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Struggling with exercise 😔

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Lsjh2021 March


I'm trying to eat better but struggle with the motivation to do exercise does anyone have any tips?

I know it's a big part to my weightloss journey but Even walking I struggle with.

I feel silly asking but feel it's important.


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It really isn't that important. Packing on weight is essentially your body's defence against a poor diet. If you make the right changes, your metabolism will start working as it should, and the excess fat will drop away.

Exercise certainly helps, and it's good for you in many ways, but it's not critical for weight loss. If you find that you're not losing weight, it's because you're eating the wrong things, not because you're eating too much or moving too little.

Unfortunately, lethargy is part-and-parcel of your body's response to bad food. Again, once you start eating right and the flab starts to disappear, you'll feel more inclined to exercise.

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Lsjh2021 March in reply to TheAwfulToad

Thank you I've only just started so really good to know 🥰

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Pre pack all food in your fridge for snacks and meals. That way if you wanna eat just a snack you eat what is already weighed out and put together. This helped me big time. If I wanted chips I'd start with a couple then half bag would disappear lol. Obviously don't want chips everytime but sometimes need something other than fruit or greens.

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Hi I’m not sure how much you know but I’m a firm believer that weight loss happens in the kitchen and fitness happens in the gym. If you’ve never learned your TDEE or how to count calories, that’s where you need to start. It’s easy. I can help you with that if you like. There are also lots of you tubers with great videos on the subject. When I was younger I wasted a lot of time in the gym trying to lose weight and it wasn’t until years later I learned about nutrition.

I also used to be an avid runner and gym rat too, although those things should be for fun and fitness, not to lose weight.

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Lsjh2021 March in reply to VDC1

Yes please that would be great 🥰

Hi Lsjh, dont panic, what has been said above is correct. Weight loss is achieved by what you eat not the exercise you do. The exercise will help build muscle strength and stamina.

I badly damaged my knee in july last year and was almost completely immobile for 3-4 months (averaging 300 to 400 steps per day with walking aids). I started my weight loss/healthy eating journey in August 2020 and have consistently lost weight every week since i started. As of this week i have lost 57kg (9st 1lb) in that time, with around another 15kg to go. I can do some exercise now, still with walking aids as i'm waiting for a half knee replacement, and aim for 6,000 steps per day. My exercise consists of walking, youtube walking workouts, a 5 minute kitchen workout, pedalling on a mini exercise bike (think pedals on a frame in front of a chair, not a full bike) and now a resistance band workout, a walking HiiT workout and a fun fit board for balance and core improvement. Although that sounds a huge amount of exercise, most of them are only 10 minute routines and i do one of them a day. They are low impact (for my knee) and are done at my speed, not yet at the speed of the videos. That's ok though as one day i will catch them up.

Hope this helps and good luck on your journey xx

I'd suggest coming up with a simple goal for the exersize and joining in with the Fit is Fun thread each week on here. :) Perhaps you can set yourself a target and also think of ways of finding something you'll enjoy. I do think that exersize has a part of play, even if just in making you feel stronger, fitter and better about your body. :)

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Good morning, Lsjh, and welcome to the forum :)

You've had some great responses about exercise, I see, so I won't add to them. In your profile, you mention smoking so I hope you know there's a Quit Smoking forum where you'll find people to encourage you with that part of your journey.

You'll find everything you need by following this link to Pinned Posts. A good place to start is by joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary, where members post their meal plans for the day. You'll see a variety of approaches and you may find a plan that would suit you and that you'd enjoy, which is important if you want this to be a change for life.

Do some exploring and join in with forum activities as much as you can and you'll find what a helpful and friendly place this is :)

I was also going to suggest that you can join fit is fun thread. You Will find ideas and encouregment!!

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slipstick2st 7lbs

Definitely worth having a look at the Fit is Fun club but if you're anything like me you will need to be careful not to get demoralised by all the people in there who think running a fast 10K or walking for 12 miles is normal. They will try to be encouraging but I fear some of them have difficulty understanding the lack of fitness some of us are starting from.

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Lsjh2021 March

I think my main problem with that is know what to eat and not to snack? I'm not really sure 🥰

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GizmocatMaintainer in reply to Lsjh

Are you following the NHS 12 week plan? You might like to download it. There are lots of tips for People starting out for diet and exercise. I found it very helpful when I started. Also have a look at the daily diary on here. There are lots of meal ideas there and people will help you with suggestions.

As others have said start with some gentle walking and build up. The active 10 app is good for that. I used it when I started as it helps to motivate you. Or maybe buy a Fitbit or tracker. Some people use MFP app. You can record your food and exercise which also helps with motivation. Also join a weigh in whichever day suits you and you will get lots of support. There also other challenges you might like to join and the Fit is Fun club. Good luck

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Hi Lsjh, I see you've recently quit smoking there's a great forum for that. If you're struggling here's the link to Quit Support.

Good luck🍀🚭

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Bear7892 stone

It can be difficult to get moving, have you thought of starting with several mini walks? Like 5 or 10 minutes 3 times a day? You don't have to do it all in one go. Do yoh have anywhere close enough to get too quickly like a duck pond to feed the ducks?

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