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Hi everyone

Hi everyone I just joined this site today so new to this site. Im 33 year old guy trying to lose weight and getting fit. i use to be a uniform police officer for 7 years and I want to return back to being a police officer and need to lose weight and get fit if i'm going to pass the fitness test.

Im looking for motivation and support from like minded people and maybe meet up to get fit together by doing cardiovascular work through playing badminton,basketball,indoor football or going on the athletic track for running together.I think the best way to lose weight is by doing it with someone. If your interested please get in touch. I have a degree in human biology and studied nutrition so can help people and advise on exercise and diet. I have been on a calorie controlled diet after working out my BMR and BMI and my weight seems to be coming down rapidly.If any one needs advise i'm happy to help anyone including advise to stay off fad diets like Atkins and 5:2 and grapefruit diet.


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Hello and welcome :)

The trend here is to normally to steer people toward a Healthy and Balanced Weight Loss Plan as mapped out in the NHS 12 week plan at nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss... so you should fit right in.

Good Luck with your own goals.


Hi run-buddy, welcome to the site :) There are some great people on here who will share your journey.

I would welcome any advice on trying to lose weight. I am a Nurse so understand biology and science etc. I am not keen on any "fad" diets as I want to change the way I eat in a way I can manage forever. I run approx. 10k twice a week plus do a spin and 2 body pump classes per week in the gym. I am very fit but unfortunately have an obese BMI. At the suggestion of the Personal Trainer at the gym I have reduced my fruit intake (too much sugar) increased my protein and reduced my carbs. However I'm finding a lot of high protein foods are also high in fat. I really don't know where to turn for the best advice.


I have found that reducing carbs is the best way to lose weight, and the fat found in protein is good for you. This is one article from Scientific American, summarising research scientificamerican.com/arti...

Eating fat has been demonised over the last 40 years, due to some very bad science. Have a look for Robert Lustig or Gary Taubes for more information. You can also look at sites like PubMed for up to date research.


Good luck with your weight loss target, please keep us informed of your progress.


Hiya mate,

To Practice beep/bleep test, you can download the audio file from any police force web site.

You can try HIIT cardiovascular.

I wish I could join you but unfortunately I am only doing body building at the moment. If you are in Leeds (WY) than give me a shout and we can do some exercises together which you will need in fitness test (push-pull) .


Keep the weight loss to 1-2 lb/week and as you have a definite goal, you should make it healthily. Good luck.


I think losing weight to quickly is risky. Because not only do you risk developing gall stones but also loose skin. So advice of 1-2lb is well recommended but i think many people would not be happy losing so less in a week including me.


Hi just joined i need to be helped as i need to lose more than 1 stone in 6 months please any tip and help and support would be very much help full


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