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Daily food log, everyone welcome!!

So, I've just made a bad choice for lunch. This has motivated me to start this thread where I will share what I eat every day, and I invite everyone to join in.

Maybe if we have to come here and tell the world, it will help motivate us to make good choices instead of bad.

So today, I had a bowl of bircher muesli for breakfast (oats soaked overnight in milk with some dessicated coconut, currants, strawberries and some chopped nuts added). Good start.

For lunch I had 2 pumpkin seed pretzels. I was passing the bakery and I have a real weakness for bread and anything bread-related. I didn't really need 2 but there was an offer on buying 2, so I did. It's not that the pretzels are really, really bad but there's no protein, no vegetables, it's just bread and pumpkin seeds - definitely not balanced. Followed that with a handful of grapes and 3 squares of cadbury dairy milk.

Now I feel really heavy and full of bread.

For dinner I'm making patatas bravas, spicy potatoes in a tomato sauce with chorizo, and I'll have a salad with that, tomato, cucumber and onion. Probably a glass of wine and 3 more squares of dairy milk after dinner.

So my challenge for myself is to stick to that plan for the day, and to own up tomorrow if I didn't. This is going to be even more useful over the weekend as my in-laws are visiting and that always involves more food and drink than I would normally have. This should help me to make a plan and stick to it.

Any body else want to share??

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Your plan involves planning for eating chocolate? After I kept going on about getting a takeaway for so long and eating and exercising well I finally cracked and got one :( rly disappointed coz iv been doing so well dropping lb every few days now put on 2lb but I think some may also be of much water iv been drinking too. Going to revise for next few hours then off to badminton to work off this extra lb today/ tomorrow is my last full time badminton coaching so will have to cope with 4 hours a week + gym from now on....the 16 hours has helped so much though.

About to go and have my tuna sweet corn wrap..back on it :)


Yep, my planning includes planning for eating chocolate. If I'm going to do this I may as well be honest about it. The point is, I plan to only eat 3 squares, no more. So if I go back to get some more, I'll hopefully think to myself 'well, I said I'd only have 3, I'd better stick to that'.

My whole thinking is that, yes I'd like to lose weight, but what I want more than that is to eat like a 'normal person' and to have a healthy relationship with my body and with food. So the chocolate isn't a failure but the 2 pretzels for lunch is, because it's not a normal balanced lunch, like for example a tuna sweetcorn wrap, which is much better.

I have been to the gym (the bakery was on the way home) did 15 minutes running on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the recumbent bike at about 90-100 rpm which is good for me, and then 6 different weights machines with 45 reps on each. Tomorrow it's a zumba class, which I'm terrible at but enjoy anyway.

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Your actually on 6 squares today not 3 you had 3 for lunch on top of the pretzels not trying to argue just going by your figures :) normal people with this "normal diet" are probably on this website. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that chocolate is not the only bad thing you eat, sure everything in moderation is fine of course. But we're human, we eat other bad things and occasional binges. I think splipping up once every few weeks is kinda norm because we sometimes get an urge I get that. But to plan for that urge daily...

Just read beginning of candys post. I'm not a troll and I am actually trying to help. I actually have a chocolate addiction...I went 3 weeks without buying one which I did wed this week. And it was only a small bag of m&ms. 500 calories later yes a slip up but imagine I did that every few days. We all have struggles but we need to be honest with ourselves and others that it's these struggles are the reason were in this in the first place.

Perhaps try calorie counting with myfitnesspal great tool to physically show you what you are doing so long as you measure your food. Good luck.

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skykitty, how many calories is that a day??? Six squares of chocolate, potatoes, pretzels, chorizo, wine. If I consumed that I would be putting on weight just looking at it! Please tell me your secret? Do you eat the additional calories you lose exercising as I must admit I hardly ever do that. Good luck with your daily diary but you could be setting yourself up for comments that might not be too positive! If it works for you then so be it. Have you tried working out your calories for the day and sticking to them as I know many of us do plan our calories for the day ahead. Our incentive is to join the weekly weigh in on Mondays and then tell of our successes or failures. Good luck and stick with it.

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It is a good idea to post your daily food here, then you are really making yourself accountable.

I eat a lot of the same stuff every day though (get into a food rut quickly). I would also be embarrassed to post all the sweets I eat here!

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I choose not to calorie count. I've done it before and I have had success with it but at the moment I choose not to because I don't see it as a natural relationship with food. I'm mostly aware of calories in a lot of foods (not the pretzels I had for lunch unfortunately) and I'm trying to get to a place where I can feel happy with what I'm eating as well as what I weigh, although I'm aware my approach might make the journey longer.

I was aware it was 6 squares in a day, it's a bit of a treat because it was a surprise gift sent by a friend who knows I can't normally get it here (Germany). Around 150 calories for the day. Normally my little treat is a Jaffa cake (not mcvities, around 26 calories). So I have the chocolate in the house although I wouldn't have bought it myself. For me, to parcel it up and have a small amount at a time is an accomplishment, as I'm sure a fellow chocolate addict will appreciate.

Although, maybe I'll try only having 1 square tonight. That will be really tough, I'll let you know if I manage it.

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You're getting it with reducing the chocolate! Calories might be troublesome to count but if you do you'll be in for a shock! Don't want you to be too surprised if your eating plan still creeps on the pounds! Your head's in the right place, all positive and determined. You just need to check your calorie intake! Good luck!

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Gifts are always difficult to deal with. My sister bought me two very large bags of peanut butter M&M's when she came over to visit from the States (my absolute favourites). I actually packed them up (unopened) and sent them to a skinny friend who also adores them. I have always thought that denying yourself foodstuffs is setting yourself up for failure, but I also wouldn't have them in the house routinely. If I was that desperate to have them I would have to make a special trip to buy it. Once a week I might have a small ice cream or a small food treat but every day isn't going to help me lose weight. Can I ask how much do you weigh and how much would you like to lose? Honestly I'm not being negative and do wish you well.

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Candystripe, honestly I haven't taken your comments as negative at all, my default assumption is that everyone is only intending to help.

I currently weigh 12stone giving me a bmi of 27.1

at my heaviest I was 16 stone 5lb with a bmi of 36.9

at my lightest I was 10 stone 12 with a bmi of 24.5

I got from 16stone 5lb to 10stone 12lb over 5 years with periods of losing, gaining then losing again, using slimming world, calorie counting and 5:2 and lots of exercise.

I got down to my lightest last summer using 5:2, but I was fasting 3 days a week so it was 4:3 really, so I can calorie count and know fitnesspal like the back of my hand. However I got skinnier but not happier. I'd like to lose 1stone 9lb to take me to 10stone 5lb. For me the journey is as important as the destination, I want to be skinnier and happier. You could say I want to have my cake and eat it.

Zenette - If you think it's a good idea don't be shy, let us know about those sweets. It's ok we don't know who you really are and maybe it'll help motivate you to eat fewer....

How about anyone else? Or I shall have to rename this the skykitty thread

(sadface) (double sadface, skykitty doesn't know how to use emoticons)


Now I know you're just a lightweight (well that's my ideal anyway!) So like you say you can do it however you like and I wish you well X


today so far i have eaten porridge with a banana and 1tsp of honey for breakfast, soup and a bread roll for lunch, a yogurt, banana and 4 crackers (i have a soft spot for carbs, but i try to keep it to a limit) for snacks. this so far is 977 calories. later i will have a microwave meal (i know they are unhealthy but i dont have a cooker!) and maybe some fruit if i'm still hungry and i will have the rest of my 400ml milk allowance for the day just before i go to bed to see me through the night. excercise wise i have been to work and i have done 30 minutes on the rowing machine (total of 701 calories). I include my work as exercise because i have a manual job cleaning or working in a laundry which involves a lot of walking and i have worked my base calorie allowance as very sedentary, as i normally am when i'm not at work. This seems to work for me and i eat some of my exercise calories but not all! oh i work on a base calories allowance of 1300.


A slowcooker, and mimi all purpose cooker would be good to get?


i would use a slowcooker but i dont really have time to get it ready in the morning before work. i did think about getting a halogen cooker. anyone used one and are they any good? or can recommend something different


Lots of things can be done the night before.......raw meat, as opposed to frying off etc, is not needed, only boiling liquids to add.

Steamers are great tho, for fish, chicken and veg!


Candystripe hahaha, lightweight, I like it.

LilValky - Yay, thanks for joinng.

1300 calories seems like a low allowance, but it sounds like you're being really sensible and making the most of that allowance with some healthy, filling meals and sensible snacks. But wow, no cooker!! Is that temporary or permanent? What facilities do you have? Do you have anything other than a microwave? That must be tough!


i live in a caravan so permanent until i move. i have a george forman too. i do have access to a cooker but its awkward and its just easier to make do with a microwave. i try to choose wisely with microwave meals and include lots of fresh fruit and veg in my diet to compensate.

Im finding sticking to 1300 quite easy if you make the right choices. i do occasionally have a bag of crisps and not so healthy things but i make sure i keep within my allowance. i do love chocolate but i find having a big bowl of strawberries, sugar free jelly and fat free yogurt (some times a mini meringue nest) a healthy very sweet alternative that fills you up a lot more and for a lot less calories!


I've never tried a George Forman, but I can imagine it's pretty good for a chicken breast or turkey or similar to go with salad or veg.

Well, my day is done. I've never been one for snacking in the evenings so I will finish my glass of wine, probably have a cup of tea (milk no sugar) and I will be done for the day.

Mostly because of the motivation from this thread, I only had one square of chocolate this evening. That's a success in my book. I had an apple as we'll, but that's a healthy choice so I won't worry too much about it. And my dinner plate was one half salad so happy there. Annoyed with myself about lunch but I will try to not make the same mistake again.

Tomorrow I will have Bircher muesli again for breakfast, a ham and tomato granary roll for lunch with some fruit, and probably some chocolate, only one square would be good.

Tomorrow afternoon my in-laws a arrive for the weekend. They are BIG eaters and BIG drinkers. Damage limitation is the best I can hope for, wish me luck....



Yesterday I had a chicken stir fry - chicken (roasted before stir fried) onion, beansprouts, mushrooms and eggs. I also had 3 bars of diary milk courtesy of my grandparents visiting the day before and bringing a multipack, they noticed I was loosing weight and decided I needed a treat argh!!!! I'm still 16 stone so hardly fading away. This is not a normal day for me as I have a cold so have no appetite.

I think it's great that you plan for chocolate, I can't. If it's in the house I will eat it, I've already ate the last bar of chocolate. To have a healthy relationship with food you do need to eat the things that you like. I've learnt that I can still have everything, just in moderation. I'm not trying to say that eating 3 bars of chocolate in a day is having it in moderation but a binge now and again is good for me as it inspires me to do more exercise. Because I ate all the chocolate I then did an hour of aerobics, it wasn't the most energetic attempt at exercise but I got through it. I had intended to spend the day in front of the tv feeling sorry for myself.

Good luck with your healthy eating :)


One pound down this morning.

Today breakfast of bircher muesli, lunch will be a ham, tomato and cucumber roll, lovely granary roll with lots of seeds, yum plus 1 square of choc and a piece of fruit. Might have a piece of fruit as a snack if I need it. I usually only ever eat fruit between meals.

For dinner I'm making lasagne with salad, so I can have half my plate with salad and a smaller portion of lasagne, homemade so I can bulk it up with veg and use 1.5% fat milk in the bechemal. I am making dessert because we have visitors but I will have a small portion and can probably get away with only eating half of it as we will be busy talking etc. I'm maing a self-saucing pudding (inspired by great british bake off) the advantage is that it doesn't need to be served with ice cream, custard etc, so no calories piled on top there.

The big problem is that my inlaws always eat a lot of snacks, pringles, crisps, bombay mix etc before their evening meal. It's a terrible habit and I would never normally have those things in the house but we only see them twice a year and I want them to enjoy their 3 day visit, so we have bought the snacks. My plan is to only have 1 at a time, and only if they are directly passed or handed to me, I will NOT reach for them myself. That way I can minimise how many I eat whilst still appearing to join in. As I will be preparing the meal, I should get away with not eating too many.

This dinner and snacing probably sounds terrible to a lot of posters, and I will be drinking alcohol too, but I adore my inlaws and am keen to be hospitable and make sure they have a good holiday. Despite an hour of zumba this morning I can probably welcome back that lost pound tomorrow!


Oooh Katedaniels, 3 bars of dairy milk. That is quite a bit of chocolate. Good job you had a healthy stirfry for dinner. And it's fantastic that it inspired you to do an hour of aerobics, especially if you were feeling under the weather. Shame about the 3 bars but definite brownie points for using it as motivation to exercise.


Skykitty, this is a great idea! I too have tried calorie and its just time consuming. I just want to eating normally and not fear it. So...

Today for breakfast I had porridge with a half scoop of protein powder, almond milk, figs & blueberries. I had intended to get to the gym but didn't set the alarm.

Lunch was veggie soup & 3 small slices of homemade bread (divine btw)

Dinner was a huge gammon steak, fried egg & chips with too much tomato sauce, added some sweetcorn for the veg count.

Fairly sure I had snacks in there too, including 6almonds, an apple, 2 clementines, 2 mini millionnaire shortcake bites & a golden crunch cream when work stressed me out. I was aware it wasn't a good idea, stopped myself reaching for more sugary things, made tea instead.

However the really poor show was eating B&Js ice cream straight from the tub. Not a massive amount, but still guilt-inducing.

Tomorrow I haven't a clue yet, always do porridge for breakfast, lunch will probably be the last bagel & cottage cheese with a pile of salad. Dinner could be on the run as I'm off to a football match.

We'll see!


Another pound down.

Mostly a successful day. Breakfast and lunch were as planned. Had a large handful of grapes mid afternoon before making lasagne, that was my only snack.

Pre-dinner Pringles snacking was an amazing success, I had ONE Pringle. Never in my life before have I only had one Pringle from a tube, I think it was the thought of coming here and telling you all how many I had, I partly had that one because I wanted to try the flavour (focaccia flavour, yummy).

I had half of my plate covered with salad to go with a reasonable portion of lasagne and a small portion of dessert, although I did eat the whole portion.

The real surprise is being a pound down despite all the booze. Probably 3 glasses of bubbly, a glass of white wine and a double rum. Well, I hadn't seen our guests since Christmas.

Sillykat - thanks for joining, keep it up. I'm sorry you were disappointed about giving in to B&J but hopefully coming and confessing your sins will help next time the temptation is there. Keep it up, come back and tell us your meal log again, I'm always interested.

Today I have the usual Bircher muesli for breakfast, then we will be out for lunch, going to a wine tasting then out for dinner. My plan for dinner is to order steak, and ask for extra salad instead of chips. The rest, I just don't know yet.


Lunchtime check-in: Porridge as planned, had a protein shake after an awesome workout (upped my weights, did 3 full sets, then managed a week 2 run on the treadmill). Now sitting down to a wholemeal bags with cottage cheese as planned, and a plate groaning with salad. Mostly veg, sprinkle of pumpkin seeds, some avocado, and 1 spoonful of some celery & apple coleslaw made with the lightest mayo ( rest is in the fridge)

As I feel so saintly I may have to sort some sensible dinner out so I don't resort to post-match pizza or burger. Might defrost some homemade chilli and attempt rice. Could be a disaster but worth a try!


sorry i lost my internet yesterday so couldn't post so here is what i had yesterday:

Porridge with honey and blueberries for breakfast, soup and a roll for lunch, fruit for snack, lasagna and salad for dinner and grapes and yogurt for pudding. i also had my daily horlicks before bed and sadly a packet of pom-bears! i didnt do any extra exercise yesterday as i had a hard day at work (i work in a laundry in a care home so running about all over the place and there are a lot of stairs!) This was a total of 1443 calories!

Today i had cereal for breakfast, some fruit after a work out and a glass of apple juice. for lunch i had chicken and cottage cheese wrap with lots of salad! not sure what im going to have for tea, probably my normal micro meal and salad and maybe some fruit or yogurt and my horlicks before i go to bed! I haven't been to work today so got up and went for my first run today! I've decided to give the couch 2 5k podcast a go.. i thought i was gonna kill myself and never manage to keep going but i did it! after my run i did 20 minutes on the rowing machine, so today ive done a total of 50 minutes exercise :)


Maintained from yesterday.

This is an absolute miracle frankly due to having drunk buckets and buckets of wine at a wine tasting session/marathon.

So yesterday:

Breakfast - bircher muesli

Lunch - shared starters in a restaurant so had 3 snails, and some roasted peppers and chargrilled aubergine and courgette and one slice of bread from the bread basket followed by 3 slices of flammkuchen.

(like pizza but a very thin base and a layer of creme fraiche, with no cheese or tomato sauce.

Dinner - spiced fish with spiced rice.


Breakfast - bircher muesli and an apple

Lunch - frikadella in a bread roll (not buttered) frikadella is sort of a cross between a burger and a large meatball, and a side salad with a yogurt dressing. Everyone I was with had chips, so to have a salad instead took some willpower. I ate that first, while I was still hungry so by the time I had finished that and eaten the roll, I was less tempted to steal other people's chips, and in fact didn't have a single one.

Mid afternoon - 4 bites of my husband's chocolate cake

Late afternoon - had a nectarine before I started preparing chocolate fondant mix for tonight's dessert (we still have guests) so I wouldn't want to pick at the chocolate and the mix.

Dinner - well it was going to be a yummy chicken dish with veg but 2 minutes ago as I started writing this my husband went to start cooking and discovered the chicken was off. Really furious as we only bought it Friday afternoon. So now we're off out for dinner....


Hanging head in shame. Ordered in a curry tonight, with naan & poppadum.

Morning was ok, for lunch I had too much, which set me off grazing. Luckily I didn't have much in the flat to graze on, but did eat most of a punnet of grapes and strawberries. Fruit is ok but man alive, I'm clearly craving sugar.

Feeling pretty low now, simply because I lost control and binged. Hopefully now I've confessed my sins I can make it to bedtime without eating anything else.


Don't feel to bad we all have our off days, just today I moved the sofa to vacuum & whoaa there were 3 celebration chocolates (Milky Way, snickers & joy of joys Malteasters) they must have got kicked underneath yesterday when the children gave their dad a tub for his b'day. The next thing I know I'm scoffing all 3 like some kind of guilty addict! it's done now, tomorrow's another day & the fact we confess our sins show we are serious about loosing weight - but we are also human x


Well the end to my day after my rotten chicken disaster involved a wurst salat (cold sausage salad with roast potatoes), chocolate fondant and 3 glasses of champagne.

I will miss my Inlaws but my scales won't. On the Plus side my chocolate fondants were successful even if they weren't a triumph for my diet.

Back to normal tomorrow for both eating and exercise, although confessing my sins does help to minimise them, and Hopefully helps you too whether it's curry and naan, celebrations or anything else.

If I don't want to admit to having eaten I I need to not eat it in the first place.....


Why not just use a food log such as MyFitnessPal?


Excellent plan, I am up for that... I had scrambled egg and 2 thins... Lunch is going to be a mug shot and special k cereal bar... I think dinner will be micro lasagne with salad; well thats my plan... I am doing my best to start the couch to 5k plan... and hope to get out for a 20min. walking with the odd trot - but either way I will try not to be sat in front of the tv ... as I think my weight is at least partly due to inactivity, I used to have a more physically demanding job, now I am desk bound, and also have a passion for baked goods, especially when there is an offer on !!! So come on Skykitty.... No excuses from either of us tomorrow.


Oh yes.... I want to share - started the day well with a poached egg and a slice of dry wholemeal toast - then was disappointed not to receive a delivery I was expecting so ate two chocolate biscuits with a skinny latte. I'll try and spend the rest of the day making up for it!


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