What have I done????

Going back to a post a short while back about the couch 25k challenge, I today have done something I might regret!

I always thought it meant you had to run 25k, My fellow fab5 ers were wondering if I was a "runner" as they all run, to which I thought they were all stark raving lunatics! NO, I am NOT a runner, I can't even run for a bus and poo hooed the idea and decided the gym was quite enough for me thank you.

However (wait for it!), I signed up with a personal trainer today, alongside my new found friend and neighbour, who also can't run for a toffee! Guess what our short term goal is? Yep, to run 5k!!!

All I can say is ruth_canal_runner, you have much to answer to lol!!!


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24 Replies

  • Yeah! Bring it on go girl👊

  • Yes and you Prin. I hold you all accountable for MY actions lol!

  • Totally grinning. Love everything about this post, the neighbour, the personal trainer, the 5k goal. No reason why you can't do it Candystripe. I was sceptical too in the beginning :)

  • Wipe that grin off your face Ruth!!! I shall be posting a daily diary complaining & moaning all the time! X

  • I look forward to it. If you look back through my posts to the beginning, you'll see I posted after every single session. Much complaining there too :)

  • Way to go Candystripe, fantastic that you have been motivated by your fellow fab5ers to try something different. Not only have you signed yourself up for a challenge that you never thought you'd do, you have also found a new friend to join you along the way. Wishing you the very best of luck, no doubt we will be kept up with your progress along the way.

  • Thank you mrsg3 for your vote of confidence. Totally out of my comfort zone but will do it. Stay tuned!

  • Hi Candystripe,

    Yet more thing to admire in you💋 I have been thinking for ages of doing the couch to 5k but never pluck the courage up to do it mmmmm think I'm thinking again It's on my iPod and today when I've walked to town and back I've passed loads of runners so it is a bit in my head.

    Go for it and if you've got a buddy well your halfway there.


  • Thank you Flossie you are so kind. Our trainer will start us off slowly as we'll do core work too within our sessions but no rush, just something else that I can eventually add and tick off on my bucket list!

    Have a good week and look after yourself X

  • Go girl, you rock ! best of luck for the 5 k and I wish you all the best. Ruth does have that influence on you doesn't she :-)

  • Thank you Trafford. Yes, Ruth's quite manipulative isn't she ha ha! Only joking Ruth....love you loads really! X

  • Woohoo!

    That's so awesome - and really great you have an exercise buddy - I reckon that can really make a difference.

    Having a PT working with you is fantastic and when I went on a residential bootcamp 4 or 5 years ago and worked with a PT a lot it helped me make huge advances in my endurance and enjoyment of exercise. Its great from a motivational perspective and also make sure that you get as much education as possible from them so you become you're own best coach :)

    I am off to the gym this morning as well for my first consult - must be in the air.

    And yes - that bloody Ruth woman - she has much to answer for! ;)

  • That's fantastic! I am no runner either more of a swimmer 😀 Good luck with you C25K

    Nic 😃

  • Thank you nickynoo. Definitely really happy to give it a go and have a laugh along the way! Have a good week.

  • Brilliant fantastic way to beat winter. Lucky you two. 👯

  • It certainly was an idea, but don't know about a good one ha ha! Thank you for your vote of confidence though!

    Have a good weekend.

  • You'll love it Candystripe! It's completely addictive though, so watch out - you'll be buying lycra and running watches soon!

    Good luck, and enjoy!

  • Hi Candystripe! You'll love it! When I started the 12 week plan (April) I hadn't run for years. I started exercise in my late 20s, got keen then life got in the way. Just the challenge seemed to get me there and now its just something I do. No stress, no big deal. its just something nice to do. I'm frankly, really surprised at my experience and I suspect you will be too!

    One suggestion - don't skimp on the trainers. I got a pair from the local running shop who did a gait analysis and sorted me out with a pair that really work for me.

    Enjoy :-) Big Smiles Big Miles!

  • Not sure about enjoying it but a different challenge is always interesting. I shall do my best but enjoy it I am not so sure!

  • Wow, how fab! I'm nearly there on the mindset, so will be following your progress....

  • Good for you Candystripe, I bet you'll smash it! :)

    I've never been able to run, I couldn't even manage the 100 yds (as it was then) when I was a kid at school. I've only just managed to walk 5k.

    My hat off to you in respect and best of luck.

  • Thank you for that moreless. I will give it my best. Hope you're having a good week. :)

  • I'm having a much better week now that I can use the site again:)

  • That's good news. Frustrating when it all goes wrong but welcome back :)

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