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Update on my First week on the NHS 12 week plan

Hello all,

I've been on the NHS plan for one week now. I've enjoyed getting back into healthy eating and have been spending more time planning and preparing meals to ensure I always have something healthy to eat. I have been using the Spark People app and the online NHS calorie counter to check the calorific content of what I am eating and my digital kitchen scales are coming in very handy.

My weight this morning was 77.4kg, a slight decrease since last week's weight (77.7kg). I am very much looking forward to getting back into my routine of walking the dogs every day. Here in the Near East, we're experiencing the hottest and most humid summer in many years so exercising outside safely has not been possible. (There was even a gov't ban on working outdoors last month as it was that hot!) It has been difficult for me because walking 45 minutes to an hour each day is a big part of how I stay mentally and physically well.

So instead of walking, I've been doing some yoga, starting with a few 'sun salutations' in the morning. I like Rodney Yee's routines on YouTube and I have one of his DVDs. It is a pleasant way to start the day and has helped me get back in tune with my body and accept where I am right now.

I've had a few challenging days. Last year I reduced my weight to 67 kilos and bought some new clothes for my slimmer body and while some still fit, most are too tight to be comfortable. I tell myself it will be fine and in a matter of months I will be able to wear them again but I still get quite down sometimes.

Today's been a good day though and I am feeling quite hopeful. Many thanks for welcoming to this forum. Your comments and 'likes' have been a great help. Best wishes to you all on your journey to better health X

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Hi, I think I'll have a look at the yoga vid...thank you for the post😄

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Hi AvidSketcher

That yoga video sounds lovely - the sun salutations sounds very chilled and relaxing :-) It's a shame if you've not been able to walk outside - makes me appreciate being in the UK where at least there's not a health warning about the weather - however much it rains ! I hope you're able to get into those clothes soon - sounds like you are heading in the right direction ! I am the same, I have a few tops that I'm a few pounds away from wearing again, and looking forward to it :-)

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