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What are your favourite 'natural' healthy snacks?


I am trying to stay away from sugar and nasties in 'low cal' and 'low fat' foods. So my snacks are mainly based on fruit and raw veggies. At the moment I am munching on mangetout, sugar snap peas, sliced carrots, peppers and cucumber.

When I crave a real sugar hit, I have 1 mini twister ice lolly (about 48 cals per ice cream).

What are your favourite natural snacks?

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Double-cream; yum!

I love all the veg you mention I like gherkins, caramel rice cakes are good at 48cal, will check out mini twisters, cherry plum tomatoes are a favourite .....

I love popcorn popped in an air popper ... No oil. It is nice and crunchy and takes awhile to eat and fills you up. It is 125 calories for 5 cups.

I also have mini twisters as a stand by or for a treat. Most of the time I am happy with munching on apples and carrots, love cucumber it just doesn't love me.


I have been making my own strawberry and blueberry sorbets. So quick and easy to make, tastes delicious too and takes away the sugar craving.

After a while you no longer have the sugar craving.

Savoury snacks: Nuts, veg sticks, savoury popcorn, jerky

Sweet snacks: Fruit, dried fruit, cherry tomato, sweet popcorn, dark chocolate, frozen yoghurt, fruit yoghurt

I am not sure all of the above count as "natural", but they are my favourite snacks. I also get the Graze boxes, which have sensible size individual portion of snacks (all punnets are under 150kcal in the "light" box). Some of my snack foods are fairly calorie dense, but I am careful with the portion E.g. I often have pecans/walnuts with dried dates as a pre gym snack, but only 15-20g of each.

I'm on weight watchers on-line. It makes it easier to see and track what you are eating and allowed. Hope this helps you sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

Thanks everyone, some nice ideas there :)

Cucumber and Tzatziki, almonds, Snack o Jacks Cheese Rice cakes....I try to stay away from the sugar cause I have a massive addiction to the stuff and I just cant control myself once I start...Im trying a fruit smoothie 2mo as well...looking for a nice recipe!

Dates! natural yoghurt licourice, dark chocolate, houmus and cracker, nutella on cracker, weight watchers chocolate drink. Dried fruit. I do also like the Nando's sauces as a dip(wierd I know)..

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