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My weight loss journey

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Im going to try doing the 12 week plan as i am now 14 st 7lbs and only 5'2". I really need to stick to it and really try my hardest. I am going to start off with 21 day fix, slim in 6 and then 21 day fix extreme.

Im really excited to lose weight and be fit and i am aiming for about 28-42lbs to lose as my bmi is 37.1 wow

Any tips are much appreciated!

I dont hate myself people, and I dont think you should even if you gain weight. I've never felf so comfortable ever in my life than right now at this weight. I'm doing this solely because I feel unfit and is not really an effort to lose weight but to be able to exercise, in turn ill lose some but i like being heavier than average as i suit it but i feel like im not as energetic as I used to be.

Dont hate yourself because of weight ever

May i say I am also not going to count calories and spend the rest of my life doing so

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Hi, I'm on 6th day of 12 weeks so really haven't got any tips or words of wisdom. But I do know you'll get loads of support on here. Good luck and stick with it

How are you finding it all

Honestly? Not easy, but if I don't do my health is suffering, annoyed with myself for letting weight get so bad - and it's no one's fault but mine. However, it's also up to me to change it and it has to be now, not tomorrow or after the next chunk of cheese/chocolate. Feeling positive about it is half the battle for me

Good luck to you

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joanne-h4 stone

hi, 4 months ago my bmi was 38 I weighed 15 stone and got a shock, I was pre diabetic, and thought got to do something ive lost over 2 and half stone, I have cut down on sugar always have breakfast, such a cereal toast, I buy flora light, I dnt buy products that say low in fat, as they substitute in suger, really only advise I can say is just look at labels on the food that u buy, and u can can have a few treats once in a while but dnt go mad, good luck to you, you will get there

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HealthC in reply to joanne-h

Thank you for that thought Joanne. I was told i am pre-diabetic as well, and i have been doing the best i can to eat healthier, and thank God, He has helped me even to be a lot more active. I trust, and ask God to guide me even this area. It may sound strange to many, but i told God about my weight, and my aspiration to lose the weight, and i ask him for wisdom, to make right choices, and he has been helping me to eat right, and given me the strength, and enthusiasm to exercise. I have ask my doctor to refer me to a dietician, and he has. Since my last visir to my GP, i have lost more weight when weighed by my Nutritionist. I am very serious about getting my weight down, or i should say, be realistic in weighing right for my frame. I am hoping to reverse this pre-diabetic stage, and bring my glucose levels down. It is doable i say. I am doing the best i can. I have made lots of progress. I have started a leaflet titled, MY JOURNEY TO A NEW ME. That will be out January 2017 God's willing. This will be showing me before i started in January 2016, and one year on, 2017. Would possibly upload my before and after photo, or if anyone want to have a copy, i would be happy to post it to you. just leave your address. Good luck to everyone. Hang on in there, and NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP,NEVER GIVE UP

Hi Samaaxo,

That's great for making a start you've come to the right place, you'll get lots of support. I'm exactly same as you with weight and height. I too can't give you any tips as I'm still trying to find a diet plan.

Would you mind sharing the 21 day fix with me please, I'm also doing the c25k podcast which I'm enjoying to hopefully shift some weight.

I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss.



The secret to weight loss is wanting to look slim more than you want to eat. I struggle to lose each lb but I have lost 65lb & 3 sizes. It has taken me 15months as due to disability I cannot do any excercise. What keeps me motivated is looking in the mirror & actually feeling I fit it now instead of having to look at half my body at a time. Finf something that motivates you & keep that in sight. If you are dertermined you will do it. Good luck.

Well done on making the decision to tackle your weight. I don't know what the Slim Fix and Slim quick fix are so can't really comment on them but would say quick fixes do not work. A total change of mindset about your diet is needed. Make healthier choices, reduce portion sizes and count calories (having established your personal calorie requirement) is what will work to ensure a sensible weight loss and educate you to eat that way for the rest of your life b

Good luck

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Samaaxo in reply to Annde70

Its an exercise routine just to change it up

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HealthC in reply to Annde70

I agree, quick fixes do not work, eat sensibly, make healthy swap/ choicess, enjoy the things you love in moderation. Losing weight is not rocket science i have learnt. Eat the things you love, don't deprive yourself, but in moderation. Not every day, or even every week. once in a while. try making a habit to stop eat about 3-4 hrs before bedtime, just so your body can get to do the work its meant to do to prepare you for the next day ahead. We as a nation eat too much, and too often i say. Even way into the night when we should stop eating. Our bodies must say at times, CRYING OUT LOUD, WILL YOU STOP SENDING FOOD MY WAY. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. NOT AGAIN, I AM TRYING TO REPAIR THIS CELL. THAT'S IT, I WILL HAVE TO LEAVE THIS JOB UNDONE TILL ANOTHER TIME. And you know what because we never stop eating, and thwart the work of the body, we end up sick. Please note i am just illustrating, not pointing the finger at anyone, just saying we sometimes do our body more harm than good, but we all have come to the right place with all the right people, getting the love and support we so desperately need, and we will make it.

Yes, just googled it. Looks like an expensive way of increasing your exercise and using portion control.

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Samaaxo in reply to Annde70

I know how to use portion control. No need to be salty. I have beachbody on demand and I don't like going to the gym, so it is a perfect way for me to exercise. Thank you.

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Annde70 in reply to Samaaxo

Not being 'salty' whatever that is. Merely commenting that it can be an expensive way of doing it. Unless of course by having it on demand means it is free. Do you not have all those little cups that come along with it? Just curious, no criticism implied

Hi Samaaxo,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS community. It's great that you're going to try the NHS 12 week plan, and I really hope you enjoy it. I can see you're already working on the exercise side of things.

Have you read our Welcome Newbie post yet? If not, I'd recommend a read, as it is very motivational - it's in the Pinned posts area - which is in the top right-hand-side of the homepage.

Also, we have a weekly weigh-in group, so if you fancy joining us for that, then look out for the posts tomorrow - you can always find the latest Monday group weigh-in thread in the Events section (below the Pinned posts).

Have a great first week!

Lowcal :-)


As beening t

Smaller than you I can Understand you wanting to loose wieght I am only 5.1 and 11-13 and feel like a beach whale just now. So how you must feel is worse and obvisouly

You care about how much you wiegh please give myfitnesspal a go as well as being on here.

2 years ago I was 13-10 I got down to 11 stone but do to ill Heath put a few back on but now back on track.

This is a great programme to keep in control of how much and what you eat, does all the counting for you all you need is the amounts.

Exasample for you one day I thought I could just eat something else so I look on my chart on my fitness pal and so I had 200 calories left so I didn't feel bad about having something.

Best of look on your journey I know it's hard but it is worth it.

Hi there

Very good luck doing the 12 week plan

I am also going to start it as my weight has ballooned

Good luck Samaaxo ! ❤️

Good luck and I wish you success

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