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First week yeeeek


Hi , just joined as like so many of you ,

I'm looking to do the 30min a day walk along with healthy eating , my main thing needs to be exercise as my diet isn't to bad it just I more or less went from walking 1.5 mile 5days to nothing due to now working from home so in 3yrs I've piled weight on , health issues have developed so need to shift the weight to clear these up ,

Good luck everyone hope to give and receive encouragement where possible .

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Hi and welcome walkrun :)

If you're needing some motivation for exercising, how about joining us on our Around the World challenge?

A large group of us are walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing etc to accumulate 501Kms/day, in order to reach the total number of kms required to take us around the world in 80 days. You can join here

Welcome and Good Luck. I have no doubt you'll manage your goal...keep us updated!

walkrun2016 in reply to Stephb

Thank you I will do ,

Hi walkrun2016 and welcome to the forum. Walking is a great way to kick start your weight loss as well as making healthy food choices. I began over a year ago walking 30 mins every day in the first week and it got me off to a very good start.

Wishing you a very successful journey in 2016 you can do it!

Thank you for the encouragement yes I'm doing the 30min walk a day, difficult at mo ,but I know it will get easyier , Just brought a step counter too as need to be much more active , I work from home now so over last 3yrs have piled weight on , so walk walk walk for me now .

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