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A little something to think about

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If they can

I can as well

If I can so can "YOU."

Stop read it again, one more time. Do "YOU" understand what I said. "YOU" can do it as well. Relapsing-Remitting ms(RRms), is an unexpected sharp turn in your life, inconvenient and certainly unwanted, but in reality, it is no more than an opportunity to learn and adapt. Seriously, adapt, adapt and keep adapting. Learn new ways of doing things, learn new coping skills, learn to accept the unexpected and let the uncertainties flow over "YOU" like waves on the beach. Yes, they crash down hard and make lots of noise and spray, but they do subside.

We are the sand on the beach; we will always accept the waves no matter how hard they crash on us. That is the uncertainty of our condition. We are strong and within us burns a flame. Let it burn brightly in "YOU" this year, If it dims a little, just sit back relax and stoke the fire, bring it back to life and let it burn brighter deep within "YOU."

I like to watch survival shows on television, and Ninja Warrior type shows. I do this because I like to see what people are capable of doing and I think, if they can do that, why can not me. I understand and am realistic. I have not run in 25 or so years. I really can not jump more than 5 centimetres (2 inches) high, but and there is always a but. It gives me something to aspire to, something to aim at, a goal.

They are homo sapiens, so am I, and so my friend are you. There is no reason ever to limit yourself; others will do that for "YOU. Sometimes out of misplaced kindness, sometimes out of cruelty. "YOU" are "YOU", your limitations are sometimes self-imposed, be aware of this. Be aware that "YOU" are holding yourself back, sometimes, and stop doing it. If the knowledge exists that "YOU" are unable to do something after "YOU" have tried and failed "MULTIPLE" times. Not just once, "Multiple" times. Do not be silly and hurt yourself badly, but the occasional stumble is never a reason to stop. This illness does cause us to doubt ourselves, to forever second and third guess every decision. If "YOU" have a firm but flexible plan on what "YOU" want to achieve, it truly can be done. Firm and flexible, no I am not on drugs today, just imagine fields of bamboo in a hurricane. How they bend, bend, bend, then after the wind dies down they bounce back a few leaves gone but still strong straight and beautiful. Be like a field of bamboo, bounce back no matter what RRms throws at "YOU."

We as Homo Sapiens can achieve so much, learn so much and dream so much. Never let this condition squash your dreams, Change them, find new ones, Give yourself time, be gentle with yourself and others. Just never stop, or give up. This a very doable condition, just believe in yourself as I believe in "YOU". The strength lies within "YOU". It is not some outside force, it is "YOU, always "YOU".

Believe on yourself and live a great RRms year,


If they can, I can & so can YOU.

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I love this! Thanks for posting it. :)

Thank you

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This is one of your best posts ~ very well said. Thank you :-D

thank you

Wow! Thank you for such a great and inspiring post! It certainly has me thinking!!

thank you, glad it helps a little. Actually, my grandmother who recently passed was an Elaine as well. Have a quiet and pleasant new year.

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