New member, wish me luck!!!!!!

Hi all, good to be here. I have reached a point where enough is enough. I got married last November and got down to 12 st 9 lbs from 13 st 7 lbs. The difference in my health and confidence was incredible. However, now I have slipped back into old habits and am now 14 st 3 lbs!!! Starting to eat healthy and introduce exercise and cut out the wine!

Wish me luck.


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  • Hi there. Like you, I'm starting out on the weight loss journey. My plan is to get from 14st 7lbs to 12st 7lbs. All the best with your efforts.

  • Ah brill, we seem to be similar with weight and goals, I wrote in my diary this morning that I would be over the moon to get to 12st 9lbs. Ideal weight would be 11 st or a little under but got to set a shorter goal 1st cos that just seems too far away. Good luck Hun.


  • Good luck on your journey. You have successfully lost weight in the past so you know how to so that is a great starting point. It's those dreadful old habits that creep back into our lives that get us back to the starting point...darn them old habits LOL.

    You can do this Lovemyhubby :-)

    Keep posting as this will also help you on your journey

  • Thanks for the reply. I already feel encouraged by the lovely replies. Still getting use to the site. How long have you been on this journey? Yep, old habits are bad bad things!!! X

  • I've been on this journey for 29 weeks now and lost 61 lbs. I love this site and you will find your way round soon enough. This community is great full of support and encouragement along the way :-)

  • Wow, amazing weight loss, well done you. X

  • Well done.. how did you do it :()

  • Hi kaylin, I now have set meal times and snack times. I have changed to wholemeal and whole grains. Portion control all meals and exercise about 400 mins per week if not more. The exercise includes walking, jogging, skating, skateboarding, rowing, gym and cycling. I am more active now than I have ever been in my entire life and I am just loving it. I have a treadmill at home so when I don't feel like going out I will just use this. To start with all I did was walk because I couldn't do much else and gradually I began to jog. It was so hard but perseverance is what got me here today and I am fitter than ever too.

    I believed in myself and my ability to make a positive change in my life, with each week I grew stronger and committed to my journey. Being on this forum and posting my journey has been very helpful and it is something to look forward to doing at the end of each week.

    Be paitient with yourself.

    Believe you can do it and just know that anything is possible you just have to want it bad enough.

    We all possess the strength, it's our minds that we have to get in the right place and tell yourself that you can, I want and I will make a change. I tell myself this everyday and never forget where I came from.

    Good luck on your journey

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi, me too. We've the same starting numbers and though I've lost a bit in the past I've always come back to this number. So with some massive encouragement from my hubby I've decided to not accept that this is how I'm supposed to be anymore and get off my butt and do something about it. Not comfortable and very self conscious. Nice to know I've somewhere to go to talk to others on the same journey. :-)

  • Hi hunny, thanks for the reply. I did a walk this morning, up my road which is quite steep. By the time I got to the top my chest was tight and I was so out of breath. In the past this hill just made me a little out of breath. I timed myself cos I then went back down the hill past my house and down to the bottom then back up which is not as steep. I will do this walk every day to see how my fitness improves. I too am not comfortable and very self conscious, no clothes fit so I am wearing baggy tops and jog pants! Bought loads of lovely clothes at the time of my wedding and felt brill. Want to be there again. Your hubby sounds great. X

  • You've inspired me. I'm a desk jockey 8 till 4 five days a week :-( But I'm off for a lunchtime walk even though its raining a bit. Got to stop with the excuses if I'm going to be successful!!

  • Thank you hunny. My friend is also trying to lose weight and like you she works 8-4. I suggested that on her way home she park the car about 15 mins walk from her house so she gets a 30 min walk every day but she can't cos has to get home for her dog. If will suggest lunchtime walk. Before my wedding I started to swim as much as possible. I am a strong swimmer doing breast stroke. I tried 1 length crawl and couldn't breath! I continued swimming adding in crawl and 6 weeks later I found breast stroke too easy and was doing none stop crawl for 30 - 40 mins so I know health can be improved in time. Good luck with your walk, every 10 steps is a calorie burnt!!!!! X

  • Hello Lovemyhubby

    I am just starting week 2 and my goal this week is to increase my exercise levels. You have already made a start with walking up the hill and challenging yourself to improve the time taken. You will find an awful lot of support from the members on this forum, just reading the posts helped me through week one. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the message Hun. Yes this site is good. I feel very encouraged. Good luck with your 2 nd week. X

  • Hi Lovemyhubby,

    Hope you enjoy your journey, you will find loads to inspire you.

    Have a good week


  • I have lost weight during the past year. I have always been too heavy I have gone down from 13st 3lbs to 11st 4lbs. Mainly I have cut out rubbish in my diet, no chips, crisps, biscuits, sweets etc. I also try and make sure everything I eat has goodness in it. I have been inspired by the Sugar Free Farm programme on ITV - zero sugar

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