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Exercise for flexibility


As the years have advanced, I find my flexibility and muscle strength have declined and I would like to try to increase both. Any ideas for gentle exercises that will have the desired effect please, bearing in mind that I have some arthritis and joint pain.

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swimming is always good as its very gentle on the joints!

High-hopes in reply to LilValky

Thanks LilValky

Although I know swimming is good exercise, I haven't been for many years and not sure I'm ready to let the 'world and his wife' view me in a swimsuit...lol

LilValky in reply to High-hopes

i used to feel the same but i've learnt that people really dont care what you look like in the pool, most pools you can keep a towel wrapped around you till you get in and if you go for a lane swim (most pools have a slow lane) everyone is there to do the same thing and will often give you support and encouragement. Thats just my experience anyway :)

High-hopes in reply to LilValky

Thanks LilValky

Fortunately I am not too overweight...would just be a bit self conscious to wander about in a swimsuit...lol.

Will have to make a friend accompany me.

I would recommend Pilates, with a properly qualified instructor.

High-hopes in reply to Penel

Thanks Penel

I will investigate Pilates, that will help with flexibility. They must run beginner's classes.

There is also the strength and flexibility NHS podcast, with a group on this site too, healthunlocked.com/strength...

Also if you can find a gentle yoga class in your area, as yoga can help a lot in a very gentle way.

Thanks Pigivi

I will have a look at that.

Stationary cycling is a good low impact on your joints, execercise. Lifting weights are good for building and strengthening muscle...

Thanks tootsiepops

I have dug out a set of light hand weights, will use those and investigate Tia chi for the flexibility.

I think pilates is good but quite strenuous. I find tai chi helps. It's very gentle and you can do as much or little as you feel happy with - though of course the more the better. There are plenty of DVDs for both. Cycling is good as it's non weight bearing (so is swimming). Again know your limits.

I would definitely recommend the Tai Chi. Despite my age, general unfitness, plus arthritis in hip, knee and ankle I found Tai Chi within my ability. I chose the Shibashi version and you'll find plenty of information, videos and DVDs online.

Thanks Autumn-Witch

Am going to look on You tube for information .

I just went with what I found at a good price. You pays your money and takes your choice. It was ok but you cant try before you buy. :)

High-hopes in reply to fenbadger

Hi Fenbadger

I must apologise for not replying to your earlier post, I thought I had...must be the advancing years...lol.

I think I will start with Tai Chi and the weights and hope for the best.

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