Back on track

I didn't have a good day yesterday. My osteoarthritis was playing me up, I ached everywhere and hadn't slept well. I did some exercise to try and ease the symptoms but did exceed my target calories but having some comfort food, shepherds pie.

Today was better, just the fingers really. I didn' especially feel like going to Zumba but it was all paid for and I knew I'd be charged if I didn't turn up, so that was a motivator. In the event, the teacher had not turned up so we had a cover teacher who did a full body condition session instead which was ok. I also went to fit step, a class that uses steps from ballroom and Latin dances. Shame I won' be able to continue that once I go back to work. Thoroughly recommend it.

If you feel too shy to go to exercise classes, just take a deep breath and go for it! Guaranteed endorphins for a feel-good factor 😃


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9 Replies

  • Weight watchers do a cottage pie which tastes quite nice and it is only 300 calories. I would recommend this instead of the usual shepherds pie as it has a lot less calories.

  • It sounds like you have done fantastic today. wow I wish I could manage that level of exercise, unfortunately I'm fibromyalgia tough today. But try for a good walk tomorrow.

    A healthy shepherd pie can be made with carrot and swede mash for the topping it's really delicious and use mince that is less than 5% fat with loads of veg in it really scrummy.

  • Thanks both, I did know. It's just that I was cooking for the family, as you do, and fell back on a recipe I can do without thinking, because that's what I needed to do that day. When my osteo is bad I can barely think. I guess fibromyalgia is similar?

    I like the idea of carrot and swede mash, will do that next time.

  • I think it is very similar.

    I'm trying to bulk cook when I feel good then I've always got something to eat without breaking the calorie bank.

    Another nice thing I've discovered is courgette spaghetti fabulous and takes minutes to make and virtually cal free.

  • hi their carlee13 i know how you feel i've got osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and spin, its the worst of all my disabilities i wish i could get rid of plus having three disc out and my sciatic nerve is trapped you do know what pain is. i wish i could say something to easy your pain but i can't it's something we just have to put up with take care kind regards bigalan

  • Gosh Alan, your pain is much worse than mine. I'm so blessed that I don't get sciatica. Have you found exercise you can do that helps, given your disabilities?

    My dad had rheumatoid arthritis most of his life and it destroyed him over the years so I'm mindful of doing what I can to relieve my own symptoms.

    Wishing you well in your struggle and I'll say a prayer for you today.


  • hi Carolee13 yes that's what ive got to put up but that not all i suffer from if i told you the rest you would wondering how i'm still living and at 48 years old can't wait to see if i reach 60 years of age but many thanks for your reply it nice when someone takes an interest in you take care king regards bigalanx

  • Just had a quick read through your other posts.

    Its inspiring to see someone actually enjoying their exercise.

    You've got this :)

  • You know what Dave, you've just caught me at a good time in my life, is all. I got my diagnosis a few months ago so know what I need to do, I've not long been on a walking holiday with my hubbie, and I've found classes I enjoy. I've never been good at sports (clumsy) and can't stand running but I like being told what to do and do it alongside others.

    Thanks for the encouragement.


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