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I shall go to the ball!

Evening all! Having recieved in the post today an invitation to a very dear friend's commissioning ball at sandhurst in a few months time excitement quickly turned to panic when I realised this means buying a lovely new dress and seeing some old school friends I haven't caught up with in years! Whilst this is very exciting it has given me a serious kick up the bum to get going on the fitness drive again! Come rain or shine I will be out there tomorrow once again starting the couch to 5k programme (I never seem to get beyond week 4!) my weight has crept back up over the past month or so to 12st2 so I've set myself a goal of 11 and a 1/2 by the ball which is in 6 weeks! Wish me luck! X Kate

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Hi Kate,

Good luck, Im in the position where I need a good kick up the rear to get motivated. I,m sure you will succeed be good to know how you get on Best Wishes Rose x


Good luck. On the 12 week plan you should be able to lose 2 lb a week. Its worth sticking with c25k as well as its good for keeping the weight off.

Enjoy the ball.


Good Luck, wish you all the best and hope you get there - keep focussed and remember your goal!! V :-)


Good luck! You sound really determined.


Hi Kate. It's nice to have that great motivation and goal. Be inspired and I'm sure that you'll gonna make it. I think you can also try using body wraps for better results. All the best and luck for you.


If you want to try an alternative to the 12 week plan, have a go at cutting down on your carbohydrates (but not too quickly). This link has some suggestions. I have found it a good way to lose weight.


Hope you have a lovely time at the Ball.


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