eating the salty food, but I admit I was disappointed to see a gain on the scales this morning. I really hope to have a loss next week!

    Congratulations for losing more than 10 pounds since you joined about 6 weeks ago. You mention that you are 84.2 kg today, and I notice that last week you were 85.1 kg, so that means you've lost 0.9 kg this week - is that right? Maths is not my strong point, but I hope that's right. I'm sure Ruth will be able to double check, but do let us know if that's not the right amount. Very good result! Well done!

    So good to hear you enjoyed yesterday's week 5 run - and that you feel great. Fantastic that you are out of the obese range of BMI - that is certainly a massive achievement. You have worked hard, and you've achieved fabulous results.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes it is 0.9kg indeed your maths are perfect! I did edit later on to add I lost two pounds when I realised I hadn't written my loss!

    I really hope you lose too I like to read that from you on the opening of the Monday email!! What is your current goal? Mine is to get to healthy BMI obviously which means losing 22 more kilos, but for now my intermediary goal is to get to 80kg i.e. losing 4 more kilos (a little bit over half a stone more).

  • " I am also officially out of the obese range for my height "

    That just jumped off the page at me - how wonderful for you!

    Congratulations that is a great achievement - onward and downward :)

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging word. I never knew I was 10 pounds away from it and I never knew I could lose that weight through lifestyle changes alone. I always thought it had to be a pill or special meal replacement. I thought NHS weight loss plan was just general advice, never really realised the impact. Now I feel at the same time elated because of how these past six weeks have changed me but also silly for having the solution so close and just never be bothered till recently! Onward and Downward :). Thanks again!

  • Nussaybah, what an inspiring post! Week 5 run 3 is a great milestone. You're well on your way to 5km now. You're also inching ever closer to losing your first stone! Hope you're continuing to feel positive and motivated. Have a great week ahead :)

  • Thank you so much for your support!! Have a good week too!

  • Good morning Lowcal and everyone,

    The weekends are a killer and certainly test our willpower. I would say that you did extremely well to only gain 0.6lb and will keep everything crossed for your goal to lose 2lb by next Monday.

    I've been waiting for you to post this thread, because I'm so excited :) After last weeks bloating problem and very small 3/4lb weight loss, I'm thrilled to announce that I've beaten the battle of the bulge and have lost 4.625lbs!! Woohoo! :) Furthermore, this puts me into the 18's and I've now lost my 1st stone.

    I've got that excited, giggly feeling in my tum and I can't stop grinning :)

    I hope everyone else has as much success this week and is able to feel as good as I do :)

  • Yippee that's excellent!☀️

  • Thanks Fran. It is isn't it :):)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Yes, weekends are definitely challenging. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Wow, I'm not surprised you were so excited to share your amazing results this week - many Congratulations on losing 4.625 pounds this week and to leaving the 19's behind and getting into the 18's, that is fantastic!!! You've lost your first stone - that is such a great achievement. Really well done! :-)

    Great that you've got that excited giggly feeling in your tum - and that you can't stop grinning. Lovely emotions to be having. Enjoy them! :-)

    A very inspiring post.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks so much Lowcal, I couldn't have done it without the support of this site and lovely people like yourself :)

  • Yay wonderful result. Well done no wonder you are excited.

  • Thanks Gonti :)

  • Go moreless :-D That's great and I'm glad that all those toilet jokes have had an effect :-) :-)

  • Thanks Lucca, for your gushing response ;)

  • I've only gushed because you seemed so flushed with success. You really wiped the floor with that weight loss this week - you are making this seem like a peece of cake ;-) :-)

  • Gee, you're just pulling my chain. It was pot luck really, but I'm glad it all panned out :)

  • Am in awe, no matter what happens with the weight loss, you have a future in comedy scriptwriting no probs :)

  • Well done... you have done should be very proud of yourself....what a fab feeling it must be getting on those scales and moving into the 18's...what an achievement..

    I am getting back into it and starting from week 1 fibromyalgia has been playing up for the last 4 weeks and it has knocked my sideways...I have gained about 5lbs but hope to get back on track...keep up the good work.


  • Thanks T (I can't bring myself to call you tub of lard) :)

    Sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia, but well done you for getting back on track. I'm sure those regained pounds will go quickly.

    Good luck :)

  • I've always read it as TURBOflard!!!! Makes far more sense now

    :-s My teacher always said I read too fast!

  • hahaha :)

  • Oh, that's a fantastic loss, well done !!! Bet you are going to be smiley all day :-)

  • Thanks Elissy, the Cheshire cat has nothing on me :)

  • Woohoo!!! Glad to hear you relieved yourself of that bloating :D :)

  • Thanks Ruth, I see you're getting in on the act now. It's good to have a sprinkling of humour :)

  • It doesn't come as naturally for me, was quite pleased with that one though :)

  • Yip'pee' - a toilet joke from Ruth ;-)

  • You'll have no trouble now, cos one pun starts a chain reaction :)

  • Fantastic result moreless, no wonder you're feeling giggly. Have a good week this week.

  • Thanks mrsg, that feeling's still with me :)

    You have a great week too.

  • Holy crap! That is AWESOME!

    You should be SO proud of yourself - this kind of loss does not happen without some hard work and determination on your part.

    You rock!

  • Thanks Dave, I am quite proud of myself :)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Sorry you gained, but at least it's not too much and you can pinpoint why. Good luck next week.

    I lost 1.25lbs this week, not as much as I'd hoped, but not bad for the end of week8 and I did eat a whole tube of Pringles over 3 days!

    I now weigh 12.10 so have lost18.5lbs in total.

  • Hi 191253summer,

    Many thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated. :-)

    Congratulations to you for losing 1.25 pounds this week, that is certainly a good result for the end of week 8, and especially in view of you eating your whole tube of Pringles over 3 days. I know you hoped to lose a bit more, but it really is a great result. So well done! :-)

    Wow, you've lost 18.5 pounds in total, that is fantastic!!! Hope you're enjoying being in the 12's.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • 18.5 lbs is amazing! Well done - you should very proud of yourself :)

  • Weekends can be tough can't they? For me I find a lack of structure/routine is the worst for eating.

    WEEK 10

    I just checked and its been 5 weeks since I weighed in - in some ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago!

    Went on a holiday and since I came back have been eating REALLY badly and hardly exercising. Been quite depressed and in no way wanted to face a weigh in

    TBH I thought I would have gained about 5 or 6 kg so while I am not over the moon about a gain its so much better than I thought it would be!

    Starting 139.5 kg (307.5 lb)

    Last Weigh In 129.4 kg (285.5 lb)

    This Week 132.2 kg (291.5 lb)

    Gain 2.8 kg (6 lb)

    Total Loss 7.3 kg (16 lb)

    I was in such disbelief at the number I weighed in 3 different spots in the house to make sure it was right, that I hadn't gained more....that tells you how bad my eating was :D

    I started logging food and exercising again from yesterday...first day since mid September where I have been completely healthy with eating and completed my exercise quota and am definitely feeling much better in general.

    Back to my old self it feels like :)

    Funny how just one day of being good can give you the motivation to start the next day well.

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone and thanks so much to those of you who checked in on me - much appreciated :)

  • Well done for getting back on the wagon Dave, it can't have been easy. I'm sure you'll find those few pounds gained will drop off quickly and you'll be able to start feeling so much better about yourself.

    Wishing you all good luck.

  • Your time off was very stressful. Dave , it must be really difficult getting back into the zone, but it sounds like you've done it, and hopefully you'll soon be feeling a lot better, time to look after yourself ☀️

  • Well done Dave. Shut Bert up ! You are awesome and you can do this!


  • Hi Dave,

    It's great to see you, it seems like ages to me, and the fact it's been 5 weeks since you last weighed in here, shows that it has indeed been a while! :-) We missed you, and a warm welcome back! :-)

    It sounds like you've had quite a tough time, so well done for getting through that, and I'm so glad to hear that you're now feeling back to your old self again. You mentioned that just one day of being good can give you the motivation to start the next day well, and I'm so glad that you've been able to re-centre yourself, and get back on track again. That is quite an achievement, so well done.

    As I've already mentioned, Maths isn't my strong point, so forgive me if I have got these figures wrong - and definitely do correct me if I have - but I calculate that you have gained 2.8kg in 5 weeks, which is 6 pounds. Therefore, if we divide those amounts by 5 to calculate 1 week's gain (for our stats), then that would mean you've gained 0.56 kg in one week, which is 1.2 pounds. Ruth will be doing our stats later, so I'm trying to make it a bit easier for her with a weekly amount to account for.

    That is only a mimimal gain in the scale of things Dave, and I know you had anticipated a much greater gain. I think you'll soon get that off again, all being well.

    Also, you've maintained the total loss of 7.3 kg (16 pounds) and that is really great!!! So Congratulations for doing that.

    Wishing you a great week ahead. Good to have you back!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I like your math MUCH better than mine:) Was just getting that number out of the way so I could focus on the good stuff ahead. Thanks for your nice words as well :)

  • Welcome back to the wagon Dave. I am so glad you are back up ... What kind of exercise?

  • Just plain old walking but I did my 10000 steps and then some - its been a long time since I did that I can tell ya!

  • Awesome - walking is great - am v envious .

  • That's brilliant news Dave.

    Hope you are now ready to face the world again in the Lycra!!! :)

  • Morning all. I'd love to join the group and am just starting out on my change in lifestyle today as my weight has soared and I'm wearing size 22 clothing. I've been starting and failing most weeks but something has clicked and I really know health wise that I have to do this now. I'll weigh in next Monday and think that being accountable to the group will help. Thanks, Elaine.

  • Hi Elaine,

    A very warm welcome to you, and thanks so much for joining us for this Monday Weigh-in Group. It's good to hear that you feel that something has 'clicked' and that you've been inspired to join this group to help you with your weight loss journey. Hopefully you'll be lighter by this time next week.

    Are you following any particular plan? I can recommend the NHS 12 week plan, and you can access that via the icon in the middle of the screen (top) which is entitled 'Weight Loss NHS' - and you can hopefully find the downloadable 12 week plan there. Let us know if you have difficulty accessing it. It's definitely worth a look - and I'd recommend also using an app to help you to track your calories and exercise (something like Myfitnesspal).

    We'll look forward to catching up with you at next Monday's weigh-in - and wishing you a great first week.

    All the best with your weight loss journey! We are all alongside you. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • It's about 7.35am now and just to say I'm just stopping to have some breakfast now, but I'll be back later to respond to more posts. :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. Yes I've downloaded the nhs 12 week plan and have also got a fitbit so will be doing my 10000 steps and using their app to log my food. I'm taking a meal at a time and am going to build up my own favourites of healthy options. I know this has to be a change for life now. Yesterday I read an article from someone who had lost 140lbs and they said 'I didn't lose 140lbs I lost 1lb 140 times'. That really made my journey feel achievable with 1lb at a time. I'm stopping reading every new diet and will just make the best choices I can with the calories I have (with the possible exception of Wednesday when I have a posh afternoon tea booked for my wedding anniversary! ).

  • Hi again Elaine,

    That's great - you sound very organised and prepared. That's a great start! The article sounds really helpful too - those are helpful words. Very inspiring. Any journey is more achievable if it's taken a step at a time, and the people who climbed those high mountains would have pre-prepared their journey and taken it one step at a time, and those who prepared well would achieve the summit.

    Enjoy your Wedding Anniversary posh Afternoon Tea on Wednesday. Happy Anniversary for then! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Elaine I also have a Fitbit and love it. That goal of 10,000 steps really does make a difference and there have been days where I have walked to the shop for milk at 11 o'clock at night instead of going in the next morning just so I could hit my 10K steps :)

    Could I recommend you try using the myfitnesspal app (MFP) instead of logging food in Fitbit?

    It has so much more functionality and is much easier to use.

    You can then just synch your Fitbit to MFP - very easy to set-up and works beautifully at balancing calories and exercise.

    I find MFP to be really quick and intuitive for logging food and it takes no time to do each day.

    Great to see another Fitbit'er here :)

  • Hi Elaine. Welcome to the thread and have a great week. Trust the "click"!!. 😉

  • Morning fab 5, sorry about the small gain Lowcal, maybe it is the salty foods they do make you hold onto water. Well Ive lost 0.5 lb this week, not much! But I was on a training course where was food provided, it wasn't the sort of place I could have taken my own, and the vegetarian options were very limited, so pleased to have lost anything. This week will be a mixed bag, I'm not at work so easier to plan and prepare meals, but I have a daytime party for a friend who's moving, and it's also my birthday on Sunday (snap Candystripe!) and there will be 2 meals out for that, one on Friday with my best friend and one on the day with my boys. The weather forecast looks good so hoping for plenty of chance to walk it off! Good luck everyone.☀️

  • Hi Fran,

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I must try to avoid salty foods a bit more... :-)

    Congratulations to you for losing 0.5 pound this week, especially in view of the fact you were away on a training course with food provided. That's a tough and challenging scenario.

    Wow, another Birthday celebration - wishing you a Very Happy Birthday for Sunday.

    I don't know if you've set yourself a goal for this week, but I often find on weeks when I know there's going to be several celebrations it can be helpful to aim to 'maintain' - as even maintaining in such circumstances is a challenge!

    Like you say, hopefully some lovely weather so you can enjoy lots of good walks. That should help.

    Have a great week!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you :)

  • Ooh another birthday! Happy birthday! Enjoy being completely spoilt and the big thump back down to earth that follows - although I'm sure you'll be fine of course :)

  • Hi Lowcal and everyone. Never mind Lowcal, it was only a small gain and you had been doing well the rest of the week, so I'm sure you'll show a loss this week.

    I've not been feeling that great - I'm into the third week of having a cold that affects my chest so have been exercising less than usual,- only managed1/2 hour of Zumba and some walks. But managing to stick to my food choices and calorie limit. This time last week I was 55.1kg and this morning 54.4 so a loss of 700g and ever closer to my goal of 54 (about 8st 7). I could probably lose a bit more to look better though my bmi is now smack in the middle of the healthy range so feeling happy despite the aches and pains.

    Hope all goes well for your relative Lowcal, wishing you all a great week!

  • Hi Carolee13,

    Thanks for your kind words. :-)

    I am so sorry to hear that you've been suffering with a cold and that's it's also affecting your chest - maybe you should be resting rather than trying to do energetic exercise like Zumba. Well done for sticking to your food choices and calorie limit (just did a typo, and it came out as food chocies - definitely not what I wanted to write, but maybe subconsciously I did... ha ha) (Sorry, I shouldn't be flippant, I'm just a bit excited about my forthcoming Christmas shopping, which I'll be doing when I get opportunity during this trip later to the hospital with my relative!). Thanks for your kind words regarding my relative by the way - hopefully it will be a positive outcome, all being well.

    Congratulations to you for losing 700g - you are closer to your goal, and it's fantastic that your BMI is now in the middle of the healthy range. Really great!!! :-)

    Wishing you a good week ahead, and hope that your cold and chest difficulties get better really soon.

    Look after yourself and get better soon.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, Lowcal. I've got to exercise or my joints hurt. When I go to Zumba I do what I can and sit out when I need to rest. I just enjoy the buzz of doing exercise with others, but I'm not obsessive about it. no aquafit for

    Chocies haha, that's what is going to be my downfall when Christmas comes. It's fine when the only thing in the house is 74% dark choc that you can eat one square at a time, but all that Quality Street etc hanging around at Christmas ... It's the work of the devil! Enjoy the Christmas shopping :-)

  • Well you are probably at your goal weight already if you go get a haircut and donate some blood :)

    You should be really proud of yourself !

  • Thanks Dave. I'm surprised at myself, could not have done it without the support of this group. You're all stars 😇😇

  • I have lost 1/4 lb this week. I just can't stay on track the last few weeks, I start off well but by the end of the day it's gone out the window. I've just lost my motivation the last few weeks.

    Hopefully it comes back this week!

    Hope everyone has had a good week

  • Hi SineadC92,

    Congratulations on losing 0.25 pound this week, that is really good, especially as you've noticed that you find it more challenging to stay on track the last few weeks. I know you have said that you've lost your motivation the last few weeks, and you're hoping it comes back this week - but maybe spend some time thinking about things to help to motivate yourself - i.e. maybe do a list of all the things you'd like to do to help yourself achieve your goals, and maybe doing that list, and putting some of the things into action will help the flow of motivation to build up and re-activate.

    Several people on the site are undertaking various challenges - e.g Mrsg3's kettlebell swing challenge, and Ruth_Canal_Runner's previous strength challenge (which I'm still attempting to keep up), and Lizzie's km challenge. Maybe some part of those challenges could inspire you to add something into your own routine. But I think it has to be something that you personally 'enjoy' - that will help with the feeling of motivation. That's important, because we're all different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is - don't be hard on yourself, you've achieved 0.25 pound loss despite feeling 'de-motivated' and I hope you can achieve some motivation this week, but maybe you need to look at what things will motivate you - so that you help that feeling along.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Not been on for a while due to combination of work and life but back and need to do this for me.

    171.6 lb

    No major changes

    Have meals planned

    Breakfast: fruit

    Lunch: tuna or soup

    Tea: soup

    Snack: hummus& carrot

    Going leave out the gluten free bread etc as I recon I never ate it before and it's packed full of cals.

    6 weeks till my hols to wales so that's a mid point goal. Be nice if I could be about 161 (11.5) by then.

    Got exercise tape out,good old Rosemary, and of cause walking the dog... Yes, that's got to increase.

    Good luck everyone

  • Hi Hubbardhovis67,

    Welcome back, it's good to see you again! We missed you! :-)

    You've shared your weight again today, and you've set yourself a mid point goal to be about 161 (11.5) by then, and having a lovely holiday in Wales to look forward to should definitely spur you on to achieve that. Good luck! :-)

    You've pre-planned your week. You've got your exercise tape out and you're planning on walking your dog - so you are pre-armed and ready!

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Just a quickie from me - well after an expected very big party weekend in Newcastle- I have managed to stay just about the same (relief). I made v sensible choices on food and even managed a bit in the hotel Gum. The most exciting part was the All Blacks staying at our hotel - and my boys getting selfies and autographs. Followed by a Scotland Win- yay.

    Twickenham next week end for quarter final. Back on wagon today to get some control back and maybe a loss??

    LC - bad luck this week - sometimes that is just the way it is:-)

    Good luck for this week.xx

  • Hi Suzybenj (another Fabulous Fab 5'er),

    Wow, that is an achievement that you managed to maintain your weight after a Very Big Party in Newcastle - well done!!! :-)

    Great to hear you made very sensible choices on food, and that you managed to get to the gym. Fantastic that your boys managed to get some selfies and autographs with the famous All Blacks - really exciting! Pleased to hear the result of Scotland winning - exciting that you were there to see that.

    Enjoy the match at Twickenham next weekend - and good luck in getting back on the wagon today to get some control back, and a loss on the scales hopefully for next week.

    Thanks for your kind words about my slight gain. A slight gain is a pain, but like rain, it will hopefully wane. That's my poetry for the day... :-)

    I know you'll be popping back later today, so wishing you a good day too! AS you know, I'll be off at 10am, so thanks so much for your support with the thread. You are fabulous!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi

    1 1b off

    3 1b away from healthy bmi

    7 1b away from stone off for Xmas

    good luck to aĺl

  • Hi Kitkat34,

    Congratulations on another pound off - you are extremely close to the 9's now, as I think you're on the cusp right now, if my memory serves me right. Great to hear you're only 3 pounds away from the healthy BMI, that is really exciting. Also, being 7 pounds away from a stone off for Christmas sounds extremely achievable, and a great goal.

    Wishing you another great week ahead. I'm still getting used to your new name, but it's a nice name, and much shorter than the previous one.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi low cal

    Thank you for encouragement I'm 10 stone

    didn't do any exercise this week.

    knees aa bit sore, still not eating bread rice potatoes

    also not calorie counting

    thought I would follow 12 week plan, once weight stops

    don't be disopointed with your weight sticking, I'm sure it's all the exercise, bet you're losing inches, bet you never felt or looked so good.

    I feel more toned and energetic when I walk

    changed my name because I'm losing weight for me.

    All the times I've been on beautiful beeches, and wouldn't put cozies on, just want to pale on beach with grandchildren

    perhaps Dave will swim on Bondi beach with all the beautiful people.

    Thanks for all your support low cal.



  • Its inly when our joints start to complain that we realise how important they are to us!

    And Bondi Beach just went ion my list of things to do when I reach or am near my goal :)

    Well probably more like Coogee or Tamarama as Bondi can be a bit touristy :)

  • Hi lowcal sorry about your gain this week really hope you have a good loss this week :-) I've lost two pounds this week which is really good was my birthday on Saturday so I did a little bit longer runs this week so I could really enjoy my chocolate cake, my only concern is the fives boxes of chocolates I got my husband assures me he'll help me out with this !! Good luck everyone :-)

  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you :)

    It's time we stopped giving boxes of choccies for birthdays and started gift wrapping boxes of veg :)

    2lb loss after chocolate birthday cake is amazing, well done you :)

  • Thanks more or less especially for the wee song :-) as a recovering chocoholic I could not agree more !!!

  • Hi Yoyo10,

    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Congratulations to you for losing 2 pounds this week, and I am amazed that you managed to do that despite having your Birthday on Saturday. But those longer runs must have helped, and it's great that you've enjoyed your chocolate cake.

    I think it is a concern to have 5 boxes of chocolates - when your husband assures you he'll help you out with that, is that in terms of the two of you eating your way though them. That is an option of course, but could result in weight gain for both of you, and you may not appreciate the potential consequences. So be wary of those chocolates - they are power houses of immense numbers per chocolate, so don't under-estimate their power. They can sometimes beckon from the box, and say 'eat me, eat me' so I would put them out of sight as much as possible, and maybe even re-gift them as Christmas presents - but they're NOT my chocolates, they are yours - you must do as you see fit.

    Apologies if my reply is a bit more 'directive' than normal, I am feeling a bit excited about my trip away, and it affects my judgement. I need to watch that because I need to ensure I don't overeat as a result, I know that can be a potential trigger for me to go 'over-board' and I am determined to have a loss on the scales next week.

    Wishing us all a loss on the scales - or a change in measurement, or a healthier feeling - any of those would be great outcomes.

    You have had a really great result this week, so hope you have another good result next week as well.

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. There seem to be a few Birthdays around this week! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Stayed the same again! Health problems leading to tiredness has led to some fast food and oven chips.......

    I'm away for four nights this week so not much chance of loosing next week either! My mum and sister live on wine and cheese I think! Going to be tricky to avoid, but will try to limit....

  • Hi Dozzle,

    I'm so sorry to hear that your health problems lead on to tiredness and in turn lead to some fast food and chips - it is definitely a difficult path to challenge, but at least you maintained your weight, despite those challenges. So Congratulations for doing that. Maintaining is good - much better than a gain. At least you know why you didn't lose as well.

    Good plan on your behalf to try to limit the wine and cheese consumption whilst you're away this week. Good luck, and hope you enjoy your trip away. Maybe aim to maintain again - as it can be difficult to lose when you're away from your usual routine. I'm beginning to wonder if I am being realistic myself to hope for a 2 pound loss on the scales this week, whilst being away for 2 nights this week. I think I might alter my goal to one of maintainance, but maybe it's too late to change it now - I've committed to it above, and should try to stick to it. Dilemmas...

    Enjoy your trip away - and good luck with your aim to limit.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi, this is my first week on here and the first time doing the weigh in but it all seems really positive so I'm hoping it'll help me! My starting weight is 18 st 3, I can't remember the last time I told anyone my weight (if ever), so this is a bit scary for me but everyone seems so supportive.

    My ultimate goal is to get to a healthy BMI which means I need to get down to 12 st but that seems a long way off so my immediate goal is half a stone off, get under the 18 st mark and keep going from there.

  • Congratulations determined, I know exactly how difficult it is to "come clean" about your weight, but well done you for having the courage to do it. Don't worry about the amount, I've lost a stone and am still heavier than you, so to me you're a skinny Minnie :)

    All the very best for your weight loss journey :)

  • Hi, thanks for your message, it so nice to see how supportive people are here. It's nice to know there's somewhere I can talk about the ups and downs of the process and know that people are going through/have gone through the exact same thing and can relate. I have a long journey ahead but for the first time in ages I really feel like I can do this.

  • That's the beauty of this site, we're all in the same boat and we all want to see everyone achieve their goals.

    We both have long journeys and we can walk side by side. We can do this together :)

  • Hi Determinedandready. Great name you have picked for yourself. 😀Welcome to this thread and I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

    I know from experience how hard it is telling a bunch of strangers your weight, phew! Now that's done I hope you find lots of things to enjoy and energise you in the process of getting healthier.. I think you have been really sensible to set a short term modest goal to get going. Best of luck💐

  • Hi Derminedandready,

    Great that you found us, I remember communicating with you recently - and I remember being impressed by your name - it really communicates a motivation and preparedness, both great qualities for weight loss journeys!

    A very warm welcome to you, and thanks for joining us for this Monday weigh-in Club. We are a positive and enthusiastic group, so hopefully the group support will be helpful - we're all in this together, which is really motivating (I think so!). I'm so pleased that people have already welcomed you.

    It's a big step to post your starting weight, so thank you so much for being brave and doing that. I really do appreciate that it is a hard thing to do. I was 18 stone 8 pounds at the start of my own weight loss journey, and I admit that I didn't disclose my weight till I was quite a bit lighter - mainly because I hadn't found this forum before that time, but I just want to say I think it's a brave step, and I hope you feel ok for sharing. Hopefully this will be the highest weight you'll be, and from now on, you'll be lighter and healthier as time goes on.

    It's great that you've set yourself goals step by step, as that is definitely a very sensible and motivating way to approach it. You're already close to being under the 18's, so hopefully you'll be there very soon, and we'll be congratulating you on your achievement. So look forward to that. Afterall, you're 'determined' and 'ready' and that is half the battle in terms of having a positive mind-set.

    The NHS 12 week plan is a good plan, and many people use Myfitnesspal as well, to help to tack calories and excercise.

    Wishing you a great first week, and look forward to catching up with you at next Monday's weigh-in, and out and about in the forum.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi, thanks for the welcome. I've got the 12 week plan and downloaded myfitnesspal and stocked my fridge full of healthy filling foods so now it's just a case of getting through the first week - I know it'll be the hardest - and hopefully seeing the results on the scales this time next week.

  • Gosh you sound like a super model compared to my weight! lol

    I know exactly what you mean about being hesitant to tell people your weight but you come to learn pretty quickly that this place is full of good 'uns :)

    Its great that you are cutting this into manageable goals - make sure you decide on some non-food rewards as you achieve your goals.

    Planning is the key to this whole thing.

    The times when you eat badly are when junk is the easy option. If you always have healthy snacks and planned meals around you it becomes so much harder to deviate from your healthy eating.

    I plan my meals for the week, order my groceries online and get them delivered and each morning I get up a bit earlier and spend 30 or so mins prepping food for the day.

    Make a contract with yourself that every day for 30 days you will do some exercise for 30 minutes. Whether its doing some weeding or going for a walk or going for a swim. After 30 days you start to WANT to do that exercise and get out there.

    Myfitnesspal is a great easy to use free app that many of use to count calories. And I would strongly recommend you DO count calories - its dead easy with this app and I (a seasoned and old dieter) was thinking I just couldn't be bothered but this thing makes it easy and fun.

    You can do this - I know it:)

  • Morning :-)

    Please would I be able to join your group?

    I'm really struggling to lose weight, feel such a failure as I've joined so many different weightless classes like slimming worlds, weight watchers and always give up.

    I'm now at my heaviest & now is the time to do so something about it. I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis so this extra weight is not helping.

    Today I weight 14st. 11ib 😟

    If I can join your group that would be great :-)

    Lou x

  • You'll get an official welcome from one of the fab 5, the wonderful ladies who run this thread, but I'd like to welcome you myself and say that this is the best place in the world for getting the support you need for your weight loss journey.

    All the very best of luck to you :)

  • You are a fabulous fabster too, Moreless. :-)

  • HiFlops08, I am not a fab5er but still say welcome. 🌸 I am glad you found the site it is a really supportive place full of the kind of information and advice you will actually need. best of luck.

  • You are a Fabster Gonti, you are fabulous! :-)

  • Hi Lou,

    Yes, please do join our group, you are very very welcome, and I'm really glad you've chosen to join us. :-)

    You've made the brave step of posting your starting weight, and I appreciate that's a big step in itself, so I hope you feel ok for doing that. Hopefully today will be your highest weight, and I hope you'll enjoy your weight loss journey, and hopefully with the support of the forum and this Weigh-in Group Club (Fab 5'ers and Fabsters) we can give you some group support to help you to acheive your goals. We're all in this together and behind one another. Hopefully you'll also feel much healthier with regard to the impact of your rheumatoid arthritis as you lose weight as well.

    Have you seen the NHS 12 week plan? I would recommend it as a good structure with lots of helpful advice regarding approaching your weight loss journey. Also, many people us an app like Myfitnesspal (for example) to track calories and exercise. Maybe ask your GP for advice on exercise that would suit you with regard to the rheumatoid arthritis. I'd recommend finding something that you enjoy.

    I really enjoy walking - that is my main form of exercise, but I also do strength training and occasional jogging too.

    Wishing you a great first week, and hope you enjoy it. We'll look forward to catching up with you next week but hope to see you around and about in the forum before that - joining in with various posts, and posting your own posts too is defintely a good way to get a lot out of the forum.

    Great to have you on board with us on this weight loss wagon. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning to the fab five and especially the lovely Lowcal.

    Lowcal I am sorry you gained a very small amount over the weekend -so did I, I often do.

    reading your posts I am thinking I need to understand more about salt and water retention -my goal next week is to read up on that.

    It's exactly a year today since I found the NHS site and tried the five minute early morning stretches sequence.

    It is 20 weeks today since I started with the NHS 12 week plan and MFP.

    Weight last week 91.7. Weight this week 91.2. Loss of 0.5kgs. Good result for me.

    Waist and butt measurements same as last month. Weirdly I have lost an inch off my neck, half an inch of my wrists and I have actual ankles just in time for winter ankle boots!!

    Thanks Lowcal and fab5 and everyone else who posts here. You are collectively the great game changers and my life has improved so much.

    Have a great week everyone

  • What a lovely post Gonti, so positive and inspirational :)

    Well done you for the 0.5k loss and of course, the slimmer neck, wrists and ankles. It never even occurred to me to measure my neck, I'll have to go and do that now :)

  • Hi Gonti,

    Good morning to you! I am amazed at where the time has gone, as you mention you've been doing the NHS 12 week plan and MFP (myfitnesspal to those wondering what that is) for 20 weeks - I can't believe it's that long! Time flies!

    Congratulations for losing 0.5 kgs this week, that is excellent! Your weight loss progress has been consistent and admirable. Isn't it strange how the measurements can vary - I'm so glad to hear you've got some actual ankles now so you can enjoy wearing some winter ankle boots - that is great timing!!!

    Your post is inspiring, and it's so great to hear all the changes and improvements you've been making within your life. Glad we are able to share in that journey with you, as it is very motivational to hear such great progress - it really helps to spur me on - and I am sure it helps lots of people to hear such great news.

    Wishing you another great week ahead, and thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm and encouragement. It is much appreciated!

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. I'd be interested to hear the results of your research into the salt and water retention - it definitely impacts on me regularly!

  • What a fantastic uplifting post.

    You rock!

    And I would be careful - with those sexy ankles you will have men following you everywhere :)

  • Ok you are clearly an ankle man - this reply just made us all laugh out loud at breakfast.

  • Hi Lowcal, sorry to hear you've had a frustrating end to the week, it sounds like you have plan though.

    Last week I weighed in a at 19st 6.5 lbs, this week I weighed in at 19 st 2.5 lbs, a loss of 4 pounds.

    Well happy with that, looking to get into the 18's this coming week.

    Good luck everyone!!

  • Great loss HK, you're gonna love getting into the 18's :)

  • Hi Health_Kick_2000,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. :-)

    Wow, Congratulations on your 4 pound loss this week, that is amazing! You're getting very close to the 18's now, so good luck with your goal to get there this coming week. You are making such great progress.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning Fab Five,

    hope you all had a good weekend !

    Sorry to hear of your small gain, Lowcal, keep strong, it will come off ;-)

    My week has been funny, still can't run, some days my shin hurts if I walk too much, getting very annoyed with it now.

    Weight wise I've been kept amused by my scales. One day I'm 201 lb, the next 205 lb, then 201 lb again,... ( I know I shouldn't weigh daily, but it's a habit every morning before my coffee).

    This morning I'm back to 202 lb so a maintain for the first time. I'm struggling to mostly rely on calorie counting, and even though I always walk above 10.000 steps a day, I'm missing my speed walking with "mini jogs" in between.

    Anyway, will try harder this week,


  • Hi Elissy,

    Good morning! I will try to keep strong, Elissy, thanks for that advice. :-)

    Sorry to hear you're still experiencing shin pain when you walk too much. I guess it's your body giving you messages about what it can cope with, and it doesn't want to do too much currently, till it heals up. Take it easy, and recuperate well. Maybe get some advice from a health care provider about the best way to recuperate and get better.

    I like they way you're describing being 'amused by the scales' - it sounds like you've got a good relationship with your scales, and that you're enjoying your daily habit of popping on for a quick weigh each day before your coffee. I'm exactly the same, I weigh first thing, every day, before my cup of tea. Some people do comment that weighing daily isn't necessarily the 'best' thing, but at the same time, we are all different, and I say, if you like to weigh each day, then do so! The good thing is we have choices about what we do, and as long as we're not hurting other people, what's the harm.

    You've experienced your first 'maintain' this week, so I'm wondering what that feels like for you. In my book, a 'maintain' is always a positive, because it means you've managed to keep previous weight off, and not had a gain. I always Congratulate people for it, as I do truly believe it is a really positive achievement. I hope you'll also experience it in that way. So, Congratulations for maintaining your weight Elissy, especially with your shin difficulties. That is admirable.

    Achieving 10,000 steps a day is amazing, but make sure you don't overdo things with your shin injury, as your health is the most important thing.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, Lowcal, I never thought to see a maintain as positive - until now. I suppose it is a bit as it is better than a gain 😊

    The steps I do are mainly life related, get kids ready, walk to work, walk at work, walk home,....

    I try to squeeze a little walk around the block in, and at work I tend to walk the longer way if I can, but nothing too bad. I meant to reply this morning, but my phone was being temperamental 😁

    Have a nice week, Liz

  • Elissy I am really disappointed for you to hear about your shin causing you problems. It can be very frustrating when the heart and mind are willing but the body does not want to co-operate. I hope you can find some websites to help you mend the problem.

    And how odd with your scales - or your body is going through some kind of weird sci-fi metamorphosis! lol

    I must admit I weighed myself again this morning and my weight went from 132.2 yesterday to 134 today after a full day of eating healthy and exercise.

    But I have wooden floors and they seem to make the scales unreliable - once I went outside and stood on them in the level concrete driveway my weight was back to normal...and the neighbours enjoyed having a chuckle :D

  • Hi Lowcal, Prin, Ruth, Candystripe and Suzybenj and everyone ! :-)

    Sorry to hear you've gained this week, Lowcal (although I agree that scone and cream does sound delicious !). At least you know what is causing the difficulty (the weekends !) and can make an effort to get into good habits to get down into those 12s. Definalty sounds like some of it is water if you were on track 'til before the weekend :-)

    My weight loss this week is 2lbs, which I'm delighted with. This is the start of week 10 for me and I've lost 19.8lbs overall and am down to 12st 12.8lbs - so into the 12s :-) Had a good week overall - quite a bit of walking and running and a good bike ride yesterday, with a healthy picnic for once ! My size 16 jeans are beginning to feel ever so slightly baggy now as well ! Perhaps give it a few more weeks and I might have to start thinking about new ones (although there is a matter of a weeks holiday soon that might scupper those plans for a while !)

    Have a good week everyone :-)

  • Yaaay, into the 12's! Wtg you! :)

    I'm dreaming of baggy size 16's, actually, I'm dreaming of baggy size 26's but hey ho :)

    Fantastic week, good luck for the next one :)

  • Hey Lucca, you're so on it. Congrats on losing 2lbs especially following a great loss last week. You're really on track at the moment. It sounds like you're enjoying the exercise and combatting the instinct to eat exercise calories by taking that healthy picnic for your bike ride too. Congrats for getting into the 12s. That holiday doesn't have to scupper your plans at all. Just see it as a break, a chance to test your new found healthy instincts. Hope you have another great week this week :)

  • Thanks Ruth :-) I'm trying to be very careful with exercise calories this time. Problem in the past has been that I eat some of them if I have a good day (i.e. a run) - which is fine whilst the exercise continues, but of course if I have a busy week, weather is rubbish etc and I don't get out so much, then the weight goes back on again because I still eat at 'exercise' level. I'm really trying to lose the weight with mainly diet, so I don't have the same problem again.

  • I had to do this too, as it's so easy to get in the habit of eating 'like a cyclist', and then oops stopped cycling all winter... You do need to make sure you 'fuel' though, as I think you very much do, having been more active in the past too. Having sensible snacks that stop you feeling too hungry if it's a long bike ride, or a good meal following a run, etc. Loads of bananas basically :)

  • I'm definitely fueling :-) I have to say that the 26km bike ride sounds ok, but I'm not sure it really got any heart rate up as it was dead flat and at 8-year old pace as Boo was with us. An apple was about all that was needed to fuel that ride !!

    I will see how it goes with the running - I'm just on week 7 now, so only now doing the much longer continuous runs. So again, up to this point the C25K program was building a bit of strength and stamina, but probably not burning an awful lot of calories !!

  • Hi Lucca,

    Thanks for your encouraging words, which I appreciate very much! :-)

    Congratulations to your for losing 2 pounds this week, that is really great! Fantastic to hear you've lost 19.8 pounds overall, and that you're into the 12's. That is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Really well done! :-)

    Sounds like you've been doing a lot of activity this week, with your walking, running and good bike ride yesterday. Healthy picnic sounds good too!

    You may need to look into some size 14 jeans very soon!!! Hopefully your forthcoming holiday won't scupper your plans - great that you've got a holiday to look forward to, and it won't be long!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :-) Have a great week yourself :-)

  • Hi Lucca10

    Congratulations on another loss, you're achieving consistent results which is fantastic and also into the next stone bracket. Well done you!

  • Thanks mrsg :-)

  • 2 lbs is awesome!

    Well done Lucca and I am so impressed by your very healthy sounding week :)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Sorry to hear that you have gained this week...but only a little.....

    I have been ill, my fibromyalgia took a turn for the worst and I have been feeling very sorry for myself the last 4 weeks...I am having some massage this week to try and get me back into doing some exercise...I weighed 13st 4 when I stood on the scales this morning and I was 13 stone - 4 weeks I am going to try and get back on track

    I can feel that I have put most of my inches back on and I feel rather sluggish....

    Well done to everyone this week and keep up the good work...x


  • Hi TOL, I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult patch with your fibromyalgia. Hope you're feeling the benefit of the massage and can start to feel less sluggish again soon. It's great that you're posting here, even if it is to report a gain. I hope you will see those inches and pounds fall away again soon, but in the meantime take care of yourself, ease yourself into the exercise gradually, and keep reading and posting on here, there's loads of inspiring stories, which can be a real help for staying focused.

  • Hi Tuboflard6,

    Sorry that you've been feeling ill with your fibromyalgia - glad you're having some massage this week and hope you are able to get into doing some exercise, as per your hopes to do that soon.

    At least you've managed to maintain your weight, despite feeling ill, and that's an achievement, so Congratulations for that.

    Wishing you success with getting back on track, hopefully you'll feel less sluggish and have a bit more energy as time goes on.

    Wishing you a good week ahead, and hope you'll feel more comfortable and have less pain.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thats so frustrating for you but I love your spirit.

    You can do this - I know it.

  • Hi!

    Hoping I am doing this right, would like to join the weigh in :)

    Starting weight - 18st 3lb 21st September

    Week 1 - down to 17st 13lb

    Week 2 - down to 17st 11lb

    Week 2 - another weigh in down to 17st 9lb

    Week 3 - only down to 17st 8lb

    My reason for weight loss is back in 2012 I weighed 12st 10lb the lightest I have ever been. Sadly i got ill and this meant I put all the weight back on again. Enough is enough I want to loose it again but i am finding it oh so hard. I suffer from anxiety and depression as well, and food is an outlet for me. Breaking that habit is hard.

    I had a bad weekend this weekend too, didnt stick to my plan at all. So not expecting much loss this week. I am also doing c25k but I have had a cold this past week so only managed a run on Monday and that was it.

    Even this morning I have sabotaged myself for the day, felt tired on the way to work so ate chocolate. Far to much of it too.

    Hopefully I can get back on Track and loose that first stone, that's the most important thing for me right now. Small targets to work towards.



  • Cheer up Vik, you can do this. Eating chocolate in the morning doesn't sabotage the whole day, just that second when you swallow it :)

    Try to remember that chocolate doesn't make you feel less tired, just more downhearted. First target, no more chocolate today:)

    Best of luck :)

  • I am repeating in my head. No more chocolate today! I can do it. The OH said that its no big deal to have a blow out as long as its not one every day. Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes you do feel a bit alone doing this. Love this forum been lurking here for a while now!

  • I did a lot of lurking at the beginning too and it was the positivity and support that convinced me that with everyone's help, I might just make it. I haven't been proved wrong.

    You're gonna love it here and chocolate will soon be a thing of the past :)

  • Hi Vikx,

    I just wanted to wish you a Very Warm Welcome to this weigh-in Club - I would normally be able to offer you a more detailed message, but I have to dash off, as I am going away for a two day trip, and I still need to do a couple of bits of packing.

    But you are in capable hands, as the other Fab 5'ers and other members on the site (Fabsters) will make you feel welcome.

    Really hope you enjoy the thread, and good luck with your weight loss journey.

    I'll be back on Wednesday, and I'll be reading through the whole thread then, so I will look forward to having a chance to re-read your starting message, and will look forward to catching up with you next week.

    Sorry for this rushed message, but I have to get a wriggle on.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Have a good few days away! x

  • Dashing off now, it's 10.07am. Keep posting everyone, as the Fab 5'ers are around and about today, and they will get back to you. There may be times when it is quieter, as the Fab 5'ers have other commitments too, but they will ensure everyone has a response (at least one) by the end of the day. :-)

  • Hi Vikx

    I am so there with you on most of the things you have said - its frustrating that our brains won't cooperate and keep pushing us into eating unhealthily.

    As far as depression goes I suffered from it for 40 years, using several different antidepressants which left me feeling numb and unhappy.

    I started taking large doses of magnesium in January to treat a heart complaint but about 6 weeks later I suddenly noticed my depression was lifting - have never felt better since I started taking the magnesium and although I may have bouts of depression its short lived and infrequent.

    Let me know if you would like some more info:)


  • Good morning Fab Five - on a bus going to work (hate Mondays!!)

    Lowcal - your gain will disappear this week!

    I lost 0.6lbs. Had a funny ole week and those slices of lemon drizzle cake probably didn't help!

    In four weeks I've lost 6.8lbs and walked 206kms

    I am now 16 1.8lbs. Hope I can get in 15's by next week 😊😃

  • You can definitely manage that! It's a great feeling!

  • Thanks, Garfield 😃

  • 206kms????!!!! Holy mackerel!! :)

    Roll on the 15's :)

  • Good morning Lizzy,

    How many slices of lemon drizzle cake? :) No seriously, sometimes you just have to have that little treat and 0.6 lbs is very good going. Almost half a stone in four weeks is brilliant. VERY impressed with the walking, that is a great achievement. Well done.

    Fingers crossed that you are welcoming the 15's next week....just how good will that feel eh!

  • Well it was more than 1 and less than 4!!! It will feel great to get into the 15s 😊😊

  • End of week two. Started at 16,0 and ended at 15,12. So happy to be back in the 15s even if I don't want to stay there! Hope everyone has a good week.

  • Good morning Garfield_123 and welcome back to the 15's!

    I shouldn't think that you will be staying there too long with that determination.

    Have a great week and keep up the fabulous work. :)

  • Well done you. How are the 15s? Is there room for me? 😉

  • Most certainly! The more the merrier

  • Morning Low Cal, the fab 5 and fellow posters

    Sorry to hear that you have gained a little Low Cal but 0.6 lb is only a tiny amount and hopefully mostly water retention and good luck with achieving a loss this week. I'm not sure how I have woken up this morning feeling so much brighter than last night (how frustrating being female at this stage of life!) but so glad that the negativity hasn't lasted. As expected I have gained this week, 2 lb which feels like such a lot considering that I have been as active as I have this week with the 'kettlebell challenge' and also joining the 'kicking the km' group. I refuse to allow this gain to throw me off track, although sticking to plan will be a little more difficult this week as I am going away on Thursday for a girls weekend. I'm only going to set myself one goal this week and that is going to be to stop my weight going the wrong way. Have a good week everyone.

  • Hi mrsg3, so glad to hear you're feeling brighter. I'm wondering if my low mood last week was hormone related too. They say it's good to keep a diary and see if a pattern emerges, then you can start to predict when it will happen and be prepared! I've never managed to spot a pattern though... I think the 2lb you've gained must be something that's easily reversed, especially as you're on such an exercise drive. Maybe weigh yourself before and after the girls weekend, so you can see the benefit of your work up til Thurs, and so you can see the real damage when you get back. Hopefully it won't be too bad, and there won't be any more overall gain. Good luck :)

  • Hi Ruth

    Many thanks for the tip re weighing myself again before the girls weekend away, I'll check my weight in the early hours of Thursday morning then again as usual on Monday. Have a good week and I hope that you feel much more like your usual bright self soon.

  • " I refuse to allow this gain to throw me off track"

    I love reading that - go you.

    Have a great week!

  • Thank you Dave, it's good to see that you're back on track too after the traumatic few weeks that you had. I hope you have a good week and that we're both joining fellow 'losers' next Monday.

  • Good morning Lowcal and whilst it is unfortunate you have not lost weight this week it's always good to stay positive as we move forward. Don't let this small gain sadden you just see it a stepping stone and one which will not stay in your way for long. It's great to see that you had lost weight over the week, but then had and enjoyable weekend with some delicious food which in turn lead to today's very minuscule 0.6 gain.

    I know for sure you will get back on track and with all our positive vibes and best wishes we will be willing those scales to drop those pounds for you. I stand by all good things come to those who wait. You deserve this Lowcal just be patient :-)

    Have a wonderful week hun, best wishes :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Well said Trafford 1!

  • Morning lowcal and all. Like you lowcal i also keep track of my weight throughout the week and by friday morning it was looking great but unfortunately i had a meal out friday night for a friend's birthday and it all seemed to go downhill from there on for me. My weigh in shows that i stayed the same as last week so i guess i should be happy it wasnt a gain. Now to get back on track and i have no more planned nights out for a few weeks so hoping to see some more progress.

    Good luck all for this week x

  • Good morning kars1111.

    That must seem like a disappointment seeing as though you were doing so well during the week, but it wasn't a gain so you must be very proud of that. The point is, you had a good time and enjoyed yourself so can get back on track this week with a smile on your face.

    Good luck X

  • Good morning, and thanks for your encouragement!

    I've just finished week 1. I weighed 12 stone 9 at the start of the week and am now 12 stone 3, so have lost 6 pounds.

    Managed to stick to the plan over the weekend, which was what I was worried about.

    The cold this morning has made my mind up to join the local gym today as its getting a bit dark and chilly in the mornings now which is not helping my motivation to exercise.

  • 6lbs!! Woohoo! WTG you! :)

    You're off to a flying start, fingers crossed for a repeat performance next week :)

  • Wow 6lbs well done! That is impressive. Almost half a stone is great work and such determination, especially over the weekend.

    Good for you joining the gym now the mornings are getting decidedly chilly. I suppose we've been lucky with the weather recently so just think when it's raining and miserable motivation will be lower still! I enjoy my time at the gym and sure that you will too.

    Have a good week and good luck :)

  • 6 lbs is fantastic! And I am sure its been a great motivator for you.

    Keep focussed, remember why you are doing this - I am very impressed :)

  • Morning Lowcal,

    I'm sorry to hear you have struggled this week. You sound very positive in moving forward this week, so I am sure you will be able to achieve your 2lb lose this week.

    I really hope you have a fabulous week and feel better.

    Big hugs to you and remember everyone is there for you x

  • Hi Jo,

    Thank you for your encouraging post - I appreciate it, and hope you are having a great week yourself.

    Big hugs,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Everyone

    Week 3

    12st 2 down to 12st 1 this week. Down 1lb.

    Total lost so far: 7 1/2 lbs.

    Aiming to lose about 2st and started at 12st 8 1/2. So a good start, but plenty to go yet!

    It felt more difficult this week - I was as well-behaved as previous weeks, but I'm now going to be at the 1lb a week stage I think.

    Anyway I've worked it out and IF I can stick to it - I could be down to approx 11stone by Christmas which would be lovely as I would fit nicely into my Christmas party clothes without a shopping trip!

    Can't really improve the eating - so my best bet to make that target more certain will be to up the exercise - dog looking pleased already!

    Good luck everyone! Love reading all your stories, really helps to know that you are all out there on the same journey.


  • There's no IF about it Runningsoon, you will stick to it and you will be down to 11st by Christmas :)

  • Crikey - That lays down the gauntlet! Fingers crossed - and walking shoes on!

  • Ha ha :)

    It's all down to positive reinforcement :)

  • Good morning Runningsoon and congratulations on your pound down taking you to over half a stone off. Doesn't that make you feel awesome! Some weeks seem to fluctuate but then little is good for long term weight loss.

    Yes indeed you can be wearing those lovely outfits by Christmas which is definitely in sight.

    Your dog is probably going to be healthier too....woof!

    Have a good week.

  • Hi Runningsoon, congrats on your 1lb loss! It sounds like you're definitely on track to get down to 11st or at least very close by xmas, those party clothes are in your grasp - it really can happen! It doesn't sound like you need to improve the eating, as what you're doing is clearly working. Slow and steady loss is really the best way. I do recommend upping the exercise though, this is a great habit to develop so you can permanently keep the weight off when you finally get to your goal. Glad you've got a happy dog to accompany you on your walks, I'm sure you'll both have a great time in this early autumn sunshine :)

  • New to this diet I started dieting 2 years ago weight a terrible 16st 9 at the age of 21 always being a round a family that was big I picked up lots of bad habits of eating my feeling so I did something about it 2 years later I have gone from 16.9 - 13.9 (size 20-14) this week being on nhs diet I have lost 4 pound and have never felt more confident that I can do this I have 3 children I do and my main goal is so be able to keep up with them and be a mum they are proud of ideal I would want to go down to 11 st but I would be happy to be 12st just so my bmi is in a better range but hears to next week if I can lose 2 pound I would be happy but to lose anything is a bonus as all weight loss adds up to losing loads in the long run xx

  • Emma, what a great job you're doing. I'm sure your children are brimming over with pride for you.

    It's great to hear that you're going to celebrate every loss, because every loss is worth it :)

    Very well done for this week's 4lbs and fingers crossed for next week's 2lbs :)

  • Good morning Emma,

    I think moreless has said it all. Indeed you are doing a marvellous job and you should be so very proud of yourself. Four pounds just shows how motivated and determined you are to live life to it's fullest for not only yourself but your family too.

    Any weight loss is good but to have goals and targets brings it all into reality and you will soon be into those 12's.

    Good luck and have a great week. :)

  • A treat is as good as a rest Lowcal ;) I'm sure you'll whittle it off in no time!

    Somehow I appear to have lost 3lbs since last week - weighed in at 17st 5 today... I'm due on this week so am completely baffled as to how??? but i'll take it with both hands :)

    I discovered last week that my cobrafit class was run by Herbalife fanatics - the not particularly palatable tea and protein drink were both that product - so we have decided to get some kettlebells and do the workout at home instead (could be carnage..)

    My younger son has been suffering from a form of vertigo and unable to do c25k which he had been enjoying. Unfortunately this means I have had to put off my intention to graduate on my 40th birthday as he was really disappointed to think that we wouldn't graduate together. I don't mind as I'm really pleased with his enthusiasm for doing it and I know i'll get there one day!

    I walked over 10km yesterday in two separate dog walks and felt absolutely great so I'm going to aim for 10 rather than 5km a day this week and see how I get on.

    Lowcal, I hope everything goes well for your relative.

    Have a good week all :)

    Kate x

  • Well done for your 3lb loss this week.

    I hope you've got a large space in which to wield your kettle bells, or you could find yourself doing some DIY demolition! :)

  • Hi Kate, sounds like you've had a great week. 3lbs off - amazing! It sounds like you've really upped the exercise. Doing different types of exercise is a really good strategy. Attack from every angle that you can! It also sounds like you have a great support network around you. It's good that you're responding to your son's needs re slowing down the couch to 5k, as this hopefully means you'll work out a way to both keep doing this together in the long term. I hope he finds a way to tackle the vertigo. There must be advice somewhere online...

    Hope you have another excellent week. Good luck with that 10k daily goal and all the kettle bell work! :)

  • Thanks, there were a few low points last week.. such as taking my dogs to the vets and splitting my jeans with the effort of stopping one of my angels from eating the vet!! (they were old jeans.. ;) ) I must have looked a real sight hobbling out the door with 3 dogs trying not to let it show!!! And I fell weak at the feet of a couple of bottles (4!!!) of Prosecco, but funnily enough after such a great day out in the fresh air yesterday I didn't want a drink last night.. so need to keep that up :)

  • Oh no! I've had split jeans moments too, and even split the back of a shirt at work once when I bent down to pick up a heavy box! Well you'll have double the excuse to buy new jeans soon, smaller ones and also extra hard-wearing for how active you've become. I'm also trying to steer clear of the vino this week after a heavy week last week. Good luck for sticking to all your good intentions :)

  • Morning everyone

    I have gained 0.5lbs and I'm now hovering uncomfortably close to the 15 stone mark. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually lost weight that stayed off in the following week.

    Feels like I just go up and down between14 st 9 - 15 st and never really move.

    It is frustrating because I am desperate. I don't like looking at my reflection and seeing all the folds especially since, due to genetics, most of my weight go to my belly and arms, so I basically look pregnant.

    I found myself in 'Yours' on the weekend internally despairing that I now have to shop in a plus size store. I have avoided clothes shopping for ages and just live in stretchy leggings and baggy beach wear tunics.

    I have 9 weeks before I head home for xmas and I want to really push myself to lose at least 10lbs by then otherwise with xmas eating I will definitely find myself heading beyond 15 stones.

    On the plus side, I stuck to my fitness goals last week and did personal training session, zumba class and some crazy body burn class that ended up being a 1hr mix of burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and reverse plank with leg lift.

    Completely over my fitness abilities and the teacher was making no alternatives even though by the end my wrist was hurting from all the impact.

    the downside is with exercise in the evening, I don't have much time for my usual routine of making dinner and lunch for the next day I eat out :-( can't win.

    Need to find a balance this week

  • Hi Gracie, really sorry to hear you're struggling this week. Your 0.5lb gain is very small, and as you've started a new exercise regime, I think it's fair to say this will have had an effect, perhaps muscle gain, retaining water as your muscles recover, etc. Maybe check your measurements - you may notice changes in your waist measurement etc, even if the scales haven't shifted. Just keep telling yourself you're doing something different this time. Maybe in the past you've struggled to shift weight below the 14st9 point, but this time you're doing something different. It's hard, and you're still fine tuning it, but it will work.

    Lots of people on here work evening shifts etc. How about looking at your evening training sessions as evening shifts that you need to prepare ahead for. Make a 'packed lunch', or have a quickly reheatable or slow cooked dinner ready for afterwards. Preparing beforehand can help you to stick to your good intentions. For example, when I run in the evening, I put a jacket potato in the oven on low while I'm out, so that it's perfect for when I get back. Slow cookers are great like this too. I hope you can find ways to resolve the other problems with the PT too. Keep persisting, and try to see the positives in this all. Personally I think you sound incredibly determined, and that's very inspiring. Good luck for a weight loss next week :)

  • If you can fit it in I would recommend you listen to a podcast "Cut The Fat" - it has some GREAT tips in it and one of the ones they talk about is prioritising time.

    If you have to choose between 1 hr of exercise and 1 hr of prepping and planning your food they pick the food one every time.

    When it comes down to it weight loss is approx 80% diet and 20% exercise so when you can not have both you should go with healthy eating.

    You can do this - I know it.

  • Thanks for the info, I have listened to about 6 of their podcasts so far and you are right, lots of great information in there. Especially about not eating carbs before exercise, I was having a banana before any exercise thinking it would give me energy and not realizing it would stop me burning fat with all the insulin in my system. I will be trying out some things that they recommend like doing 2 weeks of low carb to re-boost how my body processes carbs?

    I will definitely try to eat my carby meals at 5-6hr intervals and snack on protein and see what that does

  • Morning all, to the ever increasing popular weigh in, great group support.

    Lowcal, i am the same losing in the week and struggling at weekends. I stayed the same this week which i am pleased with. Obviously hoping for some loss this week! Good luck all

  • Hi Vickster, I bet you're so pleased to maintain this week after last week's mega loss! You're doing so well. I agree weekends are a challenge. It's when socialising tends to happen, there's more time to sit down and really enjoy food, and people often have more alcohol too. I try to add in extra exercise at the weekend now. It's not always possible but definitely helps! Hope you have a great week and see another loss next Monday :)

  • Good morning everyone. I've lost the 1lb that I gained last week and am back to 10st4, still well within my maintaining range. I'm happy with this, especially as I had a less than perfect week! Despite seemingly getting away with it, I want to make sure I banish some of the bad habits that have started to creep back in. So this week I'm aiming for max 6 units of alcohol throughout the week (definitely no hangovers) and to keep to my exercise goals (more cycling and more strength sessions).

    Lowcal - sorry to hear that the weekend scuppered the losses you were seeing during the week. Looks like you need to get a weekend strategy in place. Maybe the salty foods are key. Good luck with your goal to lose 2lbs this week :)

  • Good morning Ruth.

    Congratulations on losing that gained pound from last week and sticking within your maintenance range. That really takes nerves of steel, especially banishing those bad habits and alcohol indulgence.

    Maybe if you keep up your exercise regime it will help to dissipate those naughty niggley little habits!

    You're doing grand though and should be very proud of yourself.

    Have a great week ahead :)

  • Thanks Candystripe! To be honest I didn't know what to expect when I stood on the scales this morning. I half expected a 2lb gain or something, so it's not so much nerves of steel as sheer good luck. I can't rely on that every week so it's back to sticking to my exercise plans and healthy eating etc. Hope your new exercise regime is going well, you're definitely reaping rewards that you've worked hard to earn, and setting a great example to everyone too. Keep up the good work!! :)

  • Well done Ruth, you turned last weeks gain around into a loss this week. Good luck on sticking to your restricted alcohol intake this week, sorry but I won't be joining you on this challenge with a girls weekend away on the cards. Have a good week.

  • Hmmm... My alcohol good intentions do seem to coincide with a week where I'm not planning to go out - sounds convenient eh? But got to start somewhere! Hope your girls weekend won't be too out of control and, most importantly, lots of fun :)

  • Morning everyone!

    I really struggle on weekends too LowCal - I've decided I am going have projects for the weekend where I have nothing planned! First project is to find a nice pattern and make myself a dress! Good luck for next week :)

    I have lost 0.6lbs this week. I am happy with this as I have been really struggling for the past 4 weeks. Surprised at a loss as my boyfriend was successful in a new job so had the chammpers out over the weekend!

    I'm going to go back to basics and starting at week 1 again - I have 16lbs to lose until my goal weight so I will be hoping to achieve this by the end of week 12 (although Christmas may stick it's oar in!).

    I would have given up 4 weeks a go if it wasn't for everyone on this forum - thank you!

  • Isn't it strange how we struggle at weekends NoMoreJunk. We're like huge pressure cookers that have to blow!

    You definitely have the right answer by taking up a hobby to keep those idle hands and brain occupied. I suppose you could always make it the next size down for additional incentive!

    That 0.6lb loss is wonderful since you have been struggling and on top of the celebratory champers. Congratulations to you and your boyfriend.

    I'm sure that you will be almost there by Christmas.

    Yes it is a great forum and so friendly and full of motivation. We're very glad that you didn't leave us and look forward to hearing from you next week after going back to basics. :)

  • Morning everyone, I am pleased with a little loss I was 13.1.1 and this morning 12.13.7. It's coming off slowly. I do exercise and I am a walk leader but it has not been moving off, so frustrating. I use fruit as snacks but they have calorie consequences.

  • Into the 12's! Woohoo! :)

  • Great work Marianne. A loss is always a winner and slowly is best.

    Keeping up with the exercise is good. It sounds as though you do a lot of walking but maybe you could take some measurements that will reflect your weight loss as well.

    If you count calories, make sure that your fruit snacks come within your daily allowance.

    Good luck for the coming week :)

  • Hi, thanks for your support. I will start measuring my waist as well. I do count everything I eat I'm being very conscientious. Yes I do get a fair amount of exercise. Very grateful I found this community thank you all.

  • Hey Lowcal,

    Just checking in as I've been AWOL for a few weeks. I'm still plodding along. I can't remember my last Monday weigh in weight, but I'm 10st 8.8lbs today, so maybe I can be put back on the stats board for next week?

    Wishing everyone a good week :)

  • Good to see you back Meshyt and that you're still keeping focused.

    Yes we will look forward to including your positive stats again next week!

    Have a good one :)

  • Wow - that sounds a lot less than what you last posted - don't remember you being so far into the 10s - ace progress! Hope life's going well, and great to have you back. We'll add you in next week when we know a difference figure. In the meantime, have a great week :)

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement! Looking forward to meeting my goals by Christmas! My dream is to not have "lose weight" as a new years resolution ! Xxx

  • Hi

    I'm new to this. I'm a little bit embarrassed that I am trying to lose weight as my BMI is healthy.

    I just know that as I get older (I hit 45 last week), the weight is starting to creep on and I want to avoid this, and most of my clothes feel tight.

    I exercise a lot but have little will-power with food. I have a very sweet tooth and living on my own I am not very good at bothering to cook. Sometimes I will eat nothing in the evening. So, I need to develop some good eating habits and hopefully this will help.

    Fingers crossed, no hiccups this week.

    BMI 24.7

    Weight 10st 12.8

    Waist 34.5in!

    First target 10st 7 by 1st December

    Ultimate target 9st 7

  • Don't be embarrassed, it doesn't matter whether we have a lot, or a little to lose, it's all relevant. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for being proactive, instead of waiting until you have an obesity problem, before doing anything about it.

    Best of luck with your journey :)

  • Hi Alipop, and welcome! No need to be embarrassed, there are people of all different weights here, different starting points, different goals, etc. I was 2 stone overweight when I started, but felt I carried the weight well, so was also embarrassed to admit to anyone that I needed to lose weight (e.g. my starting waist measurement was only 31.5 inches). We're all different - the BMI range doesn't necessarily apply to everyone in the same way. It sounds like you're being sensible nipping potential weight gain in the bud. It's easier to do at this point! Good luck for your 1st December intermediate goal, and for your weight loss journey overall.

  • Hi all, well I thought this week had gone well until yesterday that is! I was determined to get in to the 16s but unfortunately I weighed in today with a 1lb gain and am now 17st 1lb. I get really disheartened and start to think if I will ever be able to lose weight😕good luck to everyone else this weekend and we'll done to those with losses😊

  • Don't get disheartened tjr, this is a tiny blip. Of course you'll lose weight, you just need to highlight your weak moments eg, what happened yesterday?

    Onwards and downwards :)

  • Thanks moreless, yesterday was just a binge day, started ok then I had been shopping and ate the goodies I had bought😢I know I shouldn't buy them but with an 18yr old slim son I always buy him a few treats and it's so hard to resist them. I know weekends are my downfall so will see if I can get by on 1300 cals so I have a few extra at the weekend. X

  • Maybe the thing to do, is get slim son to buy his own goodies and then eat them away from you ;)

    Saving up for the weekend is a good idea :)

  • I have to save up for the weekends all the time - we are always out and about - often eating at other people's houses. For example this weekend I was at Mum's house and made a beautiful fresh fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. It looked fab (like the front page of the My Fitness Pal app :-) ). I was feeling pleased with myself and looking forward to some guilt-free fruit-gobbling for pudding – when I went to fetch it from the kitchen, Mum had poured 4oz of caster sugar all over it. It was encrusted! Felt very horrified and ended up saying something whilst trying to shake the sugar off the fruit I was putting in my own bowl. The response from my trim mother? “Oh goodness, that doesn’t make any difference”! Aaaaaarrrrrgggggh! I think when family are involved sometimes it’s easier to cut down radically during the week when you have a bit more control over the situation – so that you don’t have to kill anyone at the weekend!!!!!

  • Hahaha. Tena Lady!! :) :)

  • Moreless has great words of wisdom here!

    Yes, give slim son pocket money for his own snacks or put them in his bedroom when you get them home. They might be lost forever but at least you won't be tempted!

    Indeed just a blip and here's to next week being better for you.

    Good luck :)

  • lost 2lbs this week

    6lbs total since I started two weeks ago :)

    just 54lbs to go lol

  • Going well hydrogirl :)

  • Congrats on your 2lb loss this week Hydrogirl, that's absolutely ace! At this rate you're about 27 weeks away from your goal, which is quite a long time. Do you have an intermediate goal? It helps to have celebratory points along the way. Perhaps when you reach the first stone :)

  • Thanks! Yeah I have a few goals, I'm going on a cruise over Xmas and doing some travelling so I want to lose 1 1/2 stone before then as I presume I will gain over Xmas

  • Cool! Good luck for losing 1 1/2 stone before your cruise. Good that you're being realistic about gaining while you're away, but hope it won't be too much. You may be surprised that you will start to make instinctively better food choices etc :)

  • Keep at it Lowcal and you will succeed - Rome wasn't built in a day.

    I have posted today but have I posted in the right place for this Monday weigh in?

  • This is the place to post for the Monday weigh in sibyll :)

  • It's 10.09am, and I'm just off now. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts in this thread when I get back later on Wednesday, but in the meantime, have a great day! As I've said earlier, the Fab 5'ers will respond to you at some point in the day.

    The late morning may be slightly patchy, as all the Fab 5'ers have other commitments, but they will ensure you do have a response at some point in the day and/or evening, so please do bear with us. :-)

    Good luck to everyone!

    I'm definitely leaving the building now... ;-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Diet problems.This is my third time of starting Slimming World this year .I'm 62 years and desperate to lose one stone. I keep giving in to rubbish eating.I need a real kick to get my act in gear .

  • Good afternoon Rosie, your real kick is here!

    It doesn't sound as though Slimming World is helping you much.

    Can I suggest that you check out the NHS Choices website and download their 12 week plan.

    Also use "My Fitness Pal" and keep following this Monday weigh in. You will lose weight and through the support here you will achieve your dreams.

    Let us know what you think.

    Good luck :)

  • Hello Candystripe .I'm just under 10 stone and want to reach 9 stone before my next birthday next January. I have tried the NHS. Diet before and even started running,but gave up too easily. This time I'm going to make a real effort I promise.😷

  • Sounds like an excellent plan Rosie. Good luck and you're to succeed with such a positive attitude.

  • Hi,

    I weighed today only expecting the worst, I haven't gone off the rail this week, but have been picking at the kids leftovers, and nibbling in the day. And then felt deflated at the weekend so didn't worry about the odd treat. BUT today I weighed at I lost .02kg, so maintained. 200g could be an empty bladder. But I am very pleased I feel that my potion control of meals and knowledge of the health plate has seeped in and even when I haven't been considering it fully I have been healthier. so a fully controlled week is needed before I go on holiday for two weeks.

    Good luck .

  • Hi Beauregard, glad you have that 0.2kg loss to help lift your mood! It's a real vicious circle isn't it, when you think you've already gone wrong, then you go wrong some more. But it sounds like this hasn't happened as much this week as it has in the past. I also feel like when I'm not paying attention somehow my instincts are working better now. I had a less than perfect week but 'got away with it'. Next week I also plan to be more in control. Good luck staying on track this week. Just put those kiddie leftovers straight in the bin! Or freeze them if they're useful to make into something else at a later date. Hope you're looking forward to your holiday too, especially knowing your instincts are working in your favour these days :)

  • Hi Lowcal my downfall are weekends too! I allow myself time off if I'm good all week but I am not sure it's a good idea really as I imagine I would lose quicker if I was stricter with myself. Good luck this week and I hope you manage your goal. Maybe I should weigh in on Mondays which would force me to behave ! I'll think about it but for now hopefully catch up on Friday when I am sure my weigh in will be a gain after this weekend! Eek!

  • Hi Juliet.

    If you weigh in here on Mondays, then you need to be accountable for what you eat over the weekend. You won't be able to diet "part time"!

    What do you think??? :)

  • Morning lowcal, wishing you luck for a loss this week!

    I am 12st 12lb this morning which I am happy with, as that is a loss of 3lb since last friday! Into the 12 stones and I am now wearing a pair of 34 waist jeans that my brother bought for me which never fitted before, which should help keep me motivated for another loss this week! 8lb gone since I started. I have adjusted my goal weight as I am an inch shorter than I thought, so I have another 3st 5lb to lose :)

  • Woohoo, into the 12's! Well done you :)

  • Thanks, well done on your loss this week too! :D

  • Good afternoon ScoobaSteve.

    Congratulations on that 3lb weight loss taking you to over half a stone now.. Welcome to the 12's and only since Friday. That's impressive!

    Yes going down a clothes size is really the motivation to keep at it and to fit in those jeans of your brothers must make you feel very proud indeed.

    I'm sure that you will reach your target soon, but in the mean time make small achievable targets for yourself, such as 12 and a half stone and then 12 stone. It seems to bring your efforts closer!

    Good luck and may you have another good week. :)

  • Hi, sorry about your weight gain but I'm sure you will soon be back on track.

    I haven't checked in for a few weeks as had a nasty fall while out walking the dog and along with bunps and grazes hurt my ribs. Have been in a lot of of pain so not very mobile, I am improving but hospital said it will take a few weeks.

    Last time I weighed in I was 12.10 which was a 2lb gain from my lightest,( I started off last January at 14.1 so don't want to put it back on ) I now weigh 13 stone, which is down to a little comfort eating and no excercise.

    Going to get back out walking again this week and back to healthy eating so hopefully back in the 12's next week.

    Good luck to everyone for a great week.

  • So sorry to hear of your accident slimjan. What a nasty shock. Hope you are recovering and not trying to do too much too soon causing you more pain.

    A 2lb gain is very minimal and well done for not letting the comfort eating get out of hand. You should be proud of that.

    Good luck with the exercising but just take it gradually and you will soon be in the 12's again.

    It sounds as though you are in the right frame of mind and pretty determined to carry on. Well done and good luck.

  • Thankyou for your kind words,had a lovely walk today and feeling much better. Hope you manage to get into the 11's next week but not going to be easy with all your outings, don't let it spoil them you can always catch up next week. Good Luck.

  • Thank you for your kind words too.

    No, next week will be even worse as away for a family wedding so eating out for five days. Can only do our best!!

    Have a great week and we'll done with the walking. X

  • Aw Slimjan, sounds like a pretty nasty fall! No wonder you've been taking it easy and slipping back into comfort eating habits. Hurt ribs is pretty major, as it stops you breathing easily etc. Really hope the pain starts to ease soon and you can pick up the pace again. In the meantime, try to keep those snacks out of reach, and hope you get back into the 12s asap :)

  • No change again this week. I'm looking forward to getting back to work next week so my eating habits should improve!

    Have a good week everybody.

  • Hi Joyce, no change isn't necessarily bad news, it sounds like you've done a great job of maintaining, keeping everything on an even keel. Hope getting back to work and back into a routine will help with your eating habits, and will lead to some change on the scales too. Have a great week :)

  • Its so true that a routine and habit helps to keep us in check isn't it?

  • Hi this is my first weigh in my weight is 16st 10lb 4ozs for the last year I've gone up and down. My health and mobility are a big problem with exercise but I'm going to try doing more walking. I will find it hard sticking to 1400 cals but i will do my best good luck to everyone xx

  • Good afternoon Rosie and welcome to our forum and your first weigh in.

    It's not easy staying focused but try and plan your meals in advance and prepare some tasty snacks with fruit and vegetables, If you do this at the beginning of the day then you are less likely to reach for biscuits or crisps etc.

    Take a look at the NHS Choices website and their 12 week plan and "My Fitness Pal". These will all help you in your quest for weight loss.

    Good for you to do some additional walking, every little bit counts.

    Please join our "Weigh in" on Mondays to let us know how you are doing and for all the support you need.

    You seem very determined so know that you will do well.

    Good luck :)

  • Hi i hope this works i think my tablet is acting up I've tried sending 2 messages, thanks for getting back to me i'll keep looking at all the posts as i find them encouraging and the weigh in is a great incentive. Good luck everyone xx😁😁

  • I suspect the problems are with the site, rather than your tablet. I've been struggling too.

  • Thanks for letting me know I don't feel so stupid now I thought it might be my fibro fog lol xx 😊

  • Hi Lowcal, sorry you didn't get the loss you were hoping for. Good luck with your two pound loss this week.

    I've made an executive decision to not weigh myself this week. I'm due on today and I can retain up to 5lbs extra at this time, so I know I will see a huge gain on the scale. I don't want it to psychologically throw me off as I feel I am doing well. I had a great week. I did circuits five days. My eating had been a lot better (although could still be improved) and only had one day drinking alcohol. Seeing a huge gain might encourage me to restrict or throw me off track.

    Aim for this week is to eat completely whole foods all week, no exceptions. No junk/convenience foods at all. Going to try and ensure my protein is high to keep my iron levels up during my period. Last one wiped me out for nearly two weeks. I also want to do circuits five days. Am visiting my sister on a Saturday so that will involve alcohol and a meal out but am going to try and make good choices

  • Sounds like a really sensible plan Spader and I'm impressed by the 5 days of circuits :-O Well done !!

  • :-) Do what you need to do to stay in control. Advanced planning a good idea.

    good luck for this week and happy weigh in next week:-)

  • This all sounds really positive.

    I have been thinking about not weighing myself - maybe for a month - as I do not like feeling as though i am addicted to a box of springs telling me whether I can feel good or bad about myself.

    Keep at it - you are doing the right thing for yourself.

  • Happy Monday all. Reporting a loss of 1 pound this week, so that means I am down to 182 lbs. Hoping to dip under the thirteen stone mark by next Monday.

  • Great news Oolou - good to lose the pound and to be tipping towards the 13 stone mark.

    Good luck for next week:-)

  • Wow! 1 week in and a fantastic start - I lost 4lbs and 1 inch off my waist! Saturday was a bit of a blow-out night, but all healthy food. My daily average intake was just under 1200 calories, so happy to have some 'light days' for the sake of something yummy to look forward to once a week (chicken breast with oven roasted veg). No crisps, chocolate or alcohol as I'm going 'sober for October'. Feeling good :-)

  • Fantastic Jane!

    What a brilliant start :)

    Good luck with going sober for October.

  • Really well done and what great motivation. Good for you on the dry October and sticking to the plan :-)

    Good luck for next week.

  • Hi well this week have lost 2.5 lbs which am pleased about, following only losing 1/4 lb last week. Have broken through the below 13 stone mark, not seen that for a while and at 5ft 4 still too heavy. But will try and stay on track as have a couple of birthdays coming up.

  • Woohoo! Into the 12's, WTG you! :)

  • Celebration day - breaking those stone barriers is fantastic and you seem to have breezed through. Well done. Aim to stay well clear of going over that stone marker again.

    good luck for next week :-)

  • Hi Fab5, sorry to be late checking in. I had to take my daughter to Minor Injuries this morning for review of a wrist she sprained badly 2 weeks ago. Another X-ray, still no break found and now she is being told it may take another 6 weeks to get back to normal! Then I had to leap straight in to work.

    I am sure you will get back on track Lowcal. Try to stay off the scales - I know it's a massive temptation, but I think when we see our weight going down we relax a bit subsconsciously, our pesky minds play nasty tricks on us. Bon courage!

    Last week I weighed 17.5, this morning I'm 17.4.5. Pleased, but could do better I feel.

    Wishing everyone a lovely week. x

  • So sorry to hear about your daughter's wrist. I have heard that sprains can be trickier to heal than breaks. I hope she's not too upset about the whole thing.

    Well done for your 1/2lb :)

  • Thanks moreless. She is just fed up that it is likely to take so long to heal as she can't do her job properly and it is so painful she is not sleeping well.

  • Oh what a shame! Hasn't she been given something for the pain?

  • Nothing other than OTC paracetamol and ibuprofen. She's been using an ice pack (bag of peas) too.

  • Crumbs, that's not very good. I hope it settles down soon for her.

  • I had a hand injury for a while, not a break but as painful as (they described it as a 'soft tissue injury'). Anyway - I discovered 'co-codamol'. It's codeine and paracetamol together, and you can buy it over the counter. Not something to take for days on end as can potentially become addictive, but surprisingly effective. One dose of this and my hand stopped hurting completely. Your daughter might want to try it too, just for a bit of relief?

  • Thank you Ruth. A soft tissue injury is exactly what she has, so I will pop down to the chemist's.

  • Good luck. It has a genuine drowsy effect so maybe not best thing to take in the middle of the day. Pharmacist will probably warn against not taking it for many days in one go too, due to addictive nature of codeine. For me, it seems to be the strongest thing you can buy over the counter. Tell your daughter that soft tissue injuries are definitely slow to heal, but they do completely heal. I had a period where it was healed but not back to previous strength, but that went back to normal again too, eventually. I think it took 6 months or so though :(

  • Hey JP 62 - all weight loss counts and all those mini losses add up. So bank the loss and aim for another loss next week.

    Tsk on your daughter wrist and no quick result. (I did sprain my ankle in the summer and it took months to heal - I know older ligaments....) . They say sprains are worse. Hope she feels better soon.

    Good luck for next week:-)

  • Thanks suzybenj. I think Mondays may not be the best weigh-in day for me, as we tend to have a family Sunday dinner, but that's the day I started weighing in, so I'm not going to cheat.. ;0)

  • I am not sure if I am posting in the right bit? I am new and trying to navigate myself round this site. Finally decided to get married in 2017. We have been together for 25yrs. So I have an incentive to lose the weight that has crept on over the past few years. My starting weight of today is 13st 13lbs. My goal is 10st. Here goes then :)

  • Congratulations Maxine, what wonderful news :)

    One of the Fab 5 will be along shortly, but in the meantime, let me take this opportunity to welcome you and wish you good luck for your weight loss journey.

  • Dive in Maxine66 - no better place to start than is here on this thread. You will see all the struggles and ups and downs.

    So good luck for next week - aim for just a pound or two a week - they all add up:-)

    Good luck for weigh-in next week

  • Chin up, you are doing so well, look at all you have accomplished and don't beat yourself up at all, just keep looking forwards, I'm sure you will get there.

    Disappointment here again this week, but no great shock, I felt more swollen and bloated so I knew it was coming. In spite of sticking within calories, I am +1 1/2 pounds. Not much more to be said on that really. I think this is why I failed at losing weight in the past, it fluctuates so much with lack of sleep, painkillers and swelling that it tended to dishearten me somewhat. I missed so much sleep this week that I relented and took extra pain killers last night to try to break the cycle. I saw my son off to school and went back to bed. Shocking how much extra rest I needed, I crashed out until 2pm!!! But hey, on the plus side, I didn't need lunch today as I was up so late, I had my all bran when I got up, and then I'll be going straight into dinner in a wee while.

    Anyway, I have no intention of quitting, I will just keep plodding on, so I will see you again next Monday at the weigh in for hopefully better results. If the weather stays dry hubby and I are hoping to try my first walk in a long time tonight. Fingers crossed that it goes well!

    Congrats or commiserations to everyone depending on how things went this week, I will have a skim down the page but I'm so behind today with being up so late that it will be fleeting!

  • Hey WW - what a great post - in terms of hanging in there and accepting where you are this week - does not mean you will be there next week. I have to take pain killers at night to get a full nights sleep- which I have just had to accept.

    Enjoy your walk with himself and good luck for next week:-)

  • Hi everyone. 2lb loss again for me this week. I can't believe I'm half way through the 12 week plan (although I aim to be on it a lot longer than 12 weeks). At the end of 6 weeks I've lost a total of 17lb. Aiming for another 2 next week. Fingers crossed and good luck everyone.

  • Well Garhum - so well done on your steady and consistent progress - and it has all added up to over a stone- great news.

    What is that in terms of overall weight loss - e.g. is it 5 or 10 % of overall weight loss - these are other mimi goals to aim for.

    Good luck for 2 pounds loss next week:-)

  • It's 7.7 % so far. From 15.11 to 14.8 ( I am 5 ft 11) Will be really pleased when I get to 10%. I would love to loose another stone for Xmas. I am taking my little one to Lapland for four days and would like to look and feel healthier for then. I have also just booked Disney for next summer so I now have a long term goal of 4 stone. I just have to keep my willpower and motivation going.

  • Wow congratulations. I am halfway through the plan and I have lost 10lbs and I am ecstatic so a loss of 17lbs is absolutely great! Well done!! Carry on !!

  • Hi Lowcal and everyone, I've put quarter of a pound on this week somehow, I'm like you, I weigh myself every couple days and I was 3lb lighter on Friday and Saturday morning than I am this morning, I never over do it on weekends so not really sure why that happens, but it's a regular occurrence every week which is annoying when I see I've gained on weigh-in day, But have weighed less during the week, I also still exercise at weekends so no idea what the reason behind that is, but I'll get there eventually I hope.

  • Weekends are always troublesome - I think the calories consumed count as double - just because it is the weekend. But I do hope the general trend is downwards:-)

    Good luck for next week:-)

  • Hello, I'm once again starting my journey to beat the bulge. I'm not ready to share my weight just yet. I've done Rosemary Conley, Slimming World and I always put the weight back on. Its definitely my portion size I need to work on. I'm never going to be a Twiggy but a healthier fitter me can only be a good thing. It my 50th in 6 weeks, is 1/2 st asking too much? Time will tell. Thanks for all the support you guys have given me already.

  • Welcome Skinnyblonde. Nothing is to much - but any loss is a bonus- aim for a pound a week and anything else is great t- all the losses add up i the end. Also no pressure from us to declare your weight - do whatever is comfortable.

    Good luck for next week :-)

  • I weight 17 stone 4lbs. That is a 2lb gain last week and the week before.

    I have been back on track for two days now.

    I am back on the wagon guys!

  • Good - Getting back on the wagon is what is important. Aim for a small loss and anything else is a bonus:-)

    Good Luck for next week

  • Evening lowcal, fab5 and everyone 😃

    Sorry you've had a gain hun. I'm sure its just water retention lime you say especiay if you've eaten a lot of salty food this weekend. Good luck for next week 😃

    I was hoping for a good loss this week, I've eaten well, within calories and not one single morsel has passed my lips that I haven't logged into MFP. I'm just gonna accept it, move on and aim for a loss of of 1.5lb next Monday to get me to my first stone lost!

    Have a great week peeps

    Nic 😃

  • ....aaah - sometimes the old weight loss game just does not play fair. If I want to ensure loss - i eat a lot of unprocessed food - chopped carrot and peppers etc with a small amount of pasta. Make my body work harder for nutrients. that said I have not lost nearly a stone - so well done:-)

    Good luck for next week to claim that stone:-)

  • Record of weight loss since using calorie counting. ( includes ten days on all inclusive holiday when no weight was lost or gained). I was 228 lb in January but kept no record of my weight. I became concerned when it stopped reducing and turned to calorie counting.



    Weight loss 5.25 lb

    Methods used are calorie counting, cutting out sugar, fried food, bread and butter. Also eating what I need and not what I want. No snacking.

    Mindset: I visualize myself on a desert island with a set amount of food for one month. Should I eat it all in the first week or should I eke it out :) :) :)

  • Well done you - that is super disciplined and great visualisation. Look forward to hearing whether the months supply went in a week:-)

    Trying to do the maths since January you have lost 23 pounds.....wowee. V impressed.

    Keep at it:-)

  • Hi Lowcal, I read somewhere recently that Wednesday is to optimum day for checking your weight because there are less fluctuations in your weight. One of the reasons that was given was going out at weekends or over indulging. :-) I only weigh myself once a week as I was getting obsessed with weighing in every day and it wasn't helping me.

    Anyway last week I was 12st 12lbs and this week I am 12st 12lbs. No weight loss and over the weekend I've walked about 10 miles a day as I am dog sitting at the moment. I didn't do much exercising last week as I felt tired and like I was coming down with something. I am glad this week to not have put on anyway weight. Still feeling tired, but I am dog sitting this week, so walking about 10 miles a day at the moment, so hopefully that will help.

    Have a good week.

  • yes I do know what you mean- those binge weekends when those pounds snap back on. However, at some point there should be an overall downward trend?

    I have really tried to alter my weekend habits- trying to stick to sensible breakfast and lunch - good amount of exercise( not 10 miles tho - very impressive). That was working - the weight creeping down week by week - but out the window by three blow out weekends on the trot. - current aim to maintain - until the coast is clear.

    Enjoy your dog sitting and that racking up the miles- good luck for next week:-)

  • Just wanted to add a general comment - i love this forum.... It's great to hear about other peoples successes (and challenges) - makes it all seem a little more manageable. Also for those of us that couldn't think of anything worse than going and getting weighed in a room full of other folks, this is a great way of getting the same effect without the embarrassment..... I have to say, in those moments of temptation I have now started thinking about the Monday weigh in..... (at least some times :-)).

    Great forum, And great job to the Fab 5 and indeed all the members who make this work!

  • Hi Health_Kick_2000, & all Fabsters (people contributing to Monday's weigh-in group thread),

    I love this forum too, and I've just enjoyed reading through Monday's thread today (Wednesday) and it is such inspiring reading.

    I've taken on board many comments made by people during their contributions, and I'm also looking forward to next Monday's weigh-in - wishing us all a loss on the scales, or other positive aspect of weight loss journey success (feeling fitter, healthier, change in inches etc).

    Catch up with you, and everyone again on Monday!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Finally on! Hope you had a wonderful break. Know you'll be focused when you get back....good luck this week....I've shed my usual pound...slow and steady.

  • Hi Portlandprincess,

    Glad you made it on here eventually, and thanks for your encouraging words, they are much appreciated!

    Congratulations to you for shedding your usual pound - that is consistent and really good!

    Slow and steady is very healthy.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

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