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Bah - not a good week (weight wise)

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Pooh, put 1.1 kg back on this week. I knew it was going to be bad, guzzled the last of the Christmas goodies and gave in to some unusual cravings for chocolate ( and not in small quantities). Also couldn't get my usual Friday fast in as I was out with my department last night and we had a four-course set meal (paid for by the company). Now I can't resist yummy freebies which are placed right in front of my nose. And I never could leave anything on my plate. But I was good on the alcohol, just one glass of red wine and a sip of white (to see what it was like, as it was supposed to be good). Also on the positive front I've done a lot of walking and even a bit of running. Lizzy's round the world challenge is definitely making me do some crazy things to keep on track. But I think I'll post them separately. Out again tonight and this time with friends, might not be so good with the booze. But hey, you've got to live. 😈😎

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Oh well, give yourself a slap on the wrist and move on. At least you know what you were doing that stopped you losing weight, enjoy tonight and not too much booze?? Try starting the evening with a large glass of soda water with ice and maybe the same half way through? John :-)

Thanks, John. I'm afraid it's a local gig in Munich and the drinks won't be that sophisticated. It'll be beer, wine if you're lucky, water and the standard cokes, fantas and other sweet crap that I don't drink anyway. But it's ok - I'll drink slowly and go for water every other drink. They all know I'm losing weight so shouldn't be a problem. Before this weekend I hadn't had a drink since early January, so I'm not TOO bothered. Am a social drinker and feel no need for it at any other time, thank goodness!

ah I see :-) Well do your best, and there I was worrying about having a couple of beers down the pub whilst watching football later this afternoon!! I have managed it to having a drink on just one day a week and it does not bother me, dry for the rest of the week. Enjoy the music. Munich and the beer - cheers ;-)

I was wrong, the drinks were very sophisticated! But I actually drank very little- you couldn't get to the bar! Hope you enjoyed your beers down the pub and the footie was good! 😈

That was a bonus then! Yes good game and kept it sensible :-)

Stick to the Weissbier. At Oktoberfest my Bavarian friends always reckon that's the "slimmer's beer"! ☺