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Another 700g gone!

Hi all, so I lost 100g last last week, didn't get time to post!, and then another 600 this week. So that takes me to 61.1kg, I had really hoped to be just under the 61.00kg but still a good result.

However yesterday I had fish and chips and then a Cadbury's creme egg, ( I enjoy fine dining!) for an Easter treat, so will need to be very good to offset that impact. I really enjoyed it so that's ok.

Goal weight is 57kg.

Have a great week everyone.

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👏👏well done, keep up the good work 👍🌻


Hi Size12goal,

Congratulations on losing that weight - really good. Your 'fine dining experience' sounds really good! I'd definitely enjoy that kind of meal. Glad you enjoyed it.

Good luck with your goal for this week.

Lowcal :-)


Well done, slow and steady wins the race as they say. Good luck for the week ahead


You are doing great!!! You are very close to your target weight now, have a great week!


Thanks. Good luck for your 'sequel', you have done it once, you can do it again!!!! Will watching your progress. :)


Hi, my goal weight is 60.3kg (9 1/2 stone) and I am currently at 64.0kg. So we both have 4 kilos to go. I will watch your progress with interest and hopefully that will motivate me some more! Good luck.


Thanks, and the same to you. Do you have a date in set for that/ I am aiming for 30th April.....


No not really, I'm just happy if the numbers keep going down! Am going to Italy for a couple of days on 15 May so I guess it would be nice to behave achieved it by then.


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