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Stuck due to joints

Help! I started well despite having to take steroids for Lupus and after working hard counting calories, joining the gym and doing yoga weekly I lost 14 pounds (took four months). Unfortunately exercising made my lupus flare up and both my wrists and one ankle are so sore they feel broken. I can't even push a door and switching a light on is painful. I have had to give up on the gym and yoga and now my calorie counting isn't making any difference and I'm stuck. I can't go lower as it makes me feel unwell (doing about 1400 a day. I am guessing there will be no answers for this but if anyone has managed it on steroids and with joint issues please help as I have another stone to lose and need to for health

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Not wanting to teach you to suck eggs Bluerider, I'm clarifying that you understand that steroids are related to corticosteroids and so have some of the effects of the stress hormones. That means it's a matter of damage limitation.

Give yourself a pat on the back for what you've achieved so far. Going forward you could minimise your fructose intake foodintolerances.org/fructo... , avoid high glycaemic foods glycemicindex.com, and avoid yoghurt or beans for example mendosa.com/insulin_index.htm to get your insulin/IGF-1 (hormones) levels down.

Good luck!


Thank you I will have a good read of the links. That was really nice for you to take the time to look into it for me :)


I have arthritis in my knees, hips and ankles.... I have found swimming...bike rides are ok to do i also walk on the treadmill unless im having a bad day painwise.....i also bought a pilates gym which i try for 10 mins a day xxx


Thank you Yvonne I will try the pilates gym. I struggle with the bike but swimming may be good too xx


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