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Can I do this?

I need to loose 3 stone. I've started to pains in my legs & can't ignore this any longer. Had a baby 9 months ago & so want to feel good about myself. I have lots of bad habits so I know this is not going to be easy. I eat without even tasting the food & can't believe how much food I consume! I'd love to put a pair of skinny jeans on this Xmas but it feels a very distant dream. I've turned to this site in for guidance & support - every day I wake up & say today's the day healthy eating begins - but I'm often dunking a biccie as I'm thinking it!!!

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Hi Budsofmay.

In short - yes you can!

Little steps and long journeys and all that.

The help and support on this forum invaluable. I'd suggest reading round a few posts on here to start with. When I realised I wasn't alone with the struggle that in itself helped masses.

I'm also trying to lose 3 stone, but I'm trying not to look at the 'big' (excuse the pun!) picture and just set myself little goals. The first of which was to not reach for the next packet of crisps when I got that urge.

I've also found the food diary on 'My fitness pal' really helpful.

There's also loads of posts on here with great ideas about getting started. From complete diet plans to really little but effective ways to cut down by swapping certain items in your current diet for healthier options. I'd say have a look round - see if there's anything that looks do-able - no matter how small and have a go.

I also once heard an idea which I sort of used to try to get me out of - what was pretty much constant snacking and very poor diet - which was to add stuff in rather than take stuff away - So instead of just making myself fish & chips - I'd eat some salad with, or before it. Sounds odd but it sort of made me re-think what I was eating.

Wishing you all the best


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p.s. -

Sorry sorry sorry - What am I like !!! ???

A couple of major things I forgot to say

1 - Congratulations on the baby - ( big smiles all round - accompanied by coos and awwws & a bless or two. )

& 2 - .....it might be worth getting your gp to check out your painful legs. : )



thought this set of posts might help



You can do this :-D

I'm at the beginning of my healthier lifestyle and lifestyle change. I think if you tell yourself it's not a diet it's a lifestyle change it might get a bit easier.

I agree that you need to set yourself smaller goals. Whether that is saying I am going to lose 7llbs in 2 months and I'm going to replace biscuits with fruit and have 30g of porridge every morning. Maybe set yourself a goal of doing some kind of exercise twice a week. YouTube have loads of exercise videos.

Have you thought about joining Slimming world? It's great to be surrounded by people who have been there and also people who are just starting out and struggling. I'm inn my first week and I can't believe how much you can eat.

One thing I think is really important, is to not to overwhelm yourself with exercise and cutting back. Small changes and then more changes.

Lastly, I know you want to lose 3 stone by Christmas, however again, it's a lifestyle change, slow and steady wins the race.

Whilst writing this I am trying to listen to my own advice ha ha.

The support of people is great and very much needed to get through it.

If you want any info on Slimming World let me know.

Good luck.




Ps. Soaking porridge oats in low fat milk overnight is brilliant. It doubles in size so you feel like you're eating more. Add a banana and some berries and heat.

Small meals often. Xx


Three stone by Christmas is rather a tall order, but I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet

and what's especially good about it is that I've kept the weight off since April 2013 and have loads of pairs of skinny jeans now I'm a size 10! I've never been as slim or as fit!

My daughter is also doing it and is losing seven pounds each month of her post-baby weight.


You've been given some good advice already. What I would add is that you need to decide what you want to do and work out a plan for getting there. You have a baby 9 months old. Do you walk with the baby? Run around after him/her? I was the slimmest I've ever been when I had littlies because I never stopped running, being active, just doing things connected with babies. I probably wasn't very healthy because I often didn't have time to eat, but when I did, I sat down with them and we all ate together at a table.

Have you asked the help of your GP? When you say pains in your legs, do you mean a muscular ache or joint pains? You say you need to lose 3 stone, but you don't say what you weight now or your height.

You say you eat food without tasting it. I must admit, I've never heard of that before. I wouldn't want to eat, if I didn't taste it!

Food should be a pleasure. It should be something to be enjoyed, taking time, in a social setting. Do you eat meals at a table? You don't mention a partner or family members.


Hi, I had the same problem. Had a baby and put 30 kg weight. One day I realise I can't look myself in the mirror and decided to loose weight. I started by eating everything what I've been eating before but less and increased my exercises. I only walk with baby in the park, so I increased the speed of walking. It does work, slowly slowly but works. And I feel better now by eating less portions, feel light.


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