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Overeating 'problem' or 'disorder' ?

When do you know if you have an eating problem or disorder, apparently they are different ? And if you think you do, what do you do about it ?

The number of times over the years I've lost weight and put it on, leads me to believe that I don't have a 'normal' relationship with food, now yes, eating healthily and a 2 mile walk nearly every day are going okay ( struggling but hanging on in there) but I do reluctantly have to confess I can feel there's more too it than that for me, it feels like I'm marking time till the next time I succomb to a binge. If any sort of therapy would help, where does one start finding a good therapist with a proven track record? Maybe I wasn't always like this, but it's little wonder as I started dieting when i was 15 and I'm now 49, that's an awful long time of an unhealthy attitiude to body, food & self ........ I feel there's more to breaking the cycle than 'sticking to the plan' , it's sort of in my head if you know what I mean ! Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?

Best wishes to all my pals & new people starting !

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There all sorts of help available the nhs offer a free eat4health group meet once a week and it teaches you about nutrition and exercise in supportive group environment. Also talking therapies are great they helped me with my anxiety and low self esteem, but they can help with all sorts. Its cbt which basically helps to retrain your brain to see things differently. Google it or ask your gp for a referral. Hope you find what your looking for. Stay strong hun you have done well so far, its hard but worth you when you start seeing the benefits




Hi how do you find out about attending an eat4health meeting? I'm doing a low calorie diet on my own and have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks but would love to have the support of a meeting for when I start struggling. I've a long way to go yet as my starting weight was 19st 3 :(


Hey well done on your loss so far. Thats great. I googled it and found the website that way. Can sign up online. Hope it helps. I started at 18st 13lbs so know how daunting it can be, im now 3 and a half stone down so there is hope


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