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Hi all, myself and my 2 year old are going to legoland on Monday, and I was wondering if anyone had any healthy picnic ideas? We're staying in a travel lodge too over night, there is a Toby carvery next to

It, so that's dinner sorted, but during the day at legoland, I'm stumped for healthy picnic ideas for us both, I can just think of yummy pastries and baguttes and crisps and all things yummy

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You could always take a mezze style lunch- small.portions of cheese, tomatoes, olives, chicken etc, or make wraps with salady type ingredients. I'm a nursery teacher and I know the children love making wraps with grated carrot, cheese and raisins and then we cut the wraps into slices so they look like little pin wheels which your two year old might find easier to eat., and I would definitely take some berries of some sort or some cold grapes, or chunks of melon.hope you have a fab time.


Great ideas linggirl, I hope they appeal to you Katie and that your little one will enjoy them as well.

Have a lovely time at Legoland.


Thank you for replies

, they all sound lovely, thank you for the yummy ideas xx


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