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Binge eater !!

Ok so I've lost 10kgs yay ! But still have another 18lgs to go and I can't stop binge eating I keep going over my calories by lunch and then skipping dinner or having a small amount! My exercise is amazing I actually can't believe what I have achieved weighing in at 97kgs I am able to achieve 10k runs once a week and 5k everyday along with resistance training which I've just started and ooohhhh boy my body is in agony but every day I push my self harder and harder. The thing is when I stated my weight loss goal I was dropping kgs all over the place now I've stopped even though I run 5ks everyday

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Well done on such a good weight loss! I personally think you need to get to the bottom of why you are "binge eating". Are you feeling very very hungry at the time, or is there another reason, maybe emotional, which makes you do it?

If you are hungry, it might be that there is something missing from your diet which your body really needs, or it might be that you aren't drinking enough water, or even eating enough and your body has gone into starvation mode?

If it's emotional, can you figure out a way to work through the emotions which are causing the binge eating, or find something different to food as a substitute (not drink or drugs tho - lol!).

This is all speculation as obviously I don't know what you eat/drink etc. I hope you can manage to win the battle, good luck!


thanks for your comment i took this into account the emotional side of it and it is true and after a few days of Binge eating and having blow outs of takeaways i said to myself is this making me feel better NO its not and i put my running shoes on made and salad and im back to it i have started losing again too ! so very happy now training up for my next run thanks for your advise


Try having a good portion of breakfast. I have porridge every morning, a 40g dry weight portion. I make it with water bur add a big spoonful of total zero fat yoghurt for creaminess. Sweeten it with Splenda and add berries. This is not bad calorie wise but quite filling. I know if I'm having a busy or long day I increase the portion size.

Halfway through the morning I will have a snack of a piece of fruit or a few raw nuts.

Still feel hungry sometimes but just say no.

It's not easy at times and self discipline has to be exercised.

Really well done on your weight loss.


Self discipline is the hardest thing to master, sometimes I think I should have done some kind of martial arts or karate or something where they work on the strength of your mind as well as your physical strength.

Then and only then would I be able to walk into a restaurant and order a salad.

Yesterday I went to a place called 'Jones the grocer' and found zucchini noodles with pesto on the menu

The thoughts that went through my head were as follows:

1. Wow they have a healthy menu and I can have a low carb meal with this

2. 8 pounds for spiralized zucchini? I think not

3. But I am trying to be good and I have a lot of weight to lose

4. I only really eat out once in a while and a burger would taste so much better.

And in the end it was thought number 2 & 4 that made me get the burger and as usual the pleasure was brief and the disappointment afterwards was never ending.

So why do I still eat badly when I am so desperate to be slim - for me I think it's because I forever think it is a one off, but unfortunately it is all those one offs that have left me carrying 30kg of excess weight - so you need to think of a thought trigger when you go out - something that will help you say no.

btw I guess the reason your exercise has stopped working is because your body has adapted. You probably have to do 6km everyday now instead of 5km or change the workout.

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Hey thanks for your advice i love your comment we sound like we are going through the same thing ! I’v finally got back on the bandwagon ! and am eating healthy and not over eating and have lost 500gms since doing so ! I knew i would get back to it sometimes i get so scared ill slip back to my old ways i frighten myself back to eating well ! I have actually made a poster on my wall it says : "Dear Future Sam eating takeaways and carbs are NOT going to make you feel better eat a salad and go for a Run trust me I should know"

- and every time I look at it I remember that feeling of accomplishment that good feeling after a run.

i wish you luck for your journey ;)

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