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Hi all

I have just signed up today heard great things about this site,

my story is that for years I never suffered with weight until operation to remove thyroid three years previous since then I yo yo I feel my body does not belong to me, any more I try and eat healthy as I also suffer celiac disease but the weight goes on and off ,I have tried the gym but I am lazy which doesn't help I know I need to bring in exercise,to my life as I am desk bound.

My daughter used this site for excersise tips and is 5 stone lighter and running the London marathon this year so I know it helps

I am over 50 and from reading it appears that many of us 50 + struggle with weight let's make a pack to set small achivible weight goals and support each other so we al feel fitter and healthier during the months ahead 😄

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Hi Suran63. I am in my late 50's and find it much harder to lose weight now than whrn I was a bit younger. I lost 2 stone a couple of years ago on the slimmingworld diet. After being made redundant last year I have put it back on. I started on Monday buy I am doing it myself not going to the slimming club. I am hoping to keep with it with support on this forum. The first few days are the worse. I hate exercise but I make myself go for a walk in the morning and a swim a couple of times a week. You can do it, good luck and keep us posted.


Hi Suran

I also have to avoid gluten. I have found that I also need to avoid most of the ready made gluten free foods from supermarkets as they are over processed, full of additives, and no good if you want to lose weight. I cook most things from scratch and have given up bread completely.

You may be able to adapt the 12 week plan to suit your circumstances. I have moved towards a more Paleo or Primal type diet, perhaps have a Google if you are interested. Perhaps have a look at the Gluten Free Guerillas site as well.

I am a long way past 50 and am healthier and fitter than I was 10 years ago. It's a question of finding what works for you, including some exercise you enjoy.

Good luck.


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