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Post 554 Just to clarify 27 Oct 2019 2

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We all have dark days and doubts about ourselves and our life. I will try hard to never portray Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) as constantly dark and something to be terrified of. I get the impression that some like me to portray your RRms diagnosis as this. (Dx). I have had RRms over twenty years. It can be ugly and scary but it does not have to be. Everybody can make a decision to make the best of a bad lot.

As "you" can see I prefer to concentrate of what can be, good. Rather than the ugliness and frustration of this condition that we all live with. I understand that some can not see the rainbow because they are under very dark clouds. I refuse to go there and my writings are to help "YOU" to see that the storm clouds may thin for "YOU", if "YOU"

seek help and do what has to be done to get back into the light. We all have ms, we have a choice. Dark clouds and rain or thinning clouds and some light. I choose the light and will do what I have to, to see sunlight even if I have RRms.

Royce (the ms writer)

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I appreciate that you don't post doom and gloom day in and day out.

I understand that everyone experiences this disease in varying ways and there are those who are going through very difficult times.

When I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic 30 years ago, you wouldn't believe the shit people said to me. (I have to laugh about it now but back then,not so much)

"Oh, you are going to lose your legs." "You are doing the shots?? Oh, that is not good at all!"-Basically death sentence stuff with no helpful info whatsoever.

Then there were the people that would tell me about some cure or new thing for diabetics, which turned out to not be so. Whatever.

How could I be mad at someone for caring? One should always check their info from docs & well meaning people alike anyway.

So when I was diagnosed with MS, I was prepared for these kind of things and sure enough I heard them.So what,right?

Well, I'd rather read more uplifting things with some f'n hope than someone's 24-7 rant.


I needed to hear your message today. Thank you. There is someone that I don't know very well as they do not know me very well and they had been hearing that I had MS and said something that I felt was awful and not true. Unfortunately for me this person has to be in my life some sort of way. But I limit the time because of the negativity. So reading your message I've learned that people can be insensitive. But that is the reason that I love this site. Everything that I have dealt with or am dealing with someone here has experienced it too. I continue to learn to shake my head and continue the MS fight to get stronger and perhaps encourage someone else. Thank you for your message today.

:) I often wonder how these same people with that personality type fare under any kind of stress/bad news or diagnosis of anything that isn't ..."good".

I almost feel sorry for them.

glad I could help

Thank you

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Your post reminds me of a quote 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain...' ~ Vivian Greene

Good post, Royce :-D

agreed |I like that thanks

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