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Not a good week

Well I've been a bit of a disaster this week. All went well until I went back to work on night shift. I went way, way over my calorie allowance & haven't exercised one bit. I'm debating going back to weight watchers as I do really well when I have a class to go to. But then I think i should be able to do it myself, just can't get the motivation

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Sleeping well helps weight loss. Do you eat because you're bored during your night shift or because you are tired during the day and feel hungry? If it's the first case, pack healthy snacks in your bag and avoid carbs. In the second case, sleep more hours, exercise a bit first thing after waking up (it will energise you), avoid carbs and eat protein. Knowing in advance that you need to be extra careful the weeks when you're on night shift and planning your food and exercise for that week will help you. Today is a new day, good luck!


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