Anyone wants to buddy up with the new girl !

Hello everyone, starting on my healthier eating plan today and I'd love a buddy or buddies to share & support with......... I've exhausted my poor other halves listening power on the 'fat front' ! I can see his eyes glaze over when I mention it !

I'm nearly 50, 16-3 and I'm aiming at a five stone weight loss....... Like a lot of people my age, the extra weight is now taking its toll on my back condition (poor back!) and I'm committing myself to be kinder to myself, this weight personally speaking is a form of abuse and it's unfair on my poor body.................. Anyway, any takers on buddying up very welcome !


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  • Buddy material? Today is my first day too, having decided I have had enough of lugging extra weight around. I am 52 and just taken early retirement from a job I no longer enjoyed, I could never see myself as lounging around in soft top trousers yet I have just bought a second pair - this in itself speaks volumes!!! I too have lost weight in the past but am prone to comfort eating and this menopause lark is definitely not helping, I have put on over 2 stone in 2 years now 17st and really feeling it. Maybe together we can both move forward?

  • Hi ive just signed up to this too be nice to have someone to talk to. Im 55 and 3+stone overweight and my OH too is getting a bit fed up of my next 'new diet'. The eyes roll and its really again .He's 2 stone wringing wet of course. Ive just had my gallbladder out last week and must be the only person to put on weight on a lo fat diet I was gutted. Anyway would be so nice to meet new people who think like I do and your right

  • My Oh has almost given up on me and diets. His attitude is that I stopped smoking many years ago with just willpower so why can't I do the same with weight.

  • Strange mine is the same 'just stop eating so much and exercise 'hello tried that not working . Anyway ive got an appointment with one of the health trainers next week so im determined to sort this this time and I know I need help to do this

  • Poor you, I think even thinking about weight loss after that operation in my little opinion thinks you're going to succeed, I would be using it as a excuse to indulge even more than usual I'm afraid so well done you!!!! My oh is used to me dieting but I think he wouldn't mind seeing the results more than the talk bless him!!!! Are you doing a plan or club or a Heinz 57 healthier eating plan ? ?

  • I'm trying to eat healthy but it's hard . I'm looking forward to mtg the health trainer next week to see what she can advise and kick my bum if needed cos being nice isn't going to work I need a firm hand lol . What are you doing ?

  • Hi, well weight watchers is a good one for me, my sis swears by slimming world but I'm put off by two things,

    1 food or drink being called sins, just can't get past that !

    2 'you can eat as much as you like ' wrong ! Eating as much as I like got me in this pickle ! !

    I know what I should be doing, it's just doing it ! It's nearly bed time now & if I can manage to get upstairs before I find my head wedged in the fridge door I'll be very pleased !!! Lol ! I need to focus & not focus on this healthier eating plan, too little and I'll end up cutting corners, and too much and I'll become ultra boring, miserable & well...... just not living ! Moderation in all things eh !!!! I hate moderation !!!! I want to bath in mars bars and wash my hair in liquid Lindt chocolate ; oooops , see not even 1 full day of eating healthier and I'm fantasising already...... C'mon will power don't let me Down now !!!!!!

    The health trainer sounds brilliant, and I agree, 'sometimes' it's good to have someone push you a little, and you'll also get some really good sensible tips and advice, sounds well worth the going !

  • I did reply tree a but I'm not sure where my reply pinged off to lol !!!

  • Absolutely! It will be really nice having someone 'going through it' with me ! I've lost weight so many times& put it back on, shame; reckoning it up I estimate I've lost roughly close on 16 stone in my life of watching my weight, conclusion ; I didnt 'watch' it well enough ! It's not as if I'm not armed with the tools of the trade, weighing scales, recepie books, time to cook, ( I stopped working about 4 years ago) I don't know what motivates you but for me it's that ping moment and until it pings I carry on getting bigger and more unhealthy. I know what you mean about the loose trousers ! I've been living in them since January !!! I'm so much more than clothes, all women are regardless of our size, but, if I don't do something soon these trousers will become my 'uniform' ............. I love looking at clothes and yeah while they do go up to my size, I just don't like the look of them on me, or is it I just don't like what's filling them out ??!! What healthy eating plan are you doing ? Your own or club or something else ? Pleased to meet you and let me know how you're doing !

  • Morning like you ive lost the same few stone over and over again and spent thousands on the next great diet book, DVDs pills and potions and slimming clubs that are going to change my life im actually quite ashamed of myself I could be rich on all the random crap I do no, wonder my husband get the hump !!!Ive now got to the age where I feel its now or never and im acutely aware that my body isn't coping with all the rubbish im doing to myself . I guess what im trying to say is i know its down to me to change but my motivation gets led astray all the time . So im hoping that rather than doing a quick fix I can do a normal healthy regime and I can cope with it and do exercise which is something im not very good at .And im definitely an emotional eater .....Any emotion !!!!!Im pleased to be able to meet everybody big hugs all round

  • Sorry Andy, didn't check if you were male or female, not that it makes any difference, I 'assumed' you were female ...... as we're more prone to weighty soul searching !!

  • Morning both, how was your first day? Mine was ok - if you don't count the slice of chocolate cake that was bought for me :( I actually went to bed feeling very positive after reading the comments of support on here. Are either of you following a particular plan or cutting down? Trierisme - Your assumption is correct - very much female along with all the baggage that comes with it, menopause and all. I used to think the menopause was an excuse used by older women to eat more - how wrong I was!! It really has made a difference to my shape and the way in which my body stores the excess, I have never been 'slim' but would love to have more shape. Maybe the loose trousers were my 'ping' moment.

  • Me! Me! :D

  • Great stuff ! It's going to be great having someone to chat with about this on going battle !

  • Hi guys, today is my first day too. Reading some of your comments sounds so familiar! I am aiming for a healthy weight loss, to gain energy and not to be so obsessed with 'dieting'. I have downloaded and printed off week one and I am excited to do this, we can support each other along the way. Good luck to everyone. Here is to a healthy lifestyle. ?

  • Absolutely! Many of us I think are old pro's at this game, but we're still hanging in there, still trying, we do have will power we need to sustain it that's the tricky bit , ouch !!? Looking forward to chatting to you !

  • i,m free most of the time

  • There we go another buddy ! Great !

  • Hi

    First day tomorrow too for me. I've started the exercise and managed 3 times a week since start of year and now I need to get the chocolate (and prosecco obviously) cravings under control. I manage to eat fairly healthy most of the time but can wolf down chocolate when I get tired/ stressed/ fed up etc etc. I know it, just can't seem to stop it.

    I'm weighing myself tomorrow and will do it every weds morning so hope there are other people in same boat. I'm a member of slimming world online which I quite like but obviously don't stick to...and can't decide whether or not to give the nhs plan a go. I'm skiing in 7 weeks and would like to beable to fasten my coat and breathe.

    I'm 39 with two kids and work nearly full time.

    Anyone fancy a bit of mutual encouragement?

  • hi great to read your post and replies and like you need buddies to help me along it was my first weight in today and at 17st 9 and 57 only lost a 1b this week not the best of starts but it has been far from a normal week so im happy its down not up and yes in the past have tried all diets slimming world ect and at best lost 5st now i weigh more and it cost me a fortune to do it lol i was going to try and build exercise in but after looking after grand daughters for last 5 days and got them tomorrow for another 3 days i dont think i need to worry this week must turn our little treats into healthier ones good luck to you all in your first week and happy to chat and support

  • Hello there ! It would be lovely to buddy up with you .... I'm new myself, though not new to dieting, though I've banned that word now, it's healthier eating ! I'm 5'6 and 16-3 ...... I'm armed with my healthier eating mind set, but yes, like you I've done it before, this time I'm hopeful, small baby steps..... You'll find such lovely support and empathy on these forums, and you'll realise that were all struggling, but we're all 'trying' !!

    Keep in touch , trierisme xxx

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