Losing hope

Was 11-3 now shot up to 11-8 what is going on, have g son staying for holidays so blaming him, he's only 10. Can't exercise due to knee replacement then blood clot on lung as a result of surgery, had got down to 10-5 before surgery as pain and morphine killed my appetite, now it seems it's back with a vengeance, hoping for a cruise in October so must lose weight.


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  • Hi Dody18,

    So sorry to hear you had a blood clot on your lung following the surgery to replace your knee - that must have been really stressful. Well done for getting down to 10 stone 5 pounds before your surgery. I know you've put on some weight since, but it must be really hard to cope having been through so much, and trying to recuperate post surgery. I think lots of people find the Summer holidays challenging too - not an easy time.

    I know you lost the weight before, and you said it was due to the pain and morphine killing your appetite. Have you seen the NHS 12 week structured plan? You could have a read and consider if it might be something that you'd fancy trying. The advice would help you to make some changes to your eating habits that could help you to focus and work towards your goals to be slimmer for your potential Cruise in October. You've got quite a few weeks to go before then, so there's time to make some changes.

    The 12 week plan is easy to find, you just click on the icon above that says 'Weight Loss NHS' and you can then find the link to the 12 week plan.

    Hope you have a good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi again,

    I've just copied and pasted the link, so you can find it easily, if you want to take a look at the NHS 12 week plan:


    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • You can do this even if exercise is difficult just by really examining your diet, portion control, the absent minded snacking between meals. I imagine you're preparing lovely treats for your grandson, but be careful what you have yourself. Perhaps have healthier options on hand for yourself while he's having any cakes, biscuits etc. Also, maybe he would like to join you in some healthier fruit pieces from time to time too. You could introduce a few pieces of salad onto his plate while putting a larger amount on yours as well.

    I realise the blood clot does really limit what exercise you can do, but have you spoken to your doctor about this? Maybe something like light swimming or walking short distances would still be okay. It would be good to work on your activity levels before the cruise as well as to lose a few of those extra lbs.

    Lots of luck :)

  • Well done for getting over your health problems so far. Hopefully if you do gentle exercises your knee will start to improve.

    Are you on steroids as these have made me ravenous and put on weight in the past.

    Be kind to yourself and start to look at small changes you can make to start the process and I'm sure in October you will be slimmer.

    Good luck for the coming week.

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