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Cake binge


Urgh. Won a cake in a raffle last week at work. Was making my wrap and salad for lunch tomorrow and decided to have a bit of cake for lunch too. I opened the box to take out a piece but then took out two.. ate a bit whilst making the lunch.. then had another bit.. then another! Ok so they were cut into about 90g portions but that's still nearly 300g of cake. Now I just feel full. Fortunately there's not much left of the fridge one.. the remainder is in the freezer so at least I can't binge on the frozen stuff. Please tell me this is normal to binge!

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Hi justlikejack9 i would just draw a line under it and start again. I have done this several times and then feel really guilty afterwards.

It is done now and i don't think it will hardly make any difference. Good job the rest of it is in the freezer :)

allycan1 stone

yes, as black beauty says....draw a line. Tomorrow is a new day. It's done now and you can't change it but you can change the next 7days to make a difference! Good idea freezing portions! Very clever, must try that although i never win anything, ill just try not to buy a cake!😂

It was a colleague at work who suggested it. I hadn't even thought of it. And yes, a great idea to remove temptation as you have to wait for it to thaw!

No, it really isn't often. I don't, as a rule, buy cake. Instead, I make my own using lower fat and low sugar alternatives. Same for chocolate really.. I don't buy it often to avoid the temptation.


It's possibly the sugar that drives you to keep eating when you've started. If you decide to eat cake, eat it instead of other carbs along with a balanced meal, keeping to about 130g of carbohydrate per day

Great advice but I'd already had the carbs that day. Like others said, I'll put a line under it and move on. ☺️

You are stronger than me, that cake would be gone before I got it home. Of course it is normal to binge, we do it for al sorts of reasons, but lets face it, for most of us the cake just tastes so good, no amount of diet meals will tempt you away from that sweet treat. Throw the remainder in the bin or it will taunt you. Being frozen never stopped me eating it. Put it behind you and get back on track, in the big scheme of things it is not that bad, just a minor set back.

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