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How long until I notice on the scales the weight loss I have already noticed on my body


I am 50 and 2 and a half stone overweight. I have skinny legs (really skinny), skinny arms and my face etc. is very trim. I am an apple in the middle and although I had a health check where they told me I had very low visceral fat I know this is luck and not life style. My tummy is enormous and really gets me down so I have made lots of lifestyle changes since turning 50 in March to try and get rid of some of it.

Anyway, for the last 6 weeks, I have walked to and from work (8 miles in total) every day. I log everything I eat on myfitnesspal, trying to keep under 1400 calories. My clothes are feeling looser and I had lost 7 pounds but today I have regained 3 pounds and I know I don't deserve to have gained anything. Any advice you can give appreciated

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It will probably just be a temporary gain as our body weight can fluctuate from day to day or even during the day due to water retention, hormones etc. You may also have gained some muscle which weighs more. If you haven't been eating more or differently then it is very likely that within a day or 2 your weight will be lower again :-)

Well done on the walking, 8 miles everyday is great. I agree with Mags about the gain, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Have you considered taking up running? I followed the couch to 5k scheme and everyone who does it seems to lose inches on the waist. They have a good forum on here too.

Sadly I am unable to run as I have been told to avoid high impact exercise by the consultant due to a titanium bar in my leg after I broke both my tibia and fibia 10 years ago. They said they would remove the bar but left it so long that it would have been a major operation like when they put it in with all the same risks! (I was in hospital for 2 weeks following a 4 hour operation) off work for 12 weeks and lived on painkillers for nearly a year. Its Settled and not painful anymore but the Consultant said, unless I was a PE teacher or into active sports it was best to leave the bar in place. I have had one of the screws holding it in place removed as it started to come through my knee and I don't relish any more surgery.

Walking fast is something I am trying to do, I walk at about 4mph at the moment but really want to get into speed walking as I feel that would be less harmful to me than running.

Thanks for your support. I brushed my arms down my sides this morning when getting dressed and can detect the start of a waist so I have a smile on my face :) I will have to have excess skin removed eventually but I am hoping to get as near to target as possible before going down that route (as I say I am not a fan of surgery but this is something I have promised myself)

Have a good day all


It makes sense not to run in your case then. There is room for other non impactful types of exercise though, perhaps cycling, swimming, Pilates? If you want to really up the waking, some people walk with weights and things to make it more of a workout. Glad to hear you're seeing the difference. Hopefully if you combine exercise with your weight loss you wont be left with extra skin? Lots of luck and keep us posted :)

Thanks Ruth, I lost weight in my 30s via a VLCD, I got into a size 8 from a size 24 (again only my middle was fat) and I was left with a lot of skin, I got addicted to dieting and went lower and lower trying to shift the excess skin, but stopped when people said I looked unwell (some even thought I had cancer as the loss was so dramatic) I know the only way to rid myself of the skin is surgery as if I couldn't do it through exercise and diet last time in my 30's I think 20 years on I will have even less luck :)



Have you eaten foods that high in salt content? I tend to gain if I do that.

Also has the climate changed where you are? this can also impact.

I am on fitness pal if you want to add me: tinkerbell1310

Keep at it and good luck


i am using the fitness pal - it is really good to log all your food.

maybe your extra llbs are due to water retention

resistance training, weights etc to build muscle is good to help burn fat. I am trying to do this at the moment when I have the energy! try water aerobics too because that is resistance.

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