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two steps forward.....and back again!

Hi All,

This is my first ever post but have been reading posts on here for a few weeks and find them helpful. I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone has some motivational advice - I'll keep it short! :)

At the beginning of June I had an epiphany (so I thought) and for 4 weeks I ate well, drank less wine!, started exercising again after a year off and felt amazing! I have a stone and half to lose which I know doesn't sound too bad but I am in the overweight bracket and it's that last bit of stubborn weight that has been sitting around for years (11 to be precise) over the years I have stayed the same weight but now I want it gone! However, I cannot get beyond 6lbs off and it's amazing how easy it is to put that back on after one bad week - so 4 good weeks and then one bad week and it's all back on! then I have to start again! Am I to never have a bad weekend or a holiday again!?

As it stands, after a bad week this week I am back to where I started at the beginning of June and thinking if I do another 4 weeks it will then be my holiday and yet again I'll be back to where I started again!!! Maybe this is why I never change in weight!!! What do I do!!??

Fed up and feel those 4 weeks of all that good work was almost pointless! Sorry for the negative post, I really don't want to give up but not sure what I can do to make a difference....


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Any changes you make need to be enjoyable, so you want to keep them.

When I'm on holiday I love to try all the local fayre, but high-fructose and insulin-spiking foods are still off the menu; it's not a treat if it harms our health.


There was a stall at Glastonbury that would have amused you! It specialised in old fashioned but supersized sweets - we're talking metre long liquorice twists etc - with a big sign saying 'vegetarian friendly'. Like as if that would make them healthy and okay to have! I never saw anyone actually buying them though so I don't think it worked. Sign of the times maybe?


I've also been stubbornly stuck in that overweight bracket for a while, and now at 11st6 am 1 stone away from having a 'normal' bmi. It's slow and I don't lose weight every week but im getting there. I completely understand your frustration at feeling like things keep coming up that stop you having a straight run at trying to lose weight. So, 2 suggestions:

1. You could do what I did ( and many others on here have done too) and see your holiday as part of the 12 weeks weight loss plan. Perhaps, like me, you don't want to actually log food /count calories on holiday, so you might take it as a week out. Others find it useful to stick to logging but with a realistic expectation not to lose weight when they step on the scales after the hol, or perhaps put a little on but not too much.

2. You could look ahead in the calendar for a clean 12 weeks and plan to start for sure then, when you can really focus. I kind of did this too. I originally did the couch to 5k programme, which really helped my self confidence and waistline but didn't really make me lose weight. Then, when I felt ready, I started the 12 week weight loss plan. I planned ahead, printed out all the pdfs, and made sure I was well stocked with healthy food options (and cleared out/hid unhealthy ones!)

Hope that helps you think through your dilemma! And good luck whatever you decide to do :)


Thank you for your post Ruth, it was very helpful to read. It's nice to know I'm not alone and your options are a good idea, I will endeavour to do both! I will get back to it now and plan on making good choices over the summer and on holiday - I do have a habit of falling off the wagon once and give up completely but I mustn't do that this time! but also know that if things don't go quite to plan that I will do the 12 week plan after the holiday when I have nothing standing in the way! :)

Thank you

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It's easy to lose perspective after the first thing goes wrong. I find that knowing lots of other people are doing the same thing helps me get back on track again pretty quickly. I think doing the 12 week plan after your holiday is a good plan. Good luck keeping your focus until then :)

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