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Healthy nibbles?

Hi. I am hoping that by joining this site I can get and keep the motivation I need to keep going with a diet and the exercise. My biggest problem is when I'm writing reports or marking and planning and I feel the need to have something while I work. I have had grapes etc but know these are high in sugar. Does anyone have any ideas please? I'm desperate to do this and this is my biggest downfall. Thank you :)

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You have to enjoy any changes to stick to them. It's better to come up with your own ideas so you'll buy into them.

Eating a higher fat, adequate protein, lower GL, real whole-food, healthy eating plan will enable you to stay satiated, negating the need to snack.


Thanks that's a really good idea :)


Think I was doing this wrong and replied in the wrong box 😁. Thank you so much for the suggestions and yes pop corn is an excellent idea. The right type of course :)


Snacking was always a downfall of mine too. I found diced cucumber, red pepper and spring onions with some hummous or low fat salad dressing is a great picky snack for when doing projects like that. Fruit like strawberries, clementines etc.. graze boxes have some great snack boxes steal some ideas from the site, their popcorn is great :-)


Thanks. Yes I do get graze boxes but need to regulate the ones I get more and fresh veg is also good. Thank you all for taking the time to reply 😃

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Hello Moggs123

I find celery a good crunchy tide-over to the next meal. Good luck!


Hi, I have rice cakes..flavour ones are better..tubs of jelly pots...try eating before or after...as eating while doing stuff you forget how much your eating and just keep eating til you finished packet...have a good week.


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