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I know what to do so why don't I?

I know I am over weight, I also know exactly what I should be doing about it. In some ways I do all the right things and in others I am total egit!!!

I hate cooking for one person and even though the nearest I get to processed food is the odd sausage, bacon and bags of frozen veg I know I have a fat tooth.

I do cook from scratch, I make my own stock braise, roast, stew and grill my meat. We eat vegetarian at least one night a week and fish once a week too.

In the last year I have come down to 16 stone 2 pounds (I was 17 this time last year) but even though my husband is very supportive and will try anything it's me who is the problem.

I drink full fat milk because I hate the taste of the other two and I confess Lucozade has become to frequent a treat (it used to be I kept it in the car as wee booster for those late night drives home). My portion control is getting better but .......

So I need help kicking the milk and sugar tooth.

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do you just drink the milk - that seems like a bad idea, you could drink a meals worth of caloires without too many problems, what about fizzy diet drinks if you must? if it is a matter of milk in hot drinks try a different taste I like my earl grey with just a dash of milk, or have fruit teas instead I have mine with a sweetner, Good luck ps: try using your milk as just a whitner if you can rather than a taste as such


I like milk always have I don't like the "thinness" of the semi and skimmed stuff at all, I don't drink tea (except for peppermint) or coffee (except an espresso after a meal if we've eaten out)

I'll just have to go back to go and start the weaning process again. When tap water tastes sweet again I'll know I'm on the right track!


Water tastes sweet if you buy flavoured sugar free variety and plenty of flavours :-) good luck.


I believe you can buy sugarfree energy drinks so maybe you could try swapping to those or other diet fizzy drinks. Flavoured waters sparkling or still are really nice. I don't like the flavour of plain water either. How about buying sugarfree crusha milkshake and making milkshake, u could add some fatfree yoghurt or low fat icecream to thicken it or just make a smoothie and add milk to that. Hopefully this helps a little. Good luck x


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