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2014 is MY year.... #WLC

2014 is MY year.... #WLC

I was once 21.5stone (in 2009) and now find myself at 17stone. Yes you might say this is great progress but that huge weightloss was between 2008-2010 and since then its been very much static due to falling in love and starting a really demanding job working in a Childrens Intensive care Unit. All my efforts in healthy eating are quickly erased when I eat late, comfort eat or eat rubbish on the run!

For years now its been a cycle.... I lose weight in the summer months just to put it all back on before Christmas when the colder weather hits. Then when Christmas time comes I tell myself this will be the last festive season that Im this big....I dont know what but this year seems different.... Iv tried ALL the faddy diets like Weightwatchers, Slimming world etc, you name it & Iv tried it...twice! The annoying thing is we all know at the back of our minds that the best way to lose weight is to eat less and move more! eat more fruit & veg and perhaps join a gym....what really works is commitment.

2014 is going to be my year.... Iv decided I will be rather selfish and focus all my extra energy and attention into ME! I know its pointless using excuses but I really do think family feuds and helping others with their sticky situations have made me neglect my own health sometimes.

Its simple.... three easy steps will help me on my way:

1) I'm going to rejoin the gym that I actually enjoyed going to this summer (but then left for no reason)

2) Eat healthier and realize whats important..... limiting chocolate really isnt the end of the world its about time I got my priorities straight.

3) Gain the comfort and confidence again to attend group work out sessions as I did them years ago and found them fun. I think incorporating fun easy ways to exercise into my life will be the key to my success.

Wish me luck, i will be really greatfull for any support....

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Hi Nettie89,

Just to wish you luck with your goals. I'm in a bit of a rush now, as it's morning and I'm getting ready to go out - but I noticed your post, and like your three easy steps/goals.

All the best with your goals and have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Hiya Nettie89,

I too was once 20 stone + and managed to reach 16st 2 before plateau -ing (not sure that's a real word,but you know what I mean).

This site is a real gem, where we can "talk " to people in similar situations and get encouragement.

I've lost a further 13 pounds since joining here.

Have a look at "myfitnesspal" to help with monitoring you input and output. I've found it a godsend.

Best of luck

Runningmam :-)


Well done so far. I'm also at 17 having recently lost two stone and have decided 2014 is definitely my year too. I'm not able to exercise so it's diet alone but I have a target of another 5 stone by 6th October 2014 (my one year dieting anniversary!) Good luck with your challenge.


If you follow the 12 week plan you will start to make healthier choices and begin to eat less anyway.

This link will hopefully have a lot of new folk following it as well.


Good luck with your plan


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