Feeling low

Having a few health problems doesn't help but I have a very unhealthy relationship with food compared to what I used to. I used to love salads and baked potatoes and having five a day was no problem to me, it was a way of life. Now, maybe I've got lazy but I choose the unhealthiest food and have four stones to lose. I'm going on a luxury holiday in October and found myself crying a lot today as I can't bear the thought of going when I'm this size. Sorry for my rant just looking for a wee bit of support to kick me up the backside and get me motivated


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8 Replies

  • Hi Noahsmum. You obviously enjoy healthy food so you need to rekindle that love. You have time to shift a bit of weight before your holiday, I bet you would feel fab if you could lose a stone. I have a lot to lose and losing just 1 stone has made a difference.

    Start by making simple changes you can maintain long term as that is the easiest way to ease yourself into it.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I can totally empathise. I have 2 stones to lose just now (and I'm very short so that's a lot for me). I also love healthy food and I understand what healthy eating is but over the years I've had long patches where I've lapsed into poor behaviour and gained an unhealthy amount of weight. A sort of vicious cycle thing usually starting when I feel down or overwhelmed and maybe I don't have the time or the inclination to exercise pro-actively and I start eating badly (sugar with everything in my case) and the bad food makes you crave more and so you eat too much and before you know it you're popping buttons on all your big clothes :-( . For some time I've been really stressed out at work and one of the upshots is I've put on weight - 3/4 stone from new year to Easter alone (I didn't really measure it before then).

    When this happens, as it seems to every couple of years, depending what life throws at me, I always have in the back of my mind that I can turn it around again but breaking the cycle often takes several failed attempts. I need to make time to think about it positively and get to the right place emotionally in order to succeed.

    Assuming that I manage to regain a healthy weight again this time - in a healthy fashion - (feeling optimistic), I'm not very confident that it won't happen again. If/when I feel in danger in future, perhaps it's emotional therapy I should be going for to nip it in the bud....

    Sorry my reply is rather long but it's useful to reflect.

    Noahsmum - hopefully, as you're on here, this is your time to turn things around. All the best and enjoy your holiday!

  • Rant away! We all need to vent sometimes and here you will find support and motivation. Health issues dont make things easy but it is still doable you just need to take it one day at a time and make small changes that you can sustain long term. Have you tried the 12 week plan ? Download it its really helpful and can be fit around any lifestyle. Having a goal to aim towards can help to motivate you. All the best

  • I am with you on this. It's about fear of failure... The more you imagine going on that holiday with extra weight, the more afraid you become. I have the same issue and I. Think your post has helped me a lot. I too would like to lose the same amount in that timeframe. Is there a way we could buddy up. Don't know how it works.

    Anyway the important thing for both of us is to remember our initial excitement. Break the goal down for next 7 days instead of 5 months.

    What do you think?

  • Sounds like a good idea for you both to buddy up as your goals are similar. You can message each other privately rather than post to the whole group. Good luck to you both :-)

  • Yeah that would be great! Not sure how to email privately but yeah I'm up for buddying up if you are. Today is a brand new day! X

  • Hello Noahsmum, well if you're going to rant this is the place to do it! We all have a problem with weight that we're working hard to deal with so we understand how you are feeling and can empathise. I'm a big fan of the NHS 12 week plan it may be worth a look if you haven't already done so. You have a major goal to aim for so that will help you focus and I have no doubt the people on this site will give you all the support and inspiration you need. Good Luck.

  • Hi jenever , I'm kinda following the 12 week plan but not got to grips with calorie counting yet. I'm so glad I joined this forum, still feeling a bit low today but have focused on my diet today and well it's only one day but have stuck to three healthy meals and fruit as snacks and I've had my five a day so quite pleased. Thanks for your supportive post. I really needed that x

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