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Is anyone else feeling crap?

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I'm sorry to be so negative, and I know I am so lucky to have a baby on the way. I just need an outlet for how rubbish I'm feeling and just wondering if anyone else is feeling less than euphoric about pregnancy? I'm 36 weeks now so not long to go but still does feel like an age until baby is here. I feel absolutely exhausted. Everything is an effort. Even after walking up the stairs I have to sit down for 10 mins to recover. I can't eat a lot but also don't really want to as food turns my stomach. I'm itching all over ( have been checked, nothing nasty) which is driving me nuts and also have restless leg syndrome. Night times are awful as I can't get comfortable what with painful hips and ribs and getting up every couple of hours for a wee. Braxton hicks, heartburn, constipated and bloomin haemorrhoids too!! I have a 3 year old to look after and I have feelings of guilt that I'm not able to give him the time and energy he needs and I really should be as his world is about to change so much. I feel like a really horrible person to be around and that my partner is starting to dislike me as I'm always so bloody miserable. I have a c section booked as I have placenta preavia and the anxiety of that is getting to me. I have to have a self salvage blood transfusion has anyone heard of that? I am going through the motions of my life and just feel no joy at all. Sorry for being so miserable

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It's very normal to feel this way towards the end of ur pregnancy, I've had a section and I wouldn't worry to much the staff will be lovely and what's tht blood transfusion if u don't mind me askin x

Hi thanks for your reply. It's a procedure that takes place during the section where any blood you are losing is collected and filtered the put directly back into you. I have to have a consultation about it the day before to explain it to me but at the moment I don't know too much. I don't want to google it incase it freaks me out! I'm really not sure how its done x

Horrible feeling crap isn't it.. u haven't long to go out ur child will benefit so much froma sibling but I know what u mean about not giving them 100 % but ur there. . Just struggling a bit. . I'm Having a crap day today tiredness has crept up on me and I'm feeling quite low.. I've got so much my mind. . but tmw is another day and I'm going to get up tmw and make the most of it... hope u feel better

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Sorry you are feeling rubbish too, and also hope you feel better. Thanks for the kind words x

Awwww bless ya hope it goes well bbe, do u no what ur having x

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Thank you. No I don't know what I'm having, I have a felling it's a boy though as its causing so much trouble! Lol what about you? X

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Awwww bless him/her I'm having a girl x

Just like the other comments have said, Yes this is completely normal. I guess the up-side of all this is that you dont have long to go now & I completely understand your anxiety because i have a 4yr old son to look after as well as being (18wks pregnant) im getting pain in my ribs in addition to aching back, hips & feet. :-(

Oh well just like you've said i dont want to sound un-greatful & i do consider myself very lucky almost every day. :-)

Just out of interest do you know the gender of your baby, or have you decided to wait? xx

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I've decided to wait. Really curious! I'm glad I've done it this way now as focusing on that on the day will help me detract from my anxiety about section. Thanks for your comment. Are you finding out what you're having? Xx

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Yes, i will find out what im having "as the suspense" is too much to bear for me.

its already felt like an eternity, but i find out this month "on the 20th" :-)

All the best for your scan. Do you have an incling?

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I have a incling it's a girl, But you never know do you!! I know a few women who craved & eat alot of sweet stuff while pregnant & turned out to have boys.


I would love to have a girl though as I have a 4yr old son. A Lil sis will do him good! LOL

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Well I hope you get the outcome you want. Keep us posted! Good luck. Every boy needs a good woman to keep him in check lol! Xx

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Yes , I Agree it's also what I tell my other half on a daily basis!!!

Can totally sympathise I'm 38 weeks on Wednesday up to now the heartburn ergh was a killer could hardly eat as no room to. Made me feel sick again so on went the sea sickness bands out came the milk to help with HB.

I'm soo tired I've two others to look after ages 6 and 4.5 everything was a effort for me too felt so sorry for my other two kiddie winks. :-) but baby has now engaged I think I can now eat . No more HB thank goodness. I'm still tired and everything is at a slower pace. But with my mind on my other kids weeks are flying by.

I also don't know what I'm having I hVe an inclination may be a boy only because I had a growth scan and sonographer turned into 4d image of its face hidden by its hands looked so much like me son. :-) I'm happy either way with a healthy baby. So not long for you Hun I'm hoping you get some relief soon. Xx

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Thank you for your message. I'm glad you're are feeling a bit of relief from the heartburn now your baby has engaged. Its never nice hearing others are suffering but it helps to know you are not on your own and the situation is going to improve xx

Aww Hun, it's all crap at the end isn't it?! I'm on baby no3 + remember that feeling all too well, my advice is for the itching, I've had obsteteric choleastasis in the past 2 pregnancies so already resided myself its going to happen again ( I know you've said you've been checked and all is clear which is great) but when it comes to itching an OC mum has REALLY been there! The advise is simple, cool showers before bed, try and sleep with a fan on and cooling lotion, for some reason the cold helps?? Hopefully it won't be much longer now and this will all be a distant memory. Xx

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Hi! Thanks for the advice. Will def give the cold shower before bed a go as night time is def the worst. How long do you have to go with this pregnancy? Sorry you've had OC to cope with in your last 2 pregnancies. Fingers crossed for you it won't happen this time, it could be used a type of torture! Xx

I can sympathise, at 39 weeks now and severe sciatica at night in my hips means I haven't had a full night's sleep in months. However, we lost our first baby at 5 and a half months pregnant, so every time i start to feel fed up, I try and remind myself that this is all so worth it, and the horror of losing my first baby is enough to support me through this pain and exhaustion.

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