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Excercise blues

I've added wii fit and a circuit training style workout to my usual 30+min walk. I try to do 30mins on various wii activities, choosing them so I burn about 200 calories. The other workout (15mins) is things like squats, wall sitting, crunches, plank etc. I tend to do two out of the three each day.

My problem is it seems to get harder everyday, not easier! My wii fit scores are going down. It's been a week- Shouldn't I be getting better?

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Could it be that you're getting tired. If you're doing the exercises every day, maybe your muscles are getting tired and not fully recovering in between.

I think it sounds like a great exercise routine, stick with it. It's the effort you put in that will really count, not the scores on the screen.


How about trying the Couch to 5k running programme nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... instead?

I didn't start it until I was 63 and I hadn't run since hating it at school, but it builds up very gradually over nine weeks. I now run three times a week - and I don't eat back the exercise calories I burn!


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