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Post 548Determination strengh sheer bloodymindedness21 Oct 2019

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Bloodymindedness, an Australian term that I have always taken to mean. I do not care what anybody says I am going to do it, I might fall down, but I am going to keep trying until I do it, no matter what. I try to live my Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) life that way. My failures are mine alone. My victories I will share the credit with my mother and she who must be obeyed, but my failures are mine and only mine. I am comfortable with that and so should "YOU" be. RRms is a very long term illness, and mine should last forty or fifty years. I will fail at many things over the years, I accept this. If I did not have RRms I would have failed at things over my lifetime. RRms is no different.

I know I will fail, I am not scared of that. How others react to my failure is not my concern, it is there's. I am going to do the absolute best for me, I might recommend that "YOU" do as well. Because "YOU" have RRms for six months or twenty-one years, "YOU" can still fail at something, it is okay. Try again and again if it is important to "YOU. There is no need or reason to give up. Keep trying, be bloody-minded and determined. Put your back into it and try, teach your children this. Be a rock of Gibraltar not a crumbly iceberg. RRms is a very longterm condition. Expect to die with it still running amok in your body. There is no need to fret or be upset. It just is, is a part of our lives forever. Be determined to live as full life as "YOU" possibly can. There are tools available to us today, they were not availble twenty odd years ago, Make use of them and plot a path for your RRms life that "YOU" can travel. Be that light for somebody else to follow.

Royce (the ms writer)

I am determined to live a full and happyish life, why do you not as well did I not

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I would change one sentence to read "I will 'sometimes' fail, I am not scared of that". I say that it doesn't matter how many times that that we fall, it matters more that we get back up, and try again. Good inspirational, post, Royce :-D

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RoyceNewton in reply to carolek572

I agree sometimes not always, but if I fail that gives me another chance to try a different approach

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The Writer! Loved it, as I do everything you post!

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RoyceNewton in reply to Juliew19673

You bring a smile to my face

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wonderful and i hope everyone takes the time to read and realize this is what we are all doing and can relate to and yes we do fall or fail but we can get back up or redo is a real life and even with out the pit falls of life or this monster and much happiness for all for what ever it is you want, i do what i want to or ties to ...

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Only way to live

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Being diagnosed with PPMS did make me feel like a failure again. After going thru colon cancer, I thought I had made it thru. But now I am learning once again how to get back up and keep it moving. Falling hurts mentally but you have to get up. Thank you for another great post.

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RoyceNewton in reply to Cutefreckles72

yes always try to get up again and again

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Certainly some useful sentiments about being determined and not letting occasional failures cause too many melt-downs, but the etymology for bloody-minded is a bit off the track - it's a term with British origins, not Australian. It's usually used in a somewhat derogatory sense when someone is being deliberately obstructive or uncooperative, however it's archaic origins stem from describing someone being intent on violence/bloodshed.

Here endeth the vocabulary lesson for today - normal programming can now be resumed :)

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ahh certainly true for you Poms, but totally true for we colonists

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