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Into week 5, a bit more weight lost

Well the first 4 weeks flew by. Lost another 3lbs. Really pleased with that but need to work on the old waistline, I must be losing weight elsewhere now as it doesn't seem to moving as fast as at first (inches that is, not weight). I have more energy now and don't get energy lows during the day.

Lessons learned up to now? I think about every single thing I'm about to consume before I do it and then try to think of a healthier alternative. When I see a big portion size, I question whether it's too much for me. I've introduced some occasional treats such as chocolate so as not to feel as though I'm cheating myself of a pleasure but only eat up to, say, 200 calories worth (surprisingly little) as long as I've exercised.

The biggest thing I've learned though is the direct correlation between what I do and what I eat eg, if I sit down and live a sedentary life I cannot eat too much, whereas if I'm more active I can enjoy more food - within reason of course!

Another thing is, I enjoy fruit and vegetables now when before I only ate them because they were on my plate.

I now find my cycle ride to work more pleasant because I'm not huffing and puffing when I arrive, nor am I dripping with perspiration - result! Although I still have to make an effort to push my bicycle past the car and motorbike each morning - I really feel like I'm cheating myself of a motorcycle ride, although the leathers don't have to be squeezed on now.

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Hi bikerjohn

You have written so much of what I am feeling - it's great isn't it?

I went to a 'cake society' last night - everyone makes a cake and you get to taste each others, and there was a demonstration. I was able to cut myself small mouthfuls of some of them, leave others, and bring cakes home for my hubby. Previously - I would have eaten as much as I could. So, as you say, thinking about what we eat before it goes in the mouth is a great step.

My exercise is walking not cycling but it is so much easier.

Good luck over the next week.



Hi bispers and good luck to you too.

Cake society? Well you've got more willpower than I have then, me and cakes/biscuits/chocolate have had a very close relationship in the past! That's why I'm here.

Great to be in control though and here's to more of the same for the future.

I too have developed the willpower to just taste samples of food without going on to over eat. When my partner cooks for the family she will often ask me to sample a new recipe or the sauce etc, the big difference now is that I can take a sample and walk away not wanting to finish the rest of it by myself.


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