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so need to loose weight

i really need to loose weight and really struggling with it i have 3kids youngest being 9months and all iv done in past few months is put on alot of weight..need all the help I can get to keep me motivated!

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Hello I've found slimming world great. In 15 weeks I've lost 2 stone and I don't have to measure my food portions. It's £10 to join and ur 1st weigh in and then it's £4.95 each week after


Hi ballym

Its a tough place to be and with 3 kids I can imagine you'll be run off your feet. Somehow you have to find the time to eat properly and fit in a bit of exercise each day.

Our metabolism is like a fire, when you start a fire you put x amount of logs on. To keep the fire burning you have to add some logs every couple of hours. This enables the fire to keep burning, same with metabolism.

If you kick start your metabolism in the morning with a big breakfast it realises it can now start to burn energy, feeding it every two hours or so will keep using fuel so your metabolism has been sped up. If you don't feed the body regularly it will think you are starving it so it will retain body fat in case of emergencies.

You want to make your last meal of the day your smallest because you are getting ready to shut your body down for rest. If you have excess fuel to burn it will automatically store as body fat, so try and eat three hours before you go to bed so food can digest and go easy on the carbohydrates.

Combine this with 10 - 20 minutes of cardio each day and you will soon be dropping the lbs and getting back into shape. Its hard to get started but once you do the results will be enough to motivate you to do more. Go to ptprograms.com.au where you can download free exercise workouts to do at home


thanks so much for detailed info truly helps alot .. iv got alot of changes to put in place :)


If you can, buy a juicer and juice in the morning. About 1600ml will keep you going all morning and so easy to drink. It is surprising how good vegetables taste with a small amount of fruit. Watch "Fat, sick and nearly dead" It is not scary, but is truly inspiring. Read about the positive effects of juicing. If this is not for you at the moment then I would recommend buying mostly fruit, veg and salad foods. You can have as much as you like, no counting calories and it is all healthy. I know it is difficult with 3 small children, but reading, planning and being prepared will help enormously. Blips and falling off the wagon are normal, just pick yourself up and start again. Don't get hungry as that is when you make bad decisions. When you have time, read about health and the important health benefits of natural food. Ditch the processed food and sugar, they are really bad for your health. Good luck.


I watched that and I really want to go on the juice diet but I'm breastfeeding so am reluctant!


same here i need to lose weight am diabetic on insulin and have been told by my specialist care doctor not to go on any diet as it could effect my kidney function just wondering what foods to cut down on?


Cut out the processed food, like white bread and breakfast cereals, and cut out sugar or foods with added sugar. Go for the higher fibre options if you can. Check with your doctor how much protein you can eat.


Have you seen Dr Gabriel Cousens' Film/documentary " Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" . It is fascinating and inspiring. You should suggest to your Dr that he/she watches it. The answer is yes you should change your eating habits and yes it will affect your kidney function - for the better - and surely isn't that what you both want. But check with your Dr. Eating a raw food diet will improve your diabetes and could help you to come off your insulin. But please get checked out by your Dr. there is plenty of info on google re curing diabetes naturally. Check it out. Good luck


Can you check with your doctor about the GI diet? I think it was originally created for diabetics? I could be wrong, so do check!


Any little bit of exercise you can fit in will make a difference, so be encouraged!


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