Not loosing weight

I have been on the NHS 12 week weight loss plan for 3 weeks now. In the first week I lost 2lbs but since then I have put a pound on each week. I am following the plan to the letter but seem to be going backwards. I have lost inches from my waist and bust so that's good but feel a little frustrated that I am not loosing weight even though I am trying really hard. Please help with any advice.


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  • Are you exercising hard enough to gain muscle? Even if that were the case however, you wouldn't be able to sustain such an increase; imagine a pound of beef steak added to your physique each week.

    Are you eating foods that raise your insulin levels (and insulin-like-growth factor) prompting your body to store fat, and not be able to use fat for fuel? Or fructose, causing insulin resistance?

  • Which foods raise your insulin levels?

  • Mainly high-glycaemic foods such as white or wholemeal bread, most cereals, including cornflakes, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, most potatoes (especially jacket potatoes), also baked beans and yoghurt.

  • Thanks for that. Personally I don't eat any of these things, well aside from yogurt, but this is great to know!

  • Natural yoghurt has a lot of health benefits and surprisingly has been shown to help with weight loss.

    If you are healthy, your body can cope with the occasional insulin spike, it's the permanently raised levels that do the damage.

  • Are baked beans not a high fibre, low GI food?

  • They are indeed, and although their is a high-correlation between Gi and insulin, Mendosa did an Insulin index and found that beans and yoghurt stimulated large amounts of insulin. Protein foods also cause (generally) moderate insulin responses.

  • Most brands of baked beans are also high in sugar and salt.

  • Thanks for the advice. I have been eating cereal, wholemeal bread and jacket potatoes so will try to avoid these in future. Any other foods I need to avoid?

  • The NHS would claim you don't need to avoid these foods; just eat them in smaller amounts and mix with low Gi foods. I don't think that's effective enough though. Follow the link above to find more.

  • If you are losing inches then maybe it doesn't matter that you aren't actually losing weight? If you stop losing inches then maybe you are not on the right plan for you and you should try something else? What about the 5:2 plan? You say that you don't each many carbs? What about the Swedish government recommended diet? See especially the section "measure your progress wisely)

    I hope you soon become a loser!

  • I don't know why people are so obsessed with weight.The most important ratios are your lean body mass readings.The fact that you are shrinking could be an indication that your body could be becoming leaner.If this is so then it could make perfect sense that while you are putting on weight you are shrinking.

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