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obviously with this medication you will gain weight and I have gained a lot. No matter how much i try diets, juicing and sticking with them i cant seem to shake past maybe 5 lbs and thats it. Been on the steroids for about 11 years and have hormone issues. Do you think this is something i probably have to talk to the drs about and find a way. Maybe my body is no longer breaking things down correctly since my hormones, adrenal glands, and everything is changed. When I did do the B-12 injections with something else in them and took phentermine i lost 20 lbs but couldnt get past that amount even with exercise. Yes i do exercise 3-4 times a week and i juice for morning and lunch and then usually a light protein and veggies for dinner.

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Hi Dmartin138,

You may want to read about the raw milk diet. It ill detoxify your body and you will start to lose weight. I have been on many diets. I lose a few pounds and then I would gain it back plus a few more pounds. After many years of this I reached 405 pounds. I live in the US. during one of my many searches on the internet I found the Milk diet. This was used in the early part of the 20th century. I tried it and started to drink one cup (8 oz) every two hours. This works but use only raw milk either cow or goat milk. It took a month and my blood sugars normalized and then I started to lose weight rather fast. Look it up, read it then decide. Write to me if you need help.


Juicing is ok if it is mostly vegetables, unfortunately juicing fruit means that you are just drinking sugar, which will make you put on weight. The fibre in fruit slows down the release of sugar in the body.

This article from the University of California has some advice on prednisone and weight gain.


It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about your weight problem. Good luck.


Have you worked out the calories in your juices may not be a low as you think, always thought it was better to eat whole fruit / veg. My down fall is raisins can eat far too many wheres i would't if it was grapes x


yes thank you all for your replies. I took a lot of the fruit out of the juicing. I do double kale and baby spinach now with one green apple and like 4 small chuncks of pineapple. I add ginger and coconut oil only because i know you neeed a saturated fat with the juices for it to actually absorb. So the sugar levels i use an app on my phone and i have been under for sugar for past two weeks. I use my fitness pal as well gingernut!! My program is i cant work out too much because of my health issues. The osteoporosis, broken ankle that has had 5 surgeries due to every tendon and muscle was reattached and the foot was almost destroyed. i also have a rare auto immune disease and on hormone replacement therapy. I think I need to talk to my endochronologist and see if there is something. The only time i lost any weight was when i was getting these b012 with lipo somehtin gin them and on phentermine that is suppose to work as a hunger suppressant aka legal crystal meth. I lost 22 lbs but it was like 350 dollars a month out here and i cant afford that with dr appts and rent and everything else. Once i stopped the weight umped right back on. I cant do much running so i do light jumping and running in place on some pads in the backyard because my bones are so fragile. It really has been a horrible battle because the prednisone caused the psteoporosis, not to mention glaucoma,and testosterone deficiency. i know it makes it that much harder to really get me where i need to be. The prednisone just will not allow me to lose weight


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