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Low Carb on Prednisone for weight loss

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boo1961Restart January 2022
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Hi all,

I hope this isn't a daft question.

I've put on just over 1st while taking prednisone, luckily I'm now down to 3mg and doing OK.

I understand the best way to lose the weight is by cutting my carb intake. Obviously, starting with processed cakes, biscuits, chocolate etc. But where I'm getting confused is this...

Can I just cut carbs ie. no rice, pasta, potatoes etc or do I have to also increase my fat intake ie butter, full fat milk etc?

I don't want to go down the keto diet way, but I cant seem to find just basic information.

Should I just limit carbs (another question is how low should I go?) And calorie count or do I have to follow Keto diet?

I hope this makes sense (I've confused myself) and may I thank you all for the amazing information on this site 😊

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Hi boo1961,

I'm not sure just how much of the information available on the forum that you've read, but here are a few things that I've cherry picked for you.

A really basic guide to what to eat healthunlocked.com/redirect...

For type 2 diabetes healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

About fat fatismyfriend.co.uk/

The difference between keto and low carb dietdoctor.com/low-carb/is-....

Carb counted recipes dietdoctor.com/low-carb/rec...

I think the best thing to remember is that you don't have to be afraid of fat, so eat real food with it's fat (chicken with the skin on, full fat milk, cuts of meat with the fat left on) and other natural fats, like butter, nuts, cheese, avocado, oily fish, etc.

I went low carb, not keto, following a regime of two meals a day (I can't stomach breakfast), removed grains, rice, sugar, potatoes and other starchy veg from my diet and stuck to real food, nothing processed (tinned/jarred sauces, low fat spreads, low fat dairy) I never counted calories, carbs, or anything else, but was probably averaging about 50g carbs per day and was still able to lose weight. Others aren't as fortunate, so you need to experiment and see how it goes. Try the basics first, remove the carbs, stick to real food, eat natural fat to taste and see how you get on.

I advise you to join the Daily Diary and look at the Springers Specials posts for great ideas and tips about what to eat.

I hope this helps :)

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boo1961Restart January 2022 in reply to moreless

Thankyou Moreless! Thats really helpful information

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morelessAdministrator in reply to boo1961

Glad to have been of assistance :)

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LosingGame2022 May

Hi boo1961

Fortunately I neither have Diabetes nor my heart is affected yet. But my cholesterol shoots whenever I cross the moderation line of saturated fats. My mom, grand ma and aunts had this deadly disease Diabetes. So, the entire family is scared. God save us!

I prefer to be low carb and high protein and good fats. U might feel controversy about nutrition. Whatever u decide - make informed decisions.

If u r diagnosed DM recently your goal I believe should be to reverse it. Earlier the better.






Let hope that diabetes be history.

With best wishes for u.

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In my experience the carbs you should avoid most are the processsed ones like wheat flour because the gluten in it gives it a high GI. That means that bread and pasta are out. I don't find that potatoes or brown rice to be a problem though I don't go overboard. Most nutritionists regard below 100g as low carb and below 20 g as keto.

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boo1961Restart January 2022 in reply to Eryl

Thank you Eryl, I didn't realise 100gm was considered low carb. I started my effort thinking I had to give up anything containing carbs! Near impossible! Thanks for your reply πŸ™‚

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boo1961Restart January 2022

Thank you all for the replies. I have been reading the links sent and feel a lot more informed now, and not so scared about cutting carbs!

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morelessAdministrator in reply to boo1961

That's good news, boo1961 :)

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Hi there boo1961,

I am not LCHF but, I was prediabetic and swapped my carbs like white rice to wholegrain, white potatoes to sweet potatoes and dropped the sugar without increasing the fats. I lost 3 stones doing that and am no longer prediabetic πŸ™‚

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boo1961Restart January 2022 in reply to Bee-bop

Thank you for your reply bee-bop, I'm finding things make a lot more sense now 😊 And congratulations on your loss and improved health

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Bee-bopMaintainer in reply to boo1961

No worries, good luck on your weightloss journey πŸ‘

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Hello boo1961 ...I hear you....I have also been taking pred and am now diabetic and 3+ gone up 2 dress sizes. I had shifted 1st 7lb and couldn't move further....that is until all the fantastic advice here...3 weeks in and 3lb off. I count the carbs now, cut bread, rice and pasta out and use coconut flour and almond flour to make my own (but you can buy it ready made) I don't go over 25mg carbs in a day so if I want a choc treat i allow it in. Still learning and long way to go but if you stick with this forum you'll make progress...I wish you all the very best!! Have a nice day 🌻

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boo1961Restart January 2022 in reply to Artnmusiclover

Thank you Artnmusiclover, that's really good advice. I am finding now that the more I use this site the more confident I'm getting with my choices.😊

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Artnmusiclover7lbs in reply to boo1961

Yes, it's a great site...Your confidence will grow as you find what works for you...Pred has a lot to answer for! 🌻

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