Weight loss surgery: has anyone considered it?

I have been considering weight loss surgery, since my benefits will cover the medical cost I am considering it for myself. I'm turning 50 next year and I don't want to continue with ailments associated with being obese, just the sound of the word makes me ill. I'm 6'2'' and weigh 320lbs, for years i was very active at work and never had to worry about my weight. My life has taken a different direction and I'm not as active as I used to be, hence the weight gain. Having never exercised regularly before, putting it in to my daily routine is not easy, yet making excuses seem to come to me quite often lol. I'm planning for April, there are several steps I have to make, a few different Doctors I'll have to see, I really think this will help me get back on the road I was once on. I'd like to document my journey here I hope others will be inspired by it.


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  • I love food too much the thought of eating puréed mush would put me off and to try every avenue first good luck with your decision and wishing you every sucess,

  • What support have you been given by the NHS to lose weight without incurring the risks of surgery? Are you in an unsupportive situation with people around you who undermine efforts to live a more healthy lifestyle?

    Weight loss surgery (and indeed losing weight anyway you do it) will not change the need to be more active so you can start on that now whatever route you take.

  • You said in another post that you have lost 30lb already, so I think that is proof that you can actually lose weight without surgery.

    Exercise is hugely important, but for weight loss, cutting your food intake is still key.

  • No no no. You can do it yourself without going under the knife! Watch this BBC Horizon documentary, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" disclose.tv/action/viewvide... and then this little video afterwards

    I lost 42 pounds in six months and then became more active. Even if you walk a little bit each day that will get your metabolism moving. There are some excellent DVDs by Leslie Sansone which get you walking at home in front of your TV which is a start.

  • There are alternatives to surgery. As Gingernut has said, have a look at the 5:2 diet or have a look at Low Carb diets. Both work by lowering the amount of insulin your body has to cope with, and gives your body a chance to use fat instead of glucose as an energy source.

    Have a read of this article from The European journal of Clinical Nutrition, which describes how a ketogenic diet works.


    You could perhaps ask your doctor about this, but in my experience, not many doctors have a lot of knowledge in this area. There is a lot of information on Low Carb dieting on the web and if you look for OlsBean's posts on here, he has a lot of useful information.

    If you decide to try it on your own, it's a good idea to lower cabs gradually and make sure that you are eating the best quality food you can afford.

    Not everyone needs to go as low as a ketogenic diet, but unfortunately we have been told to base our diets on carbohydrates, which for many people has meant too much processed food and sugar.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Jeepers no way, it's crazy to even consider it, it's certainly not a quick fix option. My wife used to Nurse and she worked on what they called the 'Bums and Tums' ward (Gastro) and she witnessed a number of post bariatric surgery patients that had a variety of complications further down the line, so it's not the easy option some sell it as.

    If you have lost 30 pounds already then let that be your inspiration, keep going. I was 420 Pounds (30 stone) plus at my heaviest, at 6' 3" I was a big guy, I was car crash waiting to happen, I am embarrassed to say there were days when I could not even go to the bathroom without assistance, skeleton completely shot and sky high blood pressure, I now weigh in at around 170 pounds. It's 4 years since I made changes, it's a slow process but you start to see the benefits quite quickly, when those changes start to happen let them be your inspiration. There are lots of people on here and on the web that have successfully lost weight and to date have managed to maintain without surgery, they are not special or unique, everyone is capable of it, it just a question of finding a way and finding something that works for you.

    As Penel said I'm now a real believer in the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle, but it was complex journey that brought me to that conclusion, I don't want to sell that to anyone as I am not a medical professional, I would say to anyone take a look at it, do your research, never stop learning and be willing to accept change. Find something that works for you, because your changes need to be for the rest of your life.

    I would write more for you but I am pushed for time right now, sorry.

    Good Luck with it

  • Hi Missbeingskinny,

    I am sure you will get some advice from the various Doctors you are planning to see with regard to your plans to have weight-loss surgery, but I am glad you came here to this site to discuss your plans, because there are lots of people here who have lost weight via healthy eating and exercise.

    I am 6 feet 1 inch, and female, and I used to weigh 260 pounds (18 stone 8 pounds) at my heaviest. I currently weigh just under 185 pounds (13 stone 2.8 pounds today), and therefore I've lost 75 pounds (5 stone 5 pounds). I've done this by a combination of keeping my portion sizes under control, and restricting my calories, and also including regular exercise - I agree it's not easy to find time to exercise, but you can build it up gradually, and it can become a really enjoyable part of life - I know many people have found it to be enjoyable to exercise regularly, and I certainly miss it when I don't do it.

    I would recommend trying to lose weight with a healthy eating plan and exercise. The NHS weight-loss pages have a great 12 week structured plan. There are lots of supportive people on this site, and there are regular weigh-in forums if you'd like to join in. I always try to do a weigh-in session on Mondays, and have done so for a long time now, and you are very welcome to join in.

    Wishing you every success with your goals, and hope that you get lots of support in helping you to make the decision that feels right for you.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal, I will admit weight loss surgery is not for everyone, I am someone who will eat healthy and exorcize moderately then after loosing several pounds does the opposite. I didn't tell you that I have a thyroid issue that makes it difficult to maintain a weight loss program, although I will lose the weight my metabolism is very slow, slower than someone with a healthy thyroid, Having the weight loss surgery would actually help this condition, other issues I'm starting to have are joint issues (knees and hips) making exercise painful at this weight. There is a history of high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, sleep apnea with obstructive breathing that having surgery would prevent, I'm just turning 49, this would be the best option for me at this time, like I said Weight loss surgery is not for everyone but for me it will help me live the life I'm used to.

  • Hi Missbeingskinny,

    It sounds like you've given it some considered thought, and you feel it is the best option for you personally.

    Good luck with your journey, and I wish you all the best in achieving your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • No. It took 30 years to get this fat 85kg (53yo male, 164cm). If it takes another 30 to get back to so-called 'normal' without surgery, then so be it.

  • Hey if your happy with who you are then more power to ya!

  • BP was way too high, so it was time to do something about it. Now that I've lost about 5kg the BP varies between about right and a little low (with meds), so I'm happy for any further weight loss to be slow and gradual.

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