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Fell Off The Wagon? More Like It De-Railed and exploded!!

So I went to a festival a month ago and as you can imagine healthy eating was not a top priority there! I've continually put off getting back on the scales and back on the wagon since I got back :/ but this morning I manned up and the scales showed a figure I did not like! The efforts I had made prior to the festival have been lost and I'm now back to square one!

I'm now using MFP and am more determined than before to shift this extra weight!

My goal weight is 11 st. 7 lb.

My current weight is 14 st. 0 lb.

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Well done for getting back on track. Its frustrating as the weight seems to go on so easily but is so hard to shift. You can do it!


Hi denying is very easy -and detrimental you have to get on those scales regularly even if you don't like what you see I put 2lbs on last week, you would have been back to square 1 plus if you had not lost in the first place, stay focused and set yourself a mini goal, share it with us if you like! Good luck


Yesterday is gone, forget it and concentrate on today. You'll do it! I've got 5lbs Christmas gain to loose, then 2 stone by August as son gets married.

We will do it!


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