No scales at my doctor's surgery-how can i weigh myself?

I'm 3 weeks into a low carb eating plan and doing well, I am enjoying the food and apart from constipation, am having no problems so far.

However, although I know I'm "well over 20 stone" i have no idea how much I weigh - my doctor doesn't have one of those specialised scales - in fact (if you can believe this) he put me on two bathrooms scales to attempt to weigh me. He said "go to weight watchers" but as i'm on £60 a week benefit this is out of the question.

anyone got any suggestions about how to weigh oneself? I'm considering finding a weighbridge if there is one, and seeing if i can get weighed there! Without knowing if i'm losing weight may soon sap my good intentions if i never get the payoff of the loss.


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15 Replies

  • Hello there,

    If you go to a large Boots they have scales that measure your height and your BMI. No one can see it it just prints it out on a slip of paper.

    Good luck to you!

  • thank you - i'll check out the boots in yarmouth and see if they have one, I have to go over there tomorrow. Much appreciated!

  • I know you said money is tight but if you can afford it you can get a reasonable set of scales off somewhere like Amazon (postage free) that weigh to 25 Stone for £15;

    We have these ones which are a little more expensive but weigh up to 27 Stone;

    There are lots of others on Amazon also, one for £18 claims to weigh upto 31 stone!

    If you are serious about losing weight you might want to try and invest in your own scales in the long run, if you can.

    Good Luck :)

  • I totally agree, the weight watchers ones are great since they measure smaller amounts of loss and give a more accurate measure

  • thank you so much - thanks to you, i found a brilliant weight watchers scale - in glass! I was terrified to get on it! but it weighs and even better, i've lost four pounds in two days!

  • Excellent, congratulations on the weight loss, keep it up, remember it's a marathon not a sprint! :)

  • hello there can I just say that scales are a compulsory tool to help you lose weight so you need to buy some don't keep going to boots and paying every week you can find them new or second hand on ebay or even a charity shop but buy some ,you need to track yourself every week so as you will know what you are doing is working so walk round the charity shops (walk) and keep checking when you can see that you are losing weight it all helps ,I found a seller on ebay and got a set that also tells you your bmi as well for about £14 so invest and good luck and get walking it works ......

  • thank you - i managed to find some on amazon which went up to my weight and I find i'm losing weight really well! much appreciated!

  • hello there again I was told to check only once a week as otherwise I could get despondent when I see some weeks it dosn't go down but I cant help looking nearly every other day ,I have been losing weight since Christmas one thing was because of my blood pressure the other when a went to see my cousin who went in for a triple heart bypass and what he had to go through ,that was it and I am 56 and got up to nearly 21 stones easy putting it on but thought I have to get it down and I did it by changing my all lifestyle as you have to look how you live and how you ended up putting it all on ,so plan out what you like to eat and doesn't have lots of calories in, the rest change and eat little and healthy .try eating about 1000 cals a day ,but the big change was not using the car and walking ,it was hard at first I did short one hour walks about 3 miles 3 times a week now I go every day up to 7 miles and have lost about 2 pounds a week 4 stones total, still have the odd treat but make sure I walk it off with a long walk , I have a smart phone and downloaded a app called map my walk which give a rough idea how many cals you have walked off also I have a estimate of what I eat and stick to trying to walk it off ,I am 56 and never been a walker.Now I put the earphones on with a bit of good music and away you go very enjoyable and it does get easier but try to change lifestyle as the old one was not good ,.....hope you can get into it ......

  • thank you so much - it's so great to hear other people's stories, you have done so well, and I know you'll keep it up.

    I am having trouble walking - no only the weight, but i have really numb feet and due to a tiny stroke a few years ago, have edema and balance problems but once i've shed some weight, i'm sure it will become possible. I have a dog who will really appreciate it! thanks again!

  • i was the same before i set my mind to it my legs swelled and couldnt walk much ,a small hill would put me out of breath but not any more i feel much better for the walking little at a time to start then it builds that you want to go further and enjoy it as you can see the good its doing you ,and also the extra choice of clothing you have when you start to loose a bit i am sure you can do it dont give up if you spoil yourself one day and slip up on somthing you shouldnt have just try harder the next day and tell yourself i shouldnt have had that and move on but keep the walking steady and build on it all the best mick

  • You could go to Boots as they have scales. I use two health(apart from this one)and fitness websites one is this is a brilliant site and you get lots of support, the other is myfitnesspal.comand I use this to track my food as it has the most British foods on and it is easy to use.

  • thank you! spark people is so good - i'm using their tracker and it's so helpful!

  • I am pleased you like it, I get a lot of support from the site and not just weight loss.

  • Love the idea of going to a weighbridge !

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