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Five weeks in

Five weeks down now.

I've been a bit rubbish at keeping up to date with my blog on here.

In essence, the past two (or three?) weeks have been a bit mixed. I've been continuing to go to the gym/swimming, but also had a few lunch/dinner engagements which can easily ruin a whole week's work within one sitting. I know that one week I didn't lose any weight (though, I suppose it's better than putting any on).

I've just weighed myself and at week five, I'm just under 12 stone. I'm feeling mixed about it. I had expected to be stuck still at 12 stone two, but am frustrated that I didn't lose more in the past few weeks, especially when it had been going pretty well at the start. Nevertheless, I've lost about seven pounds (half a stone) in five weeks. That's still more than I originally planned, so not so bad I guess!

Tomorrow I'm going on holiday/travelling with my family and on my own. In terms of the weight loss, this could swing it either way I think. Two and a bit weeks in Malaysia, and two weeks in Australia. In the past, I've always lost weight in Malaysia. It's difficult being a vegetarian there and the choice of food is more limited - after a while, I get bored of eating Asian cuisine all the time and my appetite wavers. In Australia, I'll be by myself and will have to try my best to eat well. We'll see how it goes!

Sara :)

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That's why I prefer the 5:2 Diet as it's only two non-consecutive days a week. I lost three stone in six months and it fits in well around my social life. I've maintained now for over a year on just one 'fasting' day a week.


Please just respect my decision that I do not want to try the 5-2 diet, nor any other fad diet, and never will.

I have always believed that you just need a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. I see no point in consuming 500-1000 calories more than I have the appetite for (or have been recommended to consume) for most of the days and then 500-1000 less than I need for two of the days. Eating that few calories not only hinders your physical performance - and quite frankly, I would feel faint if I consumed so few for the whole day - but it also significantly hinders your cognitive performance. By this, I mean that people are less able to think rationally and make decisions, as well as generally having lower concentration, etc.

It's great that you've had success with it, but it's not for me. I've tried to be as polite as possible but I feel like you're just trying to shove your views down my throat now. I'd appreciate it if you could let me live my life how I want to, and (as it always do), I'll let you do the same.


Have I mentioned it to you in the past? If so I'm sorry, I don't remember you amongst so many others that have benefited.


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