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I'm really struggling to loose weight

Hi, I excersise regularly.. But I'm really struggling to loose weight. I'm vegetarian and struggle to find a healthy option like chicken and my portions are always too big. I have under active thyroid as well and can't seem to find the motivation to do it. My good points are that inexcersise regulary and really put effort into that. But my food in take out weighs this. Any advice you can give me to help would be great. Thank you xxx

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Hi, I have the same (ish)goal as you. It seams daunting at times so, I'm breaking my goals into half stone milestone.....so I' expecting to hit the first half stone tomorrow....my treat for doing this will be a facial. yeah! If I don't do it this week, it will have to happen next week....I like facials!


There are some things that help me. Drink water before you eat.

Get a smaller plate to help portion control.

Make sure you eat enough protein as it suppresses appetite. ( vegetarians sometimes don't include enough protein)

Cut down carbs and up non starchy veggies.

I have cut out processed sugars too and increased exercise

Hope this helps


Hiya, I don't eat meat either. There are lots of healthy options for vegetarians but better if you cook from scratch instead of takeaways. I don't know if you like quorn and some of the prepackaged quorn meals can be more calorific, but the plain pieces, mince and strips can be cooked with almost any homemade sauce which is a good way to incorporate lots of vegetables . Eggs are amazingly filling and nutritious and also cheese as long as you watch portion size.

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Hi there.

It's seems tlike really you already know your reasons for gaining weight, ie eating too much food. That is really all there is too it, if your exercising but eating more calories a day than what you burn off you will still gain weight. Have you looked at the 12 week NHS weight loss plan? It recommends 1400 calories a day and gives you all the information on how to do this.. All for free!

I too am vegetarian and I don't eat fish either, sometimes food choices can be limited!

As others have mentioned, quorn is an excellent source of protein for us along with eggs, and if you like stir fries tofu/beancurd is also great.

I would say one thing that has helped me lose the weight is planning your meals in advance, so you are less likely to sidetrack, even when eating out I check out the menu online before hand so I know what healthier options to pick.

Basically it's everything in moderation,I still have chocolate and crisp.. But not as much, and instead of ordering myself a portion of fries, I'll just steal a couple off my friends plate if I feel like it.

Hope this helps and good luck


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