So after months of being told I need to eat wheat so show if I am coeliac, I have now officially been diagnosed with it - so no more wheat! Hopefully this will encourage me to lay off the unhealthy food and go for more fresh fruit and veggies! Lost 2 lbs this week so heading in the right direction.

Any other coeliac sufferers out there? How do you find loosing weight whilst being gluten free? Any advice?


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9 Replies

  • Hi be....can't help with the celiac but well done you on your two pound shedding!

  • My daughter has gluten intolerance; not sufficient to be diagnosed coeliac.

    Rather than advice, I would say that low Gi, low fructose whole-foods are preferable than to start eating from the gluten-free aisle.

  • yeah my mum and sister are both coeliac as well as they were telling me about how some of the GF foods are really high in sugar and salt to give it extra flavour so i'm going to try and stay clear of them

  • Well done on the 2lb weight loss!

  • Hi, I'm on a dairy free, wheat free diet due to instructions from the doc. It's not the same as coeliac because I can still have things like barley and don't have to be as strict about the type of oats I buy. But my tip would be to look at making different types of meals, rather than just trying to make gluten free versions of what you used to have. I've tried gluten free bread, pasta etc and though they can be good to fall back on for some people, I've decided they're not things I really want to become reliant on. Instead I've replaced bread with oatcakes, homemade oatflour pancakes (buckwheat apparently works well too) and potato cakes (just mashed potato shaped into a cake and fried on both sides using 'frylight' - great with a fried/poached egg on top). I replace pasta with rice, quinoa, polenta or potatoes. Sweet potatoes are great too. But if you start looking at cuisines which aren't so bread based, e.g. asian, indian etc, you soon find lots of great recipes that don't go anywhere near gluten-filled foods. Basically, it's time to start getting creative :)

  • thank you so much for the advice ruth :) will definitely give the alternate cuisines a go :D x

  • In answer to losing weight, I feel like it was almost easier being wheat free, as when I was in social situations I could more easily say no to cake etc. If you just really plan what you're having and set up strategies for avoiding temptations, you should be okay. Good luck :)

  • I've also found old-school veggie books are good, (as in 1970s/80s) as they were really experimenting with alternative grains then, which have higher protein content than wheat, as well as beans/pulses etc too. I'm really into my Sarah Brown 'Vegetarian Cookbook' at the moment. There are good salad recipes etc.

  • Hi be,

    Well done on loosing.

    I was newly diagnosed coeliac in July. I'd gained 2 stone without any major changes so off I went to drs. After being told cut down etc finally go tested and diagnosed.

    This is only my thinking but we should loose weight cutting out wheat? Definately be careful around GF food as high in cals but if factor in now and again rather than staple we should be ok.

    I find the bloating and fluid retention put on weight.

    Be kind to yourself. Takes 4-6 months for the gut to recover, I was told by dietician.

    There's also a group on here gluten free guerrillas that may be helpful.

    Good luck you sound to be making progress

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